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Destruction of Reims Cathedral

Destruction of Reims Cathedral

Destruction of Reims Cathedral

German prisoners of war. April 1917

German submarine at Harwich, England

Large German gun captured during the Cambrai offensive. Ribecourt, France

British artillery firing on Germans during a heavy rain. Near Aveluy, France. September 1916

Germans coming out of a dug-out where they had been in hiding. Sailly-Laurette

British sear party boarding German U-boat at sea, near Harwich, England

Civilians killed by German artillery fire buried in their own gardens at Denain

The German dugouts in their support line. Gommecourt, France. March 1917

German cemetery near Bethune

German prisoners assist British soldiers to bring in the wounded. Near Messines, Ypres Salient and Area. 6-8-1917

Brigade at entrance to Peronne, France, blown up by the Germans in an attempt to halt advance of British troops

Captured German trench mortar

Street scene in Albert immediately after evacuation by the Germans. 8-23-1918

British artillery in position to check German advance. Near Albert, France

German U.C. 5, captured by British

Main street, Bapaume, France, immediately after its capture from the Germans

Tank captured by the Germans and recaptured by the Sherwood Foresters. 12-2-1918

Gunner arranging to explode a German "dud". Zillebeke, Belgium

Houses destroyed by Germans. Boisleux ST. Mare, France

Ruins at Albert immediately after evacuation by the Germans. (Somme & Ancre Area)

German light engine destroyed by British artillery fire. Combles, France; 3/1917

Former German (Now Turkish) battle cruiser "Goeben"

"Cat O'Nine Tails" found in German trenches

German prisoners, near Proven, Ypres Salient, Belgium. 8-16-1917

Refugees just released by Germans. Tournai

View of Ostend, Belgium, after being taken from Germans

German flag captures by British Naval Forces

Between 1700 and 2000 German prisoners captured by the British

Mons- En- Chaussee as the Germans left it. Somme and Ancre Area

Ruins of the Chateau Caulaincourt blown up by the Germans. Somme and Ancre Area. France. 4-23-1917

American Sailors prepare to bombard the Germans

Scene during surrender of the German fleet

Spanish officers in captured German trench, Le Sars, France

Machinery in Lille linen mill which was completely wrecked by the Germans

German sign on wall in the square at Bancourt

German prisoner being used as strecher bearers. Arras, France

German cross bow gun

Eight inch German gun captured by Highlanders during the Cambrai offensive

Group of German officers captured near Beaumont Hamel. November 1916

German trench running through Gommecourt, France. March 1917

Ruins at Albert immediately after evacuation by the Germans. (Somme & Ancre Area) 8-23-1918

Cornish troops who drove the Germans out of a trench in Flanders. Near Pilkem, Ypres Salient, Belgium. 6-11-1917

German trenches near Langemarck, Belgium. 6-11-1917

Major General John F. O'Ryan, U.S.A. with British officers near Langemarch, Belgium. German prisoners in background. 9-12-1917

Cleverly camouflaged German observation station at La Bassee. Ypres Salient and Area; 10/24/1918

German pill box captured by British troops

British troops with captured German trophies. Bouzincourt, France. Somme and Ancre Area. August 1916

Captured German guns at Albert, France. September 1916

German Lorry and tractor captured from the Germans. Near Clery, France

Treating wounded German, Somme and Ancre front. 7-30-1916

German General Headquarters at Spa, Belgium, where the Armistice Commission sat. 11-29-1918

German submarine at Harwich, England

Captured German field gun

Remains of a German trench, Gommecourt, France. March 1917

British patrol on their way to mop up German trenches. N.E. of Roeux

Bodies of German soldiers removed from graves. Radinghem, Belgium

Type of German prisoner captured by British soldiers. 6-8-1917

King George inspecting German trenches on King George's Hill, near Fricourt, France. 8-10-1916

British Machine Gunner traversing German communication trenches. Cambrai

German shell exploding within ten yards of photographer. Near Zennebeke, Belgium

German prisoners bringing in wounded under escort of British and French soldiers. Bois de Reims, France. 7-23-1918

German gun emplacement destroyed by British artillery fire. Near Zonnebeke, Belgium

Large German shell that fellin the Belgian lines at Houthem

German gun captured by the British at Morslains. 9-5-1918

Carrying wounded British soldier to a dressing station. Near Zuydschoote, Belgium. German pill-box in background. 8-17-1917

A captures German Red Cross train which was used to haul ammunition. Willems. 10-26-1918

British troops waiting for Germans to appear. Robecq, Belgium. 4-12-1918

German prisoners near Dermancourt- France. Somme & Ancre Area

Corporal Biffen of the Honourable Artillery Company bringing in a German Granatenwerfer from Langemarck to the Museum at Hesdin, Belgium. 1917

British surgeon giving a wounded German a "Light"

Highlanders on the march and wounded German prisoner

Surrender of the German Fleet

German U-boat tied up at Harwich, England

Battle of Menin Road. German prisoners being vaccinated. 9-27-1917

Surrender of the German Battle Cruiser "Seidlitz"

German cranes and Barges destroyed near Peronne, France. 1917

A statue which sprang up in one night. Elle Arreta Le Flot. The Spirit of Belgium stopping the German Hordes. Brussels, Belgium. 11-26-1918

German prisoners carrying wounded over a pontoon bridge near Noyelles. 10-8-1918

Destruction caused by the Germans. Athies, France

German officers standing near one of their concrete bombproofs. Near Langemarch - Belgium

German prisoners bringing in wounded and also a captured machine gun. Croiselles

German light railway, Fampoux, France

German prisoners being vaccinated. Locre

German prisoners being taken to the rear. Near Heilly, France

A sunken road strongly held by machine guns. German dead in foreground. Near Arras, France. 8-2-1918

Remains of a boiler factory used by Germans as machine gun position. Barleux, France

German graves at Boisleux-Au-Mont, France

British troops in a former German front line trench. September 15th. 1916

Ruins of bridge blown up by Germans. Peronne. France

Cambrai, France on the day it was evacuated by the Germans

Pottery ruined by Germans. Chaunoy, France

Surrender of the German Fleet

German gun emplacement, near Roye, France

Train set fire by Germans before they left Maubeuge

German Artillerist attempt destruction of British dump

Bridge destroyed by the Germans. Near Roye

Surrender of the German fleet. Light cruisers in line