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Photograph of Friends Arm in Arm at Carnival Time in Mittenwald, Bavaria

British M.P. and Italian soldier make friends

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - How Red Cross nurses are housed and fed in new York. The Nurses' Home has a canteen for guests and their friends

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - Red Cross recption room in Army Hospital where friends can meet the soldiers

Artists - Dinner to Wallace Morgan, the Artist, commissioned Captain in the Engineer R.C. Given at Hotel Brevoort, New York, by artist and writer friends to celebrate his departure for France to draw War pictures for the U.S. government. Top row, left to right: Harry G. Dart, Chas. H. Towne, Edward King, Edward Hennesy-Jeffries, Capt. Wallace Morgan, Joseph Davis, W.J. Glackens, Lt. Willard Fairchild, Stuart Johnstone, Richard Dwight. Second row, left to right: Allan Gilbert, C. Hollister, Julian Street, Wallace Irwin, C.D. Williams. Front row, left to right: Chas. Falls, Guy Fangel, Arthur McArg, T. Sheridan, Alonzo Kimball, Jack Sheridan

American Red Cross - Construction - Essonnes, near Chateau-Thierry, France, Members of the Friends Unit, A.R.C., repairing house damaged by shell fire

American Red Cross - N thru W - Mrs. Floyd Van Kuren, Philadelphia, Pa., American Red Cross representative in recreation hut at Base Hospital No. 6, near Bordeaux, is showing a wounded American soldier a telegram just received telling him that all is right at home. One of his friends here, in bed for several months suffering from serious wounds, has bad no news from home for months. Mrs. Van Kuren cabled hoome for him and telegraphed to Tours, secured his mail and cheered him up with a batch of 19 letters. It will help his recovery materially

Ceremonies and Parades - Ten thousand soldiers and their friends attended Field Mass at Camp Devens, Mass

American Red Cross - E thru H - George F. Gilbert of the Friends' Unit in France

Colored Troops - Relatives and Friends Cheering the 369the Infantry as the Pass in Parade. New York City's colored population turned out to greet the heroes of the 369th Infantry, the old 15th of New York City, colored fighters who earned all the glories of war in France

Ceremonies - Demobilization - Review of the 27th Division. Passing the Victory Arch in sight of a vast multitude of cheering friends

Boy's Activities - Junior Naval Reserve - Camp Dewey, Conn. - Junior Naval Reserve train hard at New London train hard at New London, Conn. Boys of the Junior Naval Reserve at New London, Conn., singing the Star Spangled Banner after performing a drill for their relatives and friends. The youthful sailors get a comprehensive training in the art of seamnshipand are under strict naval discipline

American Red Cross - Groups - Cominoli Giacomo and his friends of the American Red Cross in Italy

Foreign-Born Friends who are Applicants for American Citizenship

Photograph of a College Professor Giving Pointers on Transplanting Young Vegetables to His Daughter and Her Three Girl Scout Friends

[American Friends of Versailles, XVIIIth Century Console]

[American Friends of Versailles, XVIIIth Century Console]

[American Friends of Versailles, XVIIIth Century Console]

During Veteran's Day weekend in 1953, Sergeant Dieter Kaisenberg and his team from U.S. Army Radio W6USA at Fort McArthur, California set up a mobile station in the lobby of the renowned United Artist Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Passersby were invited to give them messages that were transmitted to friends and relatives in Korea

"170,000 Friends- The Story About Mits"

Americans Come as Friends. Let's Cooperate With Them

Ex-POW and U.S. Navy LCMDR Danny Elloy Glenn (Captured 21 Dec 66) visits with a group of well wishers and friends who came to say goodbye as he leaves for United States. LCMDR Glenn was released in Hanoi by North Vietnam on 4 Mar 73

Ex-POW and U.S. Navy LCMDR Danny Elloy Glenn (Captured 21 Dec 66) shakes hands with a group of well wishers and friends who came to say goodbye as he leaves for United States. He is leaving for the United States on the C-141 Starlifter in the background. LCMDR Glenn was released in Hanoi by North Vietnam on 4 Mar 73

Ex-POW and U.S. Air Force CPT Robert Archie Abbott (Captured 30 Apr 67) says farewell to a group of well wishers and friends who came to the flight line to say goodbye as he leaves for United States. CPT Abbott was released in Hanoi by North Vietnam on 4 Mar 73

Photograph of President Gerald R. Ford, Susan Ford, Her Date Gardner Britt, and Her Friends Meeting the Three Sons of President Giovanni Leone of Italy in the Yellow Oval Room at the White House prior to a State Dinner Honoring President Leone

President Gerald R. Ford and His Son Steve Ford Meeting with Musician Peter Frampton and a Group of Steve's Friends in the Oval Office

Bob Lipshutz with friends; Reception for the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee

Amy's piano recital at St. Patrick Church, DC; With Friends in the Oval Office; Pierre Salinger interview

Amy's summer school closing program at Sidwell Friends sch

President Carter with family and friends in the oval office

Amy with friends (Annie) on the South Lawn

Amy & friends in swimming pool

Rhonda Bush with friends in the Solarium

Jimmy Carter - Reception for guests, including Andrew Young and Coretta Scott King, attending "Friends of Carter/Mondale" dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

President and Mrs. Carter and Friends

Jimmy Carter with Old Friends

Phil Wise and friends

Roger Moore (agent 007), his wife and friends visit with Mrs. Carter

Mrs. Carter with Friends - Dip Room

Jimmy Carter - Various staff and friends

3-12 Jimmy Carter with Mayor E. Morial; 13-15 with personnal Friends; 16-19 with Staff

Reception fro Friends from New Hampshire

Christian Science Monoto 5-15; Schechter briefing 16-17; Personal friends (Kraft)

President Carter with Friends from Plains and Americus Georgia

Jimmy Carter with Scty H. Brown 4A to 8A Signing og S 925 Friends of Rex Granum

Old Friends..PJ Wise, Dewey Moon

Personal Friends; 6- Staff

Dan Pettigrew chairs a meeting in the Roosevelt Room. Jack Watson with friends from Georgia

Mrs. Carter meets with old Friends

The President and Mrs. Carter with friends

2-5 Cong. Lester Wolff and Glenn English; 6-10 National Council of Churches; 11-15 Ben Mays and Friends; 16-18 Robert Bowie

3a-5a Jimmy Carter with Secretary Califano; 7a-17 Frank Moore et al; rest: President and Mrs. Carter with personal friends

Amy Carter - Rollerskating on South Lawn with friends

1-5 Mrs. Carter with friends of the family in Residence; 6-24 Mrs. Carter at Round Table on Aging; 25-36 Unwrapping Boxes for Luncheon

President Carter with Family and friends in the the oval office

Roger Moore (agent 007), his wife and friends visit with Mrs. Carter

1-3 Breakfast with Vance, Brzezinski and Jordan; 4-7 Sa Evans; 8-18 Ham Jordans Family Friends

Personal Friends - Oval Office

2-4 President Carter with Mayor of West Berlin Dieterich Stobbe; 7-9 Personal Friends; rest: Taping for CBS Energy Special in the Map Room

Amy with friends on the South Lawn

2-5 Jimmy Carter with Friends from Plains, GA; 6-11 Jimmy Carter Meeting with the Cabinet; 13-18 Addressing OMB Employees

President and Mrs. Carter with Danny Kaye, and Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson and Friends

Reception for Friends from New Hampshire

Jimmy Carter with Friends, Philip Alston

Personal Friends; 14- Staff

Jimmy Carter with Cabinet Members; Posing with Friends

Stu Eisenstat with Roberta Peters; Ms. Peters with Chip Carter & Friends; and with the President

Ruth Stapleton and Friends

Breakfast, Roosevelt Room, Future Farmers of America, Personal Friends

Mrs. Carter brings friends to the Oval Office

RC with Family Friends

4-13 Mrs. Carter with Family Friends in the Residence; 14-27 Amy meets with members of the cast of The Wiz

Jimmy Carter with Georgia Friends

Amy and friends

5-12 Mayor Ernest Morial; 13-23 Personal Friends of Jimmy Carter; 24-34 Richard Harden et al

5-8 Family Friends in the Oval Office; 10-15 Cong. Sidney Yates

Kanester Hodges 3-7; Chip Carter with friends 8-11; Dale Milford 12-15

Mrs. Brzezinski with friends of the National Symphony

5-12 Hugh Carter with Friends; Jimmy Carter meets with Mayor Young and Jesse Hill

Rex Granum with Friends

Amy in the pool with friends

2-7 Frank Moore et al; rest: The Carters with personal friends

3-8 Mrs. Carter and Friends; 9-36 Mrs. Carter and Mental Health Task Force Commission

1-17 Amy and friends watch play in the Residence Theatre; Meeting with Golda Meir

Jimmy Carter and Postmaster --- Mrs. Carter with friends

The Carters with Personal Friends

Mrs. Carter -- luncheon with pers. friends -- Private dining room 2nd floor

Personal Friends of the First Family, Jimmy and Shirley Murphy

Jack Watson with friends

Mrs. Carter with Mr. Jim Wall, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Callahan and Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson and Friends

Amy with friends on the South Lawn

Rosalynn Carter - With old friends

4-10 Mrs. CArter with Tourists; 12-16 Democratic National Committee Convention; 17-19 Midge Costanza with Friends

Smokey Bear and His Friends

An airman makes friends with a Cotswolds villager near the base

Crewmen walk down an accommodation ladder to greet family and friends on the pier, as the aircraft carrier USS MIDWAY (CV 41) returns from the Indian Ocean

Crewmen walk along the pier looking for family and friends, after returning from an Indian Ocean deployment aboard the aircraft carrier USS MIDWAY (CV 41)

Pre-Inauguration Day, retired five-star Army Gen Omar Bradley and his wife greet friends and guests during one of the gala celebrations

Amy Carter and her friends walk across the apron toward the aircraft that will carry her and her family back to Plains, Georgia, at the conclusion of President Ronald Reagan's inauguration ceremony

President Ronald W. Reagan and his wife are hand in hand as they say hello to their friends and guests during their gala celebration at the Capital Center, during Inauguration Day. To the President's right is the entertainer Frank Sinatra

U.S. National Archives

The objects in this collection are from The U.S. National Archives. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was established in 1934 by President Franklin Roosevelt. NARA keeps those Federal records that are judged to have continuing value—about 2 to 5 percent of those generated in any given year. There are approximately 10 billion pages of textual records; 12 million maps, charts, and architectural and engineering drawings; 25 million still photographs and graphics; 24 million aerial photographs; 300,000 reels of motion picture film; 400,000 video and sound recordings; and 133 terabytes of electronic data. All of these materials are preserved because they are important to the workings of Government, have long-term research worth, or provide information of value to citizens.

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