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American Soldiers with Photographer

Wilson and American Flag


President Wilson Boarding U.S.S. George Washington

Wilson and American Flag

Woodrow Wilson and American Flags

Woodrow Wilson and American Flags

American Soldiers with Photographer

Woodrow Wilson and American Flags

President Wilson Boarding U.S.S. George Washington

President Wilson Boarding U.S.S. George Washington

Wilson and American Flag

American Soldiers with Photographer

Photograph of Yorktown National Cemetery from Gate Looking Down Central Avenue towards Flag Staff

Photograph of a Soldier Holding an American Flag

"But it was a hot action"

Hoisting the flag of freedom

Flag Day - 1900

Flag Day 1901

Flag Day - 1904




[Town Men With Flag]

The flag of Krupp's yacht "Germania

German flag captures by British Naval Forces

Admiral Mayo's flag ship flying with Admiral Beatty's from Admiral Beatty's flagship

Ceremonies and Parades - War Activities in Canton, OH. Foreign children being taught to salute the Flag

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - Memorial wreaths being launched on Potomac for victims of Lusitania and Tuscania. By daughters of American Revolution and Legion of Loyal Women. Wreaths contributed by Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Alfred Vanderbilt. May 30, 1918

Ceremonies - Washington - Conscription Parade, Wash., D.C. President Wilson in the front row carrying U.S. flag

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day celebration held in Central Park, N.Y. City 1918

Ceremonies - Michigan thru New Jersey - American Red Cross parade. Among the stirring features of the Second Red Cross War Fund Parade, was Service Flag Arm Bands worn by so many of the women marchers. St. Paul, Minn

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day Celebration held in Central Park, N.Y. Slovak girls and boys in setting up exercises at Flag Day celebration

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - New York School Children swearing allegiance to the flag

Colleges and Universities - Goucher College - Patriotic activities of girls at Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland. Raising the flag and taking the Oath of Allegiance in front of Goucher Hall. Faculty is on the balcony

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Service flag, bearing nearly 8,000 gold stars representing the casualties of the 27th Division approaching the Victory Arch, New York

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day Celectration held in Central Park, N.Y. Naval Reserves drilling on wireless while Boy Scouts stand guard, at the Flag Day celebration in Central Park. Mayor Hylan can be seen standing on the left of the photo

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - Massachusetts - Big flag hung from Municipal Building saluted by all Divisions in Preparedness Parade, New Bedford, Massachusetts

Ceremonies and Parades - Dedication of service flag for St. Johns' Catholic Church, Middletown, Conn

Ceremonies and Parades - 5,000 school children present loyalty exercises for commencement, June 1918, N. Y. First joint commencement exercises ever held in the city parks were held yesterday when 5,000 children from two districts in Williamsburg, representing nearly every country in Europe, met in Prospect Park and participated in an impressive loyalty demonstration. Photo shows flag drill

Boy's Activities - Patriotism - Chicago boys show military learning. Members of the Chicago Boys' Club saluting the flag at their camp at Lake Winona, Ill

Ceremonies - France - Flag vendor and boy in the Rue St. Honore, Paris, France, celebrating the signing of the Armistice

Ceremonies - New York school children celebrate America's entrance into the war. A general view of the crowd that attended the celebration of the first anniversary of America's entrance into the war in front of Public School 43 at 129th Street and Amsterdam Ave. A Service flag with 210 stars was unfurled by the children

Ceremonies and Parades - Service Flag Day exercises, Weymouth, Massachusetts. Women carrying large American flag

Ceremonies - War Savings Stamps - Parade to aid sale of war savings stamps. Prudential Insurance Company Service flag at Newark, N.J

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Scottsdale, PA. War Activities. Soldiers marching in parade at Flag Day celebration

Ceremonies - Massachusetts - Elks' Big Flag in Lexington Day Parade, 1918 in New Bedford, Mass

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Sons of American Revolution observe Flag Day in front of U.S. Sub-Treasury, New York city, N.Y

Ceremonies and Parades - Mass in celebration of 4th anniversary of the stopping of the Germans at the Marne. Mass being held in the beautiful cathedral at Meaux, France. The services are in progress. An American flag is hanging in the cathedral

Colleges and Universities - Princeton - U.S.S.M.A. Princeton, New Jersey. Flag raising peace celebration

Armistice - Armistice - German officers designating location of mines in accordance with terms of Armistice. German officers pointing out the location of the mines they had layed along the roads and carious other places. They are seen in one of their own cars with a white flag on the machine

Camouflage - Ships - Dazzle Painting or Flag for Ships. Models of two ships on same line of direction one plan and the other dazzled. This method of camouflage was used on battleships and transports to deceive U-Boat commanders and make correct aim difficult

Ceremonies - War Savings Stamps - War activities, parades to aid loan drives. Sunday School children parading on Flag Day. Newark, N.J

Ceremonies and Parades - New York City pays first tribute to fallen sons. New York observed it's first "Heroes Day" to commemorate the lives of the soldiers, marines, and sailors who died in France. Mrs. Laura Prisk and Veterans of the Civil War, with the original battle flag of Farrgut, at the Soldiers and Sailors monument on Riverside Drive

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Student Army Training Corps - Columbia University Service Flag

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day address, N.Y. City. Dr. Thomas Edward Green delivering a Flag Day address in front of the Sub Treasury Bldg. to large crowds

College and Universities - University of Pennsylvania - War Activities at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reserve Officers' Training Corps at attention on Flag Raising exercises on University Campus

Ceremonies - Mr. Alison speaking at flag raising, Fort Shipbuilding Plant

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Italians in Flag Day Parade. Boston, Mass. Aug. 1918

Ceremonies - Preparedness Day, Washington, D.C. - Conscription Parade, Wash., D.C. President Wilson holding flag he carried in parade

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Fourth of July Parade, N.Y., 1918. American flag girls

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Children celebrate Flag Day at Fullerton, Louisiana. Every child in Fullerton had a flag on Flag Day

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - American Red Cross Headquarters in Vladivostok, Russia. The Headquarters of the American Red Cross in Vladivostok with the American flag flying

American Red Cross - Groups - Otranto Disaster. The first American Red Cross workers to reach Islay, Scotland, the scene of the wreck of the U.S. troopship Otranto, sent out from the Red Cross headquarters in Belfast, Ireland. The Red Cross man directly in front of the flag is James Jeffers of East orange, N.J. The others include several Belfast dosctors

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Color Guard of Twenty Second Engineers

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - A Flag Day Celebration by New York School Children. 1918

Ceremonies - Illinois thru Massachusetts - American Red Cross parade. Band, Rifle team, and Red Cross flag of Wm. Filenes Sons Co., in Red Cross parade at Boston, Mass

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - Opening day at new American Red Cross Club Canteen at Winchester. The Morn Hill Camp at Winchester is now principal British repatriation Camp. Raising the Red Cross Flag in front of the new club house

Ceremonies - Illinois thru Massachusetts - Red Cross parade, Boston, Mass, May 18. 1918. Sailors, carrying huge Red Cross flag, passing through Tremont Street. May 18, 1918

Boy's Activities - Drills - Boy Scout Activities. Boy Scouts of America at the flag raising ceremony at "Lett's Camp," near Los Angeles, Calif

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Flag bearers in costume of Red, White and Blue, in Independence Day parade, New York City, July 4, 1918

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Troop of Boy Scouts passing the flagpole on Flag Day in Central Park, N.Y. City

Boy's Activities - Drills - Salem Fraternity, oldest boys' club in the United States. Boys of the Salem Fraternity, Salem, Mass., saluting the flag at their summer camp. The Salem Fraternity is the oldest boys' club in the Unite States. It was organized in 1869, being just 50 years old. While in camp the boys are drilled and taught the first military fundamentals

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day Celebration held in Central Park, N.Y. Children in procesion in the Flag Day celebration at Central Park, N.Y

Balloons - Equipment - Army Balloon School, Engineering Department, Fort Omaha, Nebraska. Aeroplane warning flag attached to cable

Ceremonies - Alabama thru Connecticut - Photo shows group of Red Cross workers photographed during parade at the dedication of the new Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C. Mrs. J. Borden Harriman of New York is holding the flag

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - The battle-scarred colors of Old 69th infantry and their gold star flag

American Red Cross - Christmas Activities - Santa visits American Hospital in England. Santa Claus is a guest in the Officers' Ward at the American Base Hospital at Dartford, near London. His bag is a hopsital pillow, and an American flag hangs from it, so you may be sure he is an American Santa Claus

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day Celebration held in Central Park, N.Y. The Greek standard bearer with the Stars and Stripes at the Flag Day celebration held in Central Park, N.Y

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Entertainments - Red Cross flag formation by high school girls of New Orleans, LA. May 1918

Ceremonies and Parades - Service Flag Day exercises, Weymouth, Massachusetts. Unfurling the American flag

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - American Flag Formation by high school girls of New Orleans, LA., during the Red Cross campaign, May 1918

Ceremonies and Parades - Scottdale, PA War Activities. Dedicating of Scottdale service flag

Ceremonies - Foreign - American Red Cross parades through the streets of Paris. Stars and Stripes, Tricolor of France and Red Cross flag being carried by American Red Cross nurses in their march through the streets of Paris

Ceremonies - France - British workers carry American Flag in Parade. British munition engineers in Coventry, England who were on strike convinced that thei move was not patriotic, went back to work. Celebrations and parades were held in Coventry to show the change of spirit. The American flag was always in evidence

Colleges and Universities - Princeton - U.S.S.M.A. Princeton, New Jersey. Major D. H. Crissy presents silk flag to the first class graduating with 100% marks

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - "Flag Day" Celebration. Springfield, Mass

Colleges and Universities - Colgate University - Military Activity; Colgate University, Hamilton, New York. Dedication of the colors, showing flag and part of Battalion

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Sons of Revolution observe Flag Day, N.Y. City. Flag Day was observed fittingly in New York by the Sons of the Revolution. A parade which ended at the steps of the Subtreasury drew great crowds. At the Sub-treasury an open air meeting was held, and ended with the signing of the national anthem by the men

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New Jersey - War activities. U.S. Flag in the 312th Infantry review parade, Newark, New Jersey

Boy's Activities - Parades - War Activities Red Cross. Catching contributions in flag during Red Cross parade, Detroit, Mich

Colleges and Universities - Tufts College - Tufts College, Massachusetts. The Tufts service flat. Since this flag was hung, the number of men has increased to over 700

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Gun caisson for dead of 27th Division. Gun caisson covered with flag at head of parade in honor of brave men who paid supreme sacrifice for their country

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day Celebration held in Central Park, N.Y. This photo shows a "Tank" baby carriage at the Flag Day celebration held in the Central Park, N.Y

American Red Cross - Motor Car Service - Women's Motor Corps Members drive sixteen ambulances from Detroit to New York. Sixteen women motor corps drivers of the Atlantic drivers of the Atlantic Division of the American Red Cross with their commander Captain Symlie with flag taken on their arrival in New York with the sixteen ambulances which they had driven from Detroit. Twelve of the women drivers are from Buffalo and four from Westchester Co., New York

Boy's Activities - Patriotism - Boy Scouts raising flag in honor to the soldiers who have gone to the front. Newark, N.J

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Part of Italian Regiment raised for service under the American flag, parade through New York streets, after being reviewed at City Hall. The Italian Regiment, parading through City Hall Park, 1917

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Scottsdale, PA. War Activities. K of C float in Flag Day parade

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - East Side School Children observe Flag Day, N.Y. The school children of P.S. 20, on Rivington St., observed Flag Day. Veterans of other wars explained the significance of the flag to the children, practically all of whom are of foreign parentage

Boy's Activities - Junior Camp Association - Gov. Whitman, of New York, presents a flag to Cadet Corps in Miltiary Training at Peekskill. Eighteen hundred boys of the New York state Cadet Corps in training in Peekskill, N.Y. were reviewed by Governor Whitman (July 20, 1917) who, after an address to the young soldiers, presented a flag to the Corps. Photo shows, Gov. Whitman's arrival at the boy's camp

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