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American Red Cross - Canteens - Red Cross canteens in France. Aemrican Red Cross canteen worker serving coffee to American soldiers in the canteen at Issoudum

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - American Red Cross Canteen, Issoudan, France. Workers in front of canteen at the Aemrican Aviation Camp at Issoudan, France

American Red Cross - N thru W - Capt. C.G. Sharp, Aemrican Red Cross returns from France. Capt. C.G. Sharp of American Red Cross arrives from France. Capt. Sharp was in charge of evacuation hospital at Toul and cared for victims of bombing raid on hospital at Nancy. He brough back the captured German rifle and battered helmet as souvenirs

American Red Cross - "Second Aid" - Site of hospital on race track, at Auteuil, France. Doctor Burlingame and Aemrican Red Cross associates laying out new hospital

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - The Grand Mufti, head of the Mohammedan church, and the Mayor of Jerusalem arriving at the Aemrican Red Cross headquarters to take part in the formal inauguration of the work in Palestine

American Red Cross - N thru W - Mrs. A.L. Queneau, American Red Cross Chairman at Newcastle, England. Mrs. Queneau has been an active and energetic worker for the Aemrican soldiers in hospital and camp since the United States entered the war. She has livedin England for many years. Her husband is an officer in the French army

Ceremonies - Liberations - France - Celebration held in honor of Washington and Lafayette in Paris, April 22, 1917. Section of the Aemrican Ambulance from the front, paying a tribute to Washington at his statue in Paris

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - A.R.C. Booth at Chateau Raoul, Chateauroux, France, where a carnival was held under the auspices of the Aemrican Red Cross