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Abraham Lincoln's Patent Drawing for Improved Manner of Buoying Vessels

Mrs. Stetson

Mrs. F. Kurzman

Mrs. H. A. Bowers

Mrs. Rawson

Miss Isherwood, or Miss Sherwood

Sister M. M. Joseph

Doctor Mary Walker


Map of the Battles of Bull Run Near Manassas

Mrs. or Miss McPherson

Miss Ogden

Miss Clara Barton

Mrs. R. Ettridge

Agnes Robinson, actress

Head of Infant

Miss Bradon

Miss Alice Harrison

Miss Mali

Janauschek, Actress

Miss M. McDaunt

Mrs. Bradon

Tinnie Clafin, Wall Street broker

Mrs. W. Boker

Mrs. Swain (or Swann)

Sister J. Ledwith

Miss Walton

Mrs. O'Malley


Miss Alice Harrison

Miss Webb


Mrs. Draper

Mrs. Lamb

Mrs. R.H. Thompson and others



Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Seabury

Mrs. Landkul

Miss Levinson

Mrs. H. J. Rogers

Mrs. Holmes

Adelaide Phillips (1878)

Miss Ida Williams

Mrs. A. Allen

Mrs. M. F. Wend

Mrs. Stuart

Mrs. or Miss McCauley


Mrs. Ham


Mrs. B. Smith

Mrs. Notman

Miss Clara Harris (Married Major Rathbone)


Mrs. J. Dooley

Miss Reynaud

Mrs. M. Hogan

Mrs. Conkling

Camp scene, ladies in camp

Mrs. Thouron


Mrs. Conlin

Mrs. N. Davis

Miss N. M. Wilder



Sister Sylvester

Mrs. Donahue

Miss or Mrs. Marble

Mrs. Jackson

Miss Waugh

Miss Wheeler

Mrs. L. D. Wilson

Miss Perkinson

Mrs. Astor

Mrs. Astor

Mrs. W. H. Morris

Mrs. Watkins


Mrs. Kinsella

Miss Lawrence

Miss E. Demine

Mrs. Coon

Miss Bateman

Mrs. Hogan

Miss Pruyn

Mrs. Orton

Gen. Louis D. Watkins and wife

R. Mead, portrait of a child

Staff of Gen. Sherman accompanied by ladies

Sister Cecilia, Sisters of Mercy.

Miss Bradon

Miss Gottschalk, Actress

Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey

Miss L. C. Miris

Christine Neilson