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At Kemmel. German howit er battery on the open battle terrain firing barage fire

Western front. Soldiers building a dug-out. May 1917

On the Albert front. Artillery observer. May 1918

Western front. The Emperor on the way through a communication trench to a position. April 4, 1918

American Red Cross - Refugees - Refugee boy for fifteen months under German rule. Arrived with refugees at St. Sulspice, France where he will be cared for by the A.R.C

Army of Occupation - Rendering German projectiles useless

Italy. Between Brenta and Piave. Heavy Austro-Hungarian mortar at moment of firing

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - Italian Army and Miscellaneous Reviews - German troops reviewing in front of Royal Theater at Weimar

Airplanes - Types - Types of German Airplanes. L.V.G. Two seater machine-side view

saloniki front. Turkish calvary on difficult terain. March 1917

Training course behind the front, Shock troops in training. Advancing assault troops. At sedan. May 1917

American Red Cross - Groups - American Red Cross Personnel in front of their Headquarters at Bruges, Belgium, after the departure of the Germans and in the building from which the Germans directed their submarine campaign

Airplanes - Types - Types of German Airplanes. Gotha Bomber. Front View

Fort du camp des Romains captured by the Germans. Westmoat with bridge. April 1917

Decorations - Presentations - By Foreign Governments - Miss Jane Jeffrey, Brookline, Massachusetts, nurse decorated with Distinguished Service Cross for heroism shown during the air raid by the Germans July 18, 1918. Medal presented by Brigadier General Harts

Saloniki front. Turkish officers. March 1917

Training course behind the front. Shock troops in training. At Sedan May 1917

Army of Occupation - Band playing before an interesting audience of 69th Infantrymen, and German youngsters

American Library Association - ALA - European - English, German - Reading Room, Army & Navy Y.M.C.A. Honolulu, Hawaii

Life and conditions on the Jaayolda (Russia). On the passgae into neutral territory. January 31, 1918

In an artillery repair shop behind the Western front. In the assembly room. July 1917

Departure from the Somme. Retreating demolition detachment shortly before the arival of enemy cavalry

Alien Property Custodian - Property Seized - U.S. takes over German wireless station at Sayville, L.I. Wireless station and tower at the Telefunken Company's wireless station

German winter watch in the Vosges. Groceries transported through deep snow in the forest

Western Front. Malancourt under fire, July 1917

Lille. Citizens reading the latest army reports

In Bucharest. General Field Marshal von Mackensen on a morning ride

American Red Cross - Canteens - American soldiers on leave in London, England, get first meal in Red Cross Canteen at Headquarters. In good weather, the canteen is set up in outer courtyard of building, and doughnuts fried over a little portable stove. Women in the picture are: Anna Lansing of Albany, at stove, Lillian Baldwin of Lakewood, N.J., Mrs. Alan Campbell, and Helen Peterson of Chicago; Behind Miss Lansin is Major Marshall Hale, A.R.C. of San Francisco. Not soldier wearing captured German Helmet

The Emperor in Constantinople. The Emperor in the uniform of a Marshal of the Turkish Army. October 1917

Firing drill on submarines

Western front. Transporting material for gallery contructions. July 1917

German shock troops at training exercises. During attack. At Sedan. May 1917

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - Italian Army and Miscellaneous Reviews - Inspection of German troops

Armistice - Armistice - German officers designating location of mines in accordance with terms of Armistice. German officers pointing out the location of the mines they had layed along the roads and carious other places. They are seen in one of their own cars with a white flag on the machine

In Deserted St. Quentin, showing the effect of heavy French artillery fire. Carrying out and loading the slavaged material . July 1917

The freat offensive in the West. Troops resting in the market place in St. Quentin. March 29, 1918

At a German prison camp. View of the living quarters of French prisoners

Loading empty ammunition cases. July 1917

American Library Association - ALA - European - English, German - Army & Navy Library War Service Stations. Hawaii

The conning tower of a submarine

Western front. Preparing a signal rocket

The great offensive in the West. A bettery of Germna 21 cm. mortars firing in front of Nesle. April 1918

Western front. War photographer in the fiels. June 1917

Airplanes - Types - Types of German Airplanes. Siemens-Schuckert Scout. Type D-4. Front View

Italian women sorting over garments of Italian soldiers left behind at their flight. At Udine. November 1917

Lt. Stein, flight commander of the "Wolfchen" and pilot Vobek. This plane performed excellent reconnaissance service during the cruise of the "Wolf"

Submarine warfare. After the sinking of an enemy steamer. The crew of the steamer is towed by the submarine towards land. April 1917

Submarine warfare. Submarine on the high seas. April 1917

Western front. Damming up a canal to flood the area of retreat

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Independence Day Parade, Fifth Avenue, New York City, July 4, 1918. American of German birth marching

Eastern front. Lithuania under German supervision. In a municipal trade school in Wilna. Wood carving section. September 1917

Eastern front. The Emperor in Baranowitschi. The Emperor in conversation with Lt. General von Woyrsch. July 1917

Between St. Quentin and Laon. A load of straw for the dug-out. March 1917

Airplanes - Types - Types of German Airplanes. Albatros Biplane Scout. Type D 5a - Side View. From 2d Section General Staff - AEF

Christmas in the Park Restaurant. In Montmedy. December 1917

Behind the Western front. With a howitzer battery in the Argonne. July 1917

Battery position camouflaged against aerial reconnaissance. Armentieres. April 1918

The great offensive in the West. Motionpicture troops at work along the road. April 1918

Airplanes - Types - Types of German Airplanes. Halberstadt Reconnaissance Plane. Side View

Western front. Sending off the carrier pigeons

Armor - Armor - Suit of German Armor of about 1550, in the style known at that time as Maximilian

Isonzo offensive. Dressing station for allied troops upper Isonzo valley. October 1917

Champagne. A French Caudron biplane taken over without damage. March 1917

Lodz. His Excellency Governor General von Beseler reviews passig troops

Airplanes - Types - German seaplane guarding against British raid at Zeebrugge. One of the German seaplanes going out on patrol duty to guard against another British dash at Zeebrugge. From Philadelphia Press

Roumania. Abattoir

Artists - American Artworks (Wartime Cartoons) - German atrocities

The great offensive in the West. A blacksmith at work in the road. April 1918

Life boat of a submarine near the telephone buoy of a sunken submarine

Shock troops beind the Western front. Exercise with a flame thrower

Near St. Quentin. Activity of flying artillery observer during battle. July 1917

Hospital train

Western front. At a German hospital at Sedan. Stretching apparatus. June 1917

On the Roumanian front in the carpathian mountains. Relieving posts in communication trench on the way into position. March 1917

The return of the "Move". The crew of a torpedoed English boat are taken aboard

Training course in gas projection. Loading gas projectors from the railroad on to trucks

At a German prison camp. French and Russian Prisoners preparing their own meals

Prison Camp in Germany. Raising chickens and rabbits

Topedo room of a submarine

Training course in gas projection. Constructing a position

At a German prison camp. A fire drill in the Russian barracks

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Nurses taking babies to the shelter provided by the A.R.C. when the town of La Panne, Belgium as shelled daily by the Germans

German troops in Finland. Sailors going towards Hango to view the city. April 1918

German shock troops at training exercises. Grenade projector at Sedan. May 1917

Western front. Bicycle section on the march

German troops in Finland. The inhabitants of Helsingfors greeting the arrival of troops from the steps of the cathedral. April 1918

Piave front. General von Hofacker in a group of neutral military attaches

Training course behind the front. Shock troops in training. At Sedan. May 1917

The Italian steamer "Stroboli" sinking

Roumania. Abattoir

Western front. Infantry field pieces

German troops in Finland. Marching back captured red troops through the streets of Helsingfors. April. 1918

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - German born citizens in the Independence Day Parade, N.Y. City

The Emperor with the fighters at Cambrai. December 1917

St. Quentinunder English Fire. St. Quentin with a view of the cathedral before bombardment.Middle of April 1917

Huge piles of entanglement wire supports (close coils) behind the Western front. March 23, 1918

Army of Occupation - A 69th Guard examining passes of Germans

The great offensive in the West. The commander of the 7th Army, General of the Infantry von Boehm (left) and general von Lewinsky, leaders of a victorious army division on the battle fields before Councy le Chateau. April 1918

One of the completely ruined English tanks. May 1917

Ceremonies - Lafayette Day, 1918 - Lafayette Day Celebration New York City. Flags of patriotic societies at the statue of Lafayette Union Square, New York. In celebration of the 161st anniversary of the gallant Frenchman who fought for American Independence and the fourth anniversary of the stopping of the Germans on the Marne