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Crew, John - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Crew, John J - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Fritz, Conrad Crew - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Thompson, John Crew - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Crew, Henry - Age [Blank], Year: [Blank] - Third Infantry, C - D - Louisiana

Crew of a Ship

Lord Beatty inspecting crew of U.S.S. "Melville"

Lord Beatty and Captain Pringle inspecting crew of U.S.S. "Melville"

Gun crew aboard U.S. Destroyer ready for action

British officers questioning crew of a U-boat. Harwich, England

Gun crew aboard U.S.S. "Conyngham"

Large British gun with its crew. Woeston, Belgium. 8-28-1917

Gun crew aboard U.S. Destroyer ready for action

Crew aboard a U.S. Destroyer in British waters. Off Queestown, Ireland

Balloons - Flights - British Balloon observer ready to make an ascension in Mesopotamia. A British observer about to make an ascension in an observation balloon. Practically all the members of this crew are Indian troops

The crew of an enemy steamer is taken off by the crew of the submanine. April 1917

Balloons - In the Theatre of Operations - Airships that may be used for passenger service. British Royal Air Force Official photograph. Dirigible built in 1917 with duralumin girders, is 540 feet long and has been sleeping quarters for the crew

Submarine warfare. After the sinking of an enemy steamer. The crew of the steamer is towed by the submarine towards land. April 1917

The return of the "Move". The crew of a torpedoed English boat are taken aboard

Balloons - Hangars and Beds - British Observation Balloon about to make an ascension in Mesopotamia. A balloon company releasing a balloon from its moorings. With the exception of the officers, the entire crew is made up of Indian troops

American Red Cross - N thru W - Nurse killed by gun accident on Mongolia. Miss Helen B. Wood, the Chicago Red Cross nurse who was instantly killed in a gun accident while the gun crew of the armed American liner Mongolia was at target practice at sea. A brass attachment to the powder charge ricocheted after striking the water and instantly killed Miss Wood and Mrs. Edith Ayres

Crew of a freighter comes alongside the submarine with the ships papers

American Red Cross - Groups - Two of the staunchest Red Cross workers in Switzerland are Remson Whitehouse of New York (right) and Joseph Cooke Smith of Providence, R.I. Both men have lived in Switzerland for many years, being enthusiastic winter sportsmen and mountain climbers. Long before America entered the war, they were engaged in relief work in Switzerland and France, and as soon as the United States declared war they devoted their entire time to Red Cross relief work. For sometime Mr. Smith sent packages of food and clothing to american prisoners in Germany at his own expense, particularly to the crew of the Yarrowdale. He is now in charge of relief work for repatriated Italian soldiers. Mr. Whitehouse is at present acting as a liason officer between the Red Cross and American Embassy

Colleges and Universities - Tulane University - Truck Crew, Tulane University Training Detachment, New Orleans, Louisiana

Helgoland. The crew of a ship

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Fourth of July Parade, N.Y., 1918. Great Britian. Float depicts an incident in the battle of Jutland when the boy John Travers Cornwell won the Victoria Cross by firing a gun on board the cruiser Chester when all the other members of the gun crew were dead or dying

Balloons - Miscellaneous - Dirigiblees. This Dirigible with an American crew is seen starting out on a patrol from the Naval Aviation stations. It is these air birds that are doing suc wonderful work in hunting out U-Boats

Return of the "Wolf" after 15 month cruise. The crew of the "Wolf". March 6, 1918

Prince Henry of Prussia saying farewell to a submarine crew just about to depart. Near kiel, March 1917

Balloons - Hangars and Beds - Navy Dirigible Balloon, C-1, the largest of its kind in America. This balloon made the flight from Rockaway Naval Air Station L.I., to Key West, Florida, a ditance of nearly 1,500 miles. The crew consisting of six men was under the command of Capt. S.V. Parsler, Commandant of the Naval Air Station at Rockaway, L.I

On a Submarine training boat. Crew practicing use of hatchways

Balloons - In the Theatre of Operations - Making fast a British Observation Balloon in Mespotamia. British soldiers making fast a British observation balloon. Practically all the members of the crew are Indian troops

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - U.S. Army at Archangel Front, Russia. Funeral of member of crew of U.S.S. Ascutney. Three members died in Archangel and many were sick with Influenza

On a submarine training boat. Crew praticing use of hatchways

American Red Cross - Vehicles - American Red Cross in Italy. Italian soldier-mechaniess at American Red Cross garage, Padua. On the seat Lieut. M.W. Crew, Chicago, in charge of this station

Balloons - In the Theatre of Operations - The gun crew of an American transport is watching a French dirigible flying highi n the air. This photo was taken while the transport was passing through the danger zone

Crew of Men in Front of Daniel Greeley's New Home

Photograph of Batteau Crew on the Muskegon River

Seven Man Crew Building New Daniel Greeley House

John DuMares Crew

Photograph of Road Crew of Forest Service

Wood Crew

Dam 48 (Wheelbarrow Crew)

Rock Crew (Camp)

8th Anniversary (Work Crew)

Sears Dam (Work Crew)

Rock Crew (Gathering Rock)

Wood Crew

Dam 20 (Work Crew)

Dam 1 (Wheelbarrow Crew)

Two Tail Dam (Repair Crew)

C. C. Cook and Crew

Dugout 29 (Work Crew)

Rock Crew (Trail)

Mesteth Dam (Wheelbarrow Crew)

No Flesh Truck Trail (Work Crew)

Equipment (Snow Plow and Work Crew)

No Flesh Truck Trail (Work Crew)

Wounded Knee Dam (Work Crew)

Bull Pasture (Fencing Crew)

Rock Crew (Quarry)

Dam 9 (Wheelbarrow Crew)

Reservoir 25 (Working Crew)

Photograph of Crew Bunks of a Dirigible

Photograph of Timber Survey Crew at Lac La Croix

Kjeldseth Giving Instruction to an Enrollee Bridge Crew

Photograph of Emergency Conservation Work (ECW) Crew Burning Brush

Seven Man Crew Building New Daniel Greeley House

Carpenter Crew Building Forms and Scaffolds

Photograph of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Planting Crew

60-inch cyclotron, target side set up for movie crew taken in June, 1939. Cooksey 12 [Photographer: Donald Cooksey]

Princeton Township Fire Crew Fighting Forest Fire

Photograph of a Saw Crew

Photograph of Crew Baling Tulip Poplar for Shipment to the Field for Field Planting

Photograph of Planting Crew

Photograph of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Enrollee Crew Planting

Photograph of a Resaw Crew at Rathborne, Hair and Ridgeway Box Factory

Projects (John Culhoff and Crew Working on Fowler Spring, No. 134)

[American machine gun crew fighting off an attack.] (Information on the back: Gonzalez)

NATS PB2Y on Ramp of NAB #807 after being Beached by Beaching Crew

NATS PB2Y prior to being Beached by NAB Beaching Crew

NATS PB2Y Crew and NAB Beaching Crew Securing Buoy onto Plane prior to its being Beached

Two Members of PB2Y Crew Unloading Mail for Navy Personnel of Atoll

Photograph of a Mortar Crew Standing Back Just Before Firing into a Nazi Position

Gun Crew of the Black Widow

Photograph of a Tank Destroyer Crew Playing Craps While Awaiting Removal of a Road Block

184-inch cyclotron crew in costume. Clockwise from upper left: Fred Yeater, Ralph Dufour, unknown individual, Jimmy Vale. Principal Investigator/Project: Analog Conversion Project

Photograph of High School Boys on Planting Crew in Ely, Minnesota

[Crew of the St-Lo Ship]

[At the Studio Jullian, Salut a la France Movie Crew]

Photograph of Lopping Crew

Vice President Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon, and flight crew stand in front of a military transport aircraft in Tripoli, Libya

U.S. Air Force North Dakota Air National Guard pilot Duane"Pappy"Larson (foreground left), signs his logbook with members of his ground crew, on the wing of a F-51D Mustang aircraft, at Camp Williams, Wisconsin, in June 1953. (A3604) (U.S. Air Force PHOTO) (Released)

Bevatron crew in the control room. Left to right: Ross Nemetz, Seth Shepard, Robert Gisser, Tran Canton, and Walt Hartsough, taken February 1958. Morgue 1958-36 (P-1) [Photographer: Donald Cooksey]

Photograph of Fire Crew at South Fork of Au Sable River

Photograph of Fire Crew at South Fork of Au Sable River

Photograph of Fire Crew at South Fork of Au Sable River

Photograph of Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Crew Man Eino Saku Cutting Down Cull Aspen

Photograph of Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Crew Man Eino Saku Cutting Down Cull Aspen

Photograph of District Ranger Harley Hamm Talking to Members of Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Crew