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Admiral William B. Shubrick

Admiral Francis H. Gregory

Admiral David D. Porter

Admiral Samuel F. Dupont

Admiral David D. Porter

Uncle Sam - Guess there's enough here to secure Hobson's release

The Press is Mentioning Him

Only a Full-fledged Admiral Could Handle Them as Dewey Does

He hath done what he could



Looking for Action

Jerry's Dream




At the Wrong End of the Megaphone

A Closed Incident

Inaugural Committee No. 40, Admiral George Dewey

Strolling Down to the Club

Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schley, Retired

Rear Admiral E. H. C. Leutze, Commandant, and Heads of Departments

Photo of File Drawing F562S12

Admiral Rodman, U.S.N., and staff aboard his flagship

Lord Beatty awaiting the arrival of Admiral Mayo, U.S.Navy

King George handing baseball to the captain of the Army team. General John Biddle at King's right (rear) and Admiral Sims on left. Stamford bridge, England

British Admiral greeting American officers at the Admiralty House. England

Admiral Rodman, U.S. Navy about to greet King George of England

Admiral Galleani and Staff, Ancona, Italy

American delegates in Scotland. Admiral Rodman in center

American delegates visit Scotland. Admiral Rodman, U.S.N., in conversation with delegates aboard his flagship

King George investing Admiral Brock of the British Navy

Independence Day exercises at Central Hall, Westminster. General John Biddle near right of picture and Admiral Sims left center. England

Visit of a Brazilian Admiral to H.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth". He is shown in conversation with Admiral Beatty

Birthday cake for Admiral Sims, U.S.N. Queenstown, Ireland

King George chatting with U.S Officials during Independence Day exercises at Stamford bridge . Major Gen. John Biddle at King's right and Admiral Sims on left

Admiral Mayo shaking hands with Captain of fleet flagship

Admiral Mayo, U.S.N., talking to Admiral Beatty, British Navy

Commodore Brand, British Navy, receiving Admiral Strauss, U.S.N., aboard his flagship. Admiral Rodman, U.S.N., standing in center background

Admiral W.S. Sims, U.S. Navy, with Mr. American and Mr. Paglar, American newspaper correspondents

Admiral Sims, U.S. Navy with American and British Naval aides in the grounds of the Admiralty House. Right to left:- Lieut. Comdr. Daniels; Lieut. Comdr. Babcock; Admiral W.S. Sims, U.S.N.; Lieut. Comdr. Orlebar, British Navy

Admiral Sims, U.S. Navy, playing with his dog

Admiral Meurer, German Navy, coming aboard British flagship to arrange surrender of the German fleet

King George decorates Admiral Strauss, U.S.N., with the K.C.M.G

Admiral Mayo's flag ship flying with Admiral Beatty's from Admiral Beatty's flagship

Admiral Mayo, U.S.N., talking to Admiral Beatty, British Navy

Admiral Benson pays a visit to Lord Beatty

Admiral Mayo, U.S.N., and Lord Beatty, British Navy

Arrival of Admiral Mayo , U.S.N., aboard Lord Beatty's flagship

Admiral Mayo, U.S.N., talking to Admiral Beatty, British Navy

Admiral Rodman, U.S.A., visits Lord Beatty, Commander-in-Chief, British Navy

Admiral Benson, U.S. Navy_ about to leave British flagship

Admiral William S. Simms, U.S. Navy. Commanding U.U. Naval Forces in European waters

Admiral Sims, U.S. Navy in garden of his quarters at Queenstown, Ireland

Rear Admiral Leutze. Enlargement from a Print

Artists - Sculpturess makes bust of Vice Admiral Gleaves. Miss Belle Kinney working on the bust of Vice Admiral Gleaves

Armistice - Armistice - Treves, Germany. Train of the Marshal Admiral Browning. Arrival of the German Plenipotentiaries

Camouflage - Vehicles - Motorcycle with side car, camouflaged by its occupants, at Camp Meade, Admiral, md

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines waiting for the Admiral coming on board

Armistice - Armistice - Drawing of Recption of German Peace Delegates. Inside the French lines in the railroad car of Marshal Foch. The reception of the delgates in the car. They are (1) Marshal Foch: (2) Admiral Weymiss: (3) An American delegate, probably General Rhodes: (4) General Weygand: (5) M. Erzberger: (6) Gernal von Gundoll: (7) Gernal von Winterfield: (8) Count Oberndorff

Return of the "wolf" after a 15 month cruise. Captin Neerger, with the order of Merit presented to him by admiral Bachmann, among his officers. March 6, 1918

Near Oesel. Admiral Schmidt, the commander of the expedition against Oesel, with his staff on a torpedo boat during the crossing. October 1917

Ceremonies - Camp Lewis thru Camp Wheeler - Camp Meade, Admiral, Maryland. Troops drilling

Colleges and Universities - Cambridge University - President Wilson receives L.L.D. by proxy from Cambridge University, England

Artists - Artists and publicity men in the Government's service. Charles Dana Gibson, chairman of the division of pictorial publicity of the Committee on Public Information, gave a luncheon in Washington to some of the government's leading publicity men and those who are making Uncle Sam's posters. In this group, from left to right (without regard to rows) are: D.W. Lee, Herbert Adams, Prof. Richard Rice, Library of Congress; M.L. Blumenthal, H. Devitt Welsh, Oliver Dennet Grover, George Creel, Frederick Keppell, (at top) W.E. Hall (in stripped suit), Edward N. hurley, (with hands folded). Back of Mr. Hurley with gray hat, is Joseph Pennell, whose sketches have been one of the war's best contributions to art. Back of him is Mr. Gibson and back of him R.D. Heini, editor of the Emergency Fleet News. Next to Mr. Hurley is Charles Piez, President of the Emergency Fleet Corporation; next to him Major Kendall Banning, above Major Banning, Joseph P. Tumulty, and back of him Dr. H.S. Garfield, Fuel Administrator. On the next step above is E.H. Blashfield, and on the top step M. Louis Aubert, of the French High Commission, Carl Milan and Francis Jones. Admiral Samuel McGowan's uniform is discernible near the sculptor. At the extreme right is F.D. Casey, art editor of Collier's. Apr. 2, 1918

Ceremonies - Lafayette Day, 1918 - Lafayette Day Celebration, New York City. Prominent gathering at City Hall, New York to honor the Anniversary of the stopping of the Germans at the Marne. In this group are: Ambassador and Mrs. Jusserand, General Vignal, Admiral Grout, Consul General Gaston Liebert, Captains Velay Loyer, de Roquefeuil, de Fregate, and de grancey and Lieut. de Chevigne, Ignace Jan Paderewski, Major Osterreith, Alfredo de Mesquith, Professor G. Masaryk and Captain Hurban George Miller, C. Yada, Japanese Consul in New York Sir Henry B. Smith, General Kenyon, Major Thwaites, General Gugliemotti

Colleges and Universities - West Point - Ceremonies - Admiral Togo, Japanese Navy. U.S. Military Academy

Ceremonies and Parades - Adm. Usher; Bishop Hayes; Comm. W. B. Brown; Lt. E. C. Brown at review and dedication of K. of C. hall at Pelham Bay Naval Station, N.Y

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines at attention when the Admiral arrives aboard ship

The Emperor in conversation with Admiral Schroder. In Brugge. (Bruges)

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - Rear Admiral Robert Browning and Lieutenant Ayer, Commanding Officer of the Radio School

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - At Columbus Circle, New York, N.Y., 1917, Memorial Day exercises were held by the veterans of Foreign wars of the U.S. More than a hundred floral pieces were placed on the Maine Memorial monument. Rear Admiral Charles D. Sigsbee, who was in command of the Maine when the battleship was blown up placed two wreaths. More than 7,000 people gathered about the monument. Photo shows Rear Admiral Charles D. Sigsbee placing a wreath on the Maine Monument

Ceremonies - Boston, Mass. - Reviewing stand, Peace Day Parade, Boston, Mass. Left to right: Admiral Wood; Lieut. Gov. Coolidge; Gov. McCall; General Ruckman and Senator Walsh

American Library Association - Libraries - Kansas through Mississippi - Camp Meade, Admiral, Maryland. Camp Library. Rec'd from C.P.I. International Film Service

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Work in waiste factory to help the Red Cross. Just knitting and nothing more didn't satisfy these women so they got positions in a waist factory to help the Red Cross. Left to right they are Admiral Sim's sister, Mrs. J.C. Newlin and Mrs. Frederick J. Lee

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - For the first time in history memorial exercises were held on a a foreign warship for American soldiers and sailors. Exercises were held on the British Warship "Warrior" on Potomac, in memory of the victims of the Lusitania and the Tuscania and of the men lost at sea in war. Vice Admiral Sir Grant who is commander of the flagship Warrior is in the center

Camouflage - Wooden Guns - Camp Meade, Admiral, Maryland. Teaching artillery fire with dummy guns of wood

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - Rear Admiral Wood and Lieut. Commander Ayer, Commanding Officer, Naval Radio School

Return of the "Wolf" after 15 month cruise. Admiral Bachmann greets officers and men. March 6, 1918

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - Rear Admiral Wood reviewing Radio School on the Holmes Field

Camouflage - Vehicles - Camp Meade, Admiral, Maryland. Soldiers on motorcycle by a tree in the open lightly camouflaged with straw and tree tops

Artists - Naval Artist paints Liberty Loan Poster. Henry Reuterdahl painting 4th Liberty Loan poster in Washington, D.C. Rear Admiral Cowie is on the left

Admiral von Schroeder, Commander of the Marines in Flanders, in front of the city hall in Bruges

Ceremonies - Lafayette Day, 1918 - Celebration of the 160th anniversary of the birth of Lafayette at City Hall, N.Y. Front row from left to right: George L. Wilson, Rear Adm. Usher. Willard Bartlett, Andre Tardien, Mayor Mitchell, Lieut. Gen. Leclercq and Commander Arthur L. Blackwood

Armistice - Armistice - Arrival of allied leaders in Compiegne Wood where Armistice was discussed. Photo shows the arrival of the Entente leaders in Compiegne Wood where they awaited the arrival of the German train bearing the Kaiser's plenipotentiaries. At this point the preliminary terms of the Armistice were discussed. At the right of the group are (second man) General Weygand, Admiral Wemyss and Marshal Foch

Return of the "wolf after a 15 month cruise. Admiral Bachmann (left) at salute to the Emperor

Ceremonies - Admiral Sims with British and American naval staff officers at the hoisting of American flag at Admiralty House when he took temporary command of a British naval base and district; Admiral Bayley's flag is being hauled down

Colleges and Universities - West Point - Ceremonies - Review at U.S. Military Academy for Admiral Togo

Camouflage - Vehicles - Motorcycle with side car, camouflaged by its occupants, at Camp Meade, Admiral, md

Commissions - Japan - Japanese Mission Arrives in New York


Photograph of Conference on United States Polar Exploration

Photograph of Conference on United States Polar Exploration

Photograph of Donation of Hoover Letter Book to GSA

Photograph of Donation of Hoover Letter Book to GSA

Photograph of Archives Advisory Council

Admiral George Dewey Birthplace - Montpelier, Vermont

Photograph of Conference on Captured German and Related Records

Photograph of Lewis Strauss's Appointment to Archives Advisory Council

Photograph of Conference on United States Polar Exploration