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Infantry returning from battle. On the way to rest camps. June 1917

Attack of English flyers on the open city of Freiburg. The burial of the raid victims. April 14, 1917

Eastern front. The occupation of Jacobstadt. Rebuilding the swampy road through the captured Russian positions. September 1917

The king of Bavaria in Brest-Li-towsk. Arrival at the depot

Champagne. French children being instructed by a German teacher. March 1917

With a topographic section on the Western front. View in the map mailing room

In deserted St. Quentin. Transporting water for cooking and drinking from the reservior to the kitchen. July 1917

Eastern front. German radio station before Tarnopol. August 1917

Behind the Western front. Long range cannon camouflaged against observation from the air

Western front. Advance of the artillery. March 23, 1918

Showing how heavily shelled terrain can be made useable again for truck and wagons by the building of bridges and filling the holes with bundle of twigs

At the Dorian front. View towards Turka. March 1917

Submarine warfare. Submarine flotilla on the high seas. April 1917

Western front. English Prisoners arrive with field kitchen

Western front. Dog cemetery

The battle of Armentieres. Reconstruction of a bridge demolished by the English. May 1918

The greatest offensive in the West. Munitions catepillar truck passing a German camp. April 5, 1918

Eastern front. Telegraph troops on the raod to Tarnopol. July 1917

From occupied Italian territory. Meteorological service. Unloading the gas filled paper balloons

The unsuccessful attempt of the English against Zeebrugge. The destroyed bridge of a sunken English cruiser. May 1918

On the Roumanian front in the Carpathian Mountains. Archduke Joseph with the chief of his staff, Major General von Seeckt

The retreat of the German army at the somme. Rear action. Expecting an enemy division, March 1917

On the Roumanian front in the carpathian mountains. Austro-Hungarian troops on the way into the line. March 1917

Piave front. German searchlight section in the coutyard of a church. December 1917

The great offensive in the West. The regimental shoemaker at work on the road. April 1918

Training course behind the front. At Sedan. May 1917

Near Oesel. Admiral Schmidt, the commander of the expedition against Oesel, with his staff on a torpedo boat during the crossing. October 1917

The break-through west of St. Quentin. Pioneers advancing through captured English positions. March 26, 1918

Soldiers with their span of donkeys. Arras front. Arras front. July 1917

Carrier pigeons in German Army Service.Registration and final preparation for transport to the front. March 1917

Alongside the English steamer "Parkgate"

On the Albert front. Firing a 15 cm. howitzer before Albert. May 1918

The great offensive in the west. Midday rest at a field kitchen. April 1918

Saloniki front. At the depot of Turkish troop station. March 1917

Western front. In a telephone shelter. August 1917

The crew of an enemy steamer is taken off by the crew of the submanine. April 1917

German shock troops at training exercises. Trench mortar. At Sedan. May 1917

General of the Calvary Krug von Nidda with the officers of his staff

Western front. German soldiers amusing themselves in the hospital yard. At Sedan. Jne 1917

The battle of Armentieres. Captured Portugese soldier being questioned byan examining officer. April 1918

Return of the "wolf" after a 15 month cruise. Captin Neerger, with the order of Merit presented to him by admiral Bachmann, among his officers. March 6, 1918

Signing the peace treaty with Roumania in Bucharest. His Excellency von Kulmann signing the treaty. To his right sits the Royal Minister of the Interior, Count Czernin

The great offensive in the West. 24 cm. railway gun

Retreat of the German army at the Somme. Building barbed wire entanglements. March 1917

Behind the western front. Building a telegraph line in the Argonne. July 1917

Rebuilding the Isonzo bridge at Gradisca. November 1917

Western front. Repairing a gasoline locomotive

The battle at Kemmel. Carrying the wounded back on the road to Armentieres. May 1918

Eastern front. Lithuania under German supervision. Inhabitants of Wilna praying in front of a church. September 1917

Saloniki front. Turkish pack camels loaded with supplies for the front. March 1917

The battle of Armentires. Temporary bridge over the Lys. May 1918

Eastern front. Austro-Hungarian captive balloon at Tarnopol. August 1917

The war motion picture photographer in the field. June 1917

The messenger dog laying a new electric line. September 1917

Crown Prince Wilhelm at an exercise with the flame thrower. At Sedan. May 1917

Two submarines meet on thehigh sea

Training course behind the front. Shock troops in training. At Sedan. May 1917

Eastern front. Lithuania under German domination. In the operating room of a women's hospital. Wilna. September 1917

The great offensive in the West. German camp using captured English tents on an advance road in the Somme sector. April 1918

Western front. Contructing a field railroad for the transportation of ammunition

Unsuccessful attempt of the English against Zeebrugge. Unharmed explosive charges and safety rings on board a sunken cruiser. May 1918

The great offensive in the West. Men of a coast artillery division resting before a captured tent. April 1918

Western Front. Firing a 15m. Cannon. In front of Arras, May 1917

In the Virgin forest of Bialowies. The steam winch drags the logs out of the Forest by means of long steel cables. December 1917

Narrow gauge railway on the Western front


Fort du camp des Romains captured by the Germans. The main entrance at the wesr gate. April 1917

The break-through West of St. Quentin. Light radio station in opertation on the battlefield. March 26, 1918

Training corse behind the front. Shock troops in the training. Artillery warfare. At Sedan. May 1917

In an artillery repair shop behind the Western front. Barrel Burst of a light field howitzer. July 1917

The great offensive in the West. Balloon detachment on the advance against ham. March 29, 1918

In the garden of a Berlin hospital

The retreat of the German front at the Somme. Rear guard action. Expecting enemy divisions. March1917

German troops in Narwa. German artillery shooting at a Bolshevik robber band which is departing in an armored train. March 28, 1918

German reserves resting on the battle terrain in front of Ham. March 29, 1918

The capture of Oesel. Taking horses ashore at Oesel. October 1917

Carrier pigeons in German Army service. Transporting pigeons by cavalry. The rider carries the pigeons carefully on his back or chest. March 1917

At Kemmel. German howit er battery on the open battle terrain firing barage fire

Western front. Soldiers building a dug-out. May 1917

On the Albert front. Artillery observer. May 1918

Western front. The Emperor on the way through a communication trench to a position. April 4, 1918

Italy. Between Brenta and Piave. Heavy Austro-Hungarian mortar at moment of firing

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - Italian Army and Miscellaneous Reviews - German troops reviewing in front of Royal Theater at Weimar

saloniki front. Turkish calvary on difficult terain. March 1917

Training course behind the front, Shock troops in training. Advancing assault troops. At sedan. May 1917

Fort du camp des Romains captured by the Germans. Westmoat with bridge. April 1917

Saloniki front. Turkish officers. March 1917

Training course behind the front. Shock troops in training. At Sedan May 1917

Life and conditions on the Jaayolda (Russia). On the passgae into neutral territory. January 31, 1918

In an artillery repair shop behind the Western front. In the assembly room. July 1917

Departure from the Somme. Retreating demolition detachment shortly before the arival of enemy cavalry

German winter watch in the Vosges. Groceries transported through deep snow in the forest

Western Front. Malancourt under fire, July 1917

Lille. Citizens reading the latest army reports

In Bucharest. General Field Marshal von Mackensen on a morning ride

The Emperor in Constantinople. The Emperor in the uniform of a Marshal of the Turkish Army. October 1917

Firing drill on submarines

Western front. Transporting material for gallery contructions. July 1917

German shock troops at training exercises. During attack. At Sedan. May 1917

In Deserted St. Quentin, showing the effect of heavy French artillery fire. Carrying out and loading the slavaged material . July 1917