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ARC Identifier 65607 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-18416. Summary: RECRUITING TRAILER NO. 1. U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS SEAL. ATTENTION YOUNG MEN. Reel 1, 133' (starts at 11'): MS EXT SV three AT-6s taking off to the right--camera is situated in photo plane following alongside the three aircraft. (43') ACU 3/4 FV low angle of two AT-6s in flight to the right. (54') AMS high angle SV of three AT-6s, in "V" formation--cumulus clouds in bg. The aircraft start a wingover away from camera. (74') AMS of an AT-6 performing a barrel roll above clouds--as the aircraft flies out frame left, a second AT-6 enters, performs the same maneuver, flies out, and is followed by a third which repeats maneuver. (102') AMS RV six AT-6s in echelon formation flying away from camera. RECRUITING TRAILER NO. 2. U.S. Army Air Corps Seal. ATTENTION YOUNG MEN. Sequence of shots of a flight of cadets marching on flight line--rows of AT-6 s are parked at right on the flight line. (30') CU INT RV of instructor and student seated side by side in cockpit of aircraft. (34') CU INT 3/4 FV of a navigator using a sextant in the left side blister of an OA-10. (36') MCU INT RV of a bombardier bending over bombsight in the nose of a B-17. (39') Establishing shot of crowd of college boys walking from dorm building--across campus up steps in fg. (46') CU INT dolly to the left showing a row of boys being sworn in. (50') MS INT of a doctor checking a row of boys who are stripped to the waist--he places a stethoscope on the chests of tbe men as he goes down the line. (54') Several EXT shots of flight cadets marching. (59') MS EXT camera dollies between two rows of AT-6s parked on ramp. A flight cadet is standing at the wingtip of each of the aircraft. (63') MS EXT camera pans right with formation of AT-6s taking off from airfield. (75') AMS SV low angle of five AT-6s in echelon formation. (84') MS formation flight of AT-6s flying in webs toward and over camera. Reel 3, 100' (starts at 10'): RECRUITING TRAILER NO. 3. U.S. Army Air Corps Seal. ATTENTION YOUNG MEN. (10') AMCU SV of a B-17 in flight to the right over clouds --aircraft performs a wing-over away from camera then sideslips down in a shallow left turn. (38') MS EXT group of college boys on an unidentified campus carrying their luggage. (41') MCU EXT as college boys form a group, then walk toward camera. (50') CU EXT low angle of two rows of men in civilian clothes carrying their luggage. (54') CU EXT low angle, nine cadets on flight line walking past nose of B-17. (62') CU INT SV of pilot of B-l7 at the controls. (66') CU INT high angle RV of a navigator at work in a B-17. (70') ECU INT of bombardier's head bent over the bombsight--his right hand is raised, then he presses the bomb release cable switch. (75') ACU low angle, B-17 in flight to the left--three bombs fall singly from the aircraft. (78') AMS low angle, approximately twelve B-l7s in formation flight toward camera. Reel 4, 147' (starts at 11'): RECRUITING TRAILER NO. 4. U.S. Army Air Corps Seal. ATTENTION YOUNG MEN. (11') AMS SV of a BC-1 in flight to the left--aircraft banks up and away from camera and flies toward bg in a shallow right turn. (26') LS to CU camera pans right with a P-38 flying low toward and past camera. AMCU SV' B-17 in flight to the right over clouds. (38') CU INT high angle 3/4 FV of navigator at work in B-l7. (51') CU INT RV bombardier in nose of B-17--three flights of three B-17s can be seen through the plexiglas nose of aircraft. (57') CU INT 3/4 FV of bombardier looking into the bombsight. (61') AV as camera plane flies at low altitude over a factory. (67') CU INT bombardier's hand moving a lever on the side of bombsight. (68') MCU INT high angle from camera situated in bomb bay, showing bombs released and falling out of aircraft. (70') ACU low angle 3/4 FV of a bomb dropping from bomb bay of B-17. [...] Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) Made possible by a donation from John and Paige Curran.



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