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Camp scene, group of Officers and ladies

Camp scene, group of Officers and ladies

Group of 7th Infantry

Group of 7th New York Regt

Group of 7th Infantry

Group of Infantry

Group of infantry

Group of officers

Group of Emigrants Waiting for Arrival of Ship, Southampton, England

Group Planting at Night Pipe's

Large Group in Front of Pioneer Museum

Group of People Standing in Front of Building

Group of Emigrants Cunard Line Hotel Rotterdam

Group of People in Front of Frame Building

Group Planting at Night Pipe's

Group of Men Seated Around Table

Group Drafting Room Force

Photograph of a Group Cooking on a Stove in the Street After the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, 1906

US Army soldiers from the Presidio pose for a group shot, with their Springfield 03 rifles, in front of the ruins of the Hall of Justice. The troops aided the local police force in keeping order and protection for the citizens of the devastated city. On April 18, 1906 at 5:15 AM a quake of 8.25 on the Richter scale hit San Francisco. Greater destruction came from the fires afterwards. The city burned for three days. The combination destroyed 490 city blocks and 25,000 buildings, leaving 250,000 homeless and killing between 450 and 700. Estimated damages, over $350 million

A group of laborers appear to be cleaning building blocks for later use in the rebuilding of San Francisco. A soldier with a Springfield Rifle 03 is picking up something. On April 18, 1906 at 5:15 AM a quake of 8.25 on the Richter scale hit San Francisco. Greater destruction came from the fires afterwards. The city burned for three days. The combination destroyed 490 city blocks and 25,000 buildings, leaving 250,000 homeless and killing between 450 and 700. Estimated damages, over $350 million

A small group of San Franciscans now stands in rubble where 308 Van Ness Avenue once stood. In the background is whats left of City Hall. On April 18, 1906 at 5:15 AM a quake of 8.25 on the Richter scale hit San Francisco. Greater destruction came from the fires afterwards. The city burned for three days. The combination destroyed 490 city blocks and 25,000 buildings, leaving 250,000 homeless and killing between 450 and 700. Estimated damages, over $350 million

Group of Female Workers

Group of American congressman on visit to the Western Front. Near Fricourt- France

Group of officials examining designs in colored stones. During Salonika Campaign

Group of American officers at Rouen, France

Group of German officers captured near Beaumont Hamel. November 1916

Group of British and French officers waiting to receive Major General John J. Pershing and staff as he landed at Boulogne, France

A Scotch entertainment group at Blangy, France. 10-19-1917

The Duke of Connaught speaking to a group of American officers near Helfaut, France

Group of ambulance drivers, Etaples, France

Group of American congressmen visiting the Ordnance Works, Calais, France. 11-9-1917

Group of American soldiers inspecting the Cathedral at Winchester, England

King George of England visits British fleet. Admirals Strauss and Rodman in group

Group of American delegates aboard a steamer going down the Clyde River. Scotland

Group of Greek officials

Group of Spanish Generals visit General E.H.H. Allenby. Chateau Bryas, St. Pol. March 1917

Group of officers belonging to "J" Battery, R.H.A. 6-20-1918

Group of Canadian and French newspaper men visit Cercle Interallie, Paris, France

Group of women carpenters. British army in France. 6-30-1917

One American destroyer sending a small group of sailors to another destroyer for a doctor to attend an urgent case

Group of American congressmen visit an English ordinance depot in France and one member is offered a horse shoe, Calais, France

Group of American congressmen examining souvenirs picked up near Fricourt-France. 11-10-1917

Group of pilots belonging to bombing squadron, No. 207, R.A.F. Ligescourt, France

Ge. Horn addressing group of nurses. Ranchicourt, France

A happy group of British Naval Officers

Group of allied pilots, near Humieres, France

King George in conversation with General Henry Rawlinson of the British Army. Generals John J. Pershing and Tasker H. Bliss, U.S.A., in group. Molliens, France

Group of German prisoners bringing in a wounded man. Somme - Ancre Area, France. 8-8-1918

Group of Y.M.C.A. workers at Winal Down Rest Camp. Winchester, England

A group of the first American soldiers to arrive at the front. Rouen, France. 6-1-1917

Group of American soldiers inspecting the Cathedral at Winchester, England

King George inspecting a group of Fijians, Tramecourt, France

Group of American delegates in Scotland

Group photo taken in 1916. Names mentioned in key: Bray, Argo-Lewis-Gray, Olson, Borgstrom-Randall, Parks, Brighton-Cushman, Bisson, Holmstrup-Cummings. Morgue 1944-88 (P-1) [Photographer: Donald Cooksey]

American Red Cross - Child Welfare Exhibition - A corner of the A.R.C. Child Welfare Exhibtion at St. Etienne, France, showing a group of mothers watching a demonstration by an ear-eye and throat specialist

Colleges and Universities - Rose Polytechnic Institute - Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Indiana. Group singing

American Red Cross - Groups - A group of American Serbians who came over to enlist in the Serbian Army, now in a hospital at Salonika, which was formerly a Turkish Academy. The two Americans are Dr. D.J. McCarthy and Dr. G.W. McAlvey, who are co-operating with the hospital

Chemical Warfare Service - Plants - Edgewood Arsenal - Manufacturing gas shells at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. Shell filling plant, group 1

American Red Cross - Canteens - Lieut. Guy Owsley addressing a group of soldiers while they are being served with refreshments at the A.R.C. Canteen at Base Hopsital 114, Beaudesert. He is telling them what the A.R.C. Home Service can do for them

Boy's Activities - Junior Naval Reserve - Other Camps - Boy Scout Activities. Ready for the Sea. Group of Cadets of the Junior Naval Reserve at Camp John Paul Jones, Corpus Christi, Texas

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Group of Czech Slovak invalids aboard the Transport U.S.S. Nanking, enroute to Prague

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Group of French soldiers who have just had lunch at the A.R.C. canteen at Surviliers, France

Ceremonies - Lafayette Day, 1918 - Lafayette Day Celebration, New York City. Prominent gathering at City Hall, New York to honor the Anniversary of the stopping of the Germans at the Marne. In this group are: Ambassador and Mrs. Jusserand, General Vignal, Admiral Grout, Consul General Gaston Liebert, Captains Velay Loyer, de Roquefeuil, de Fregate, and de grancey and Lieut. de Chevigne, Ignace Jan Paderewski, Major Osterreith, Alfredo de Mesquith, Professor G. Masaryk and Captain Hurban George Miller, C. Yada, Japanese Consul in New York Sir Henry B. Smith, General Kenyon, Major Thwaites, General Gugliemotti

Artists - Artists and publicity men in the Government's service. Charles Dana Gibson, chairman of the division of pictorial publicity of the Committee on Public Information, gave a luncheon in Washington to some of the government's leading publicity men and those who are making Uncle Sam's posters. In this group, from left to right (without regard to rows) are: D.W. Lee, Herbert Adams, Prof. Richard Rice, Library of Congress; M.L. Blumenthal, H. Devitt Welsh, Oliver Dennet Grover, George Creel, Frederick Keppell, (at top) W.E. Hall (in stripped suit), Edward N. hurley, (with hands folded). Back of Mr. Hurley with gray hat, is Joseph Pennell, whose sketches have been one of the war's best contributions to art. Back of him is Mr. Gibson and back of him R.D. Heini, editor of the Emergency Fleet News. Next to Mr. Hurley is Charles Piez, President of the Emergency Fleet Corporation; next to him Major Kendall Banning, above Major Banning, Joseph P. Tumulty, and back of him Dr. H.S. Garfield, Fuel Administrator. On the next step above is E.H. Blashfield, and on the top step M. Louis Aubert, of the French High Commission, Carl Milan and Francis Jones. Admiral Samuel McGowan's uniform is discernible near the sculptor. At the extreme right is F.D. Casey, art editor of Collier's. Apr. 2, 1918

Piave front. General von Hofacker in a group of neutral military attaches

American Red Cross - Groups - Officers Canteen opened at 5th Ave. and 42nd St., N.Y. Mrs. William R. Hearst and a group of canteen workers of the Mayor's Committee of Women on National Defense, in front of the new officers Canteen that opened at 42nd and 5th Ave

American Red Cross - N thru W - M. Pelietier, in French Colonel's Uniform, founder of the work for refugees at the seminary of Saint Sulpice, Paris, France, with a group of American and French Red Cross Assistants

Colleges and Universities - University of Kansas - Technical school for drafted men, second detachment, August 15, October 15, 1918. Carpentry group, University of Kansas

Boy's Activities - War Work - Chinese children sell war savings stamps, New York City. Group of Chinese Boy Scouts and girls who are helping to sell War Savings Stamps

American Red Cross - Recreation and Sports - Group of American soldiers and the chaplain entertaining a french visitor in the garden of the A.R.C. Hut at Orleans, France

Ceremonies - Ohio thru Wisconsin - Group of nurses in a parade in Dallas, Texas, 1918

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Canteen service for soldiers. Group of Red Cross workers who have taken over the work of distributing coffee and cigarettes to the soldiers

Colleges and Universities - Yale University - Yale University. Battery of American Mountain guns on the firing platform of Artillery Hall, manned by a group of Yale R.O.T.C. members. New Haven, Connecticut. 1917

Airplanes - Operations - American Aviators in England. A group of airplane mechanics and officers with the American Aviation section in England during a rest period

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Independence Day Parade, N.Y. City. In foreground, British float; marching behind is a group of British Marines

Ceremonies - Lafayette Day, 1918 - Lafayette Day Celebration, New York City. Alton B. Parker addressing the crowd at the Lafayette Statue in Union Square, N.Y. in the celebration of the 161st. anniversary of the birth of the gallant French mean who fought for American Independence, and the fourth anniversary of the stopping of the Germans at the Marne. A group of French sailors listen to an euology of their country

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Out on a bare hill in the sun, a group seated in a circle was listening to one of their number sing of the needs to their great chief

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work (workrooms and classes) - Cincinnati women work for soldiers and war refugees. After hours, the rooms of Cincinnati School houses are gathering places of women who devote a great deal of their time to sewing and knitting for soldiers, sailors and war refugees. They make pajamas, convalescent shirts, knitted garments, etc. This group is especially interesting as the school where the women are working is in the "Over the Rhine" district, the German section of the city, which is no longer German

Colleges and Universities - Princeton - Princeton students at Plattsburg Officers' Training Camp

Camouflage - Soldiers Training - Marine Barracks, Mare Island Naval Training Station, Cal. Group of Marines protecting the art of make-up. This form of camouflage is used by reconnoitering parties in trench raids

Ceremonies - Ohio thru Wisconsin - War activities. Group of floats in Red Cross Parade, Middletown, O

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - A group of the A.R.C. Boy Scouts preparing their meal at their summer camp near Paris, France

American Red Cross - Playgrounds in Milan, Italy - Children - Group of Italian children at playgrounds, Milan, Italy

Chemical Warfare Service - Plants - Edgewood Arsenal - Manufacturing gases for the Chemical Warfare Service, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. Panorama showing Group No. 1

American Red Cross - E thru H - Col. L.S. Hughes of Frankfort, Ky., commanding officer of Red Cros Military Hospital at Sarisbury Court near Southhampton, England, talking to a group of Red Cross officers at entrance of the hospital on "opening day" when his first patients were received. The hospital was built for the American Army Red Cross and will have accomdations for 3,000 patients

Colleges and Universities - Dartmouth College - Dartmouth College training detachment, N.A., Hanover, New Hampshire. Group of men in Radio Course in front of Bissell Hall. Thayer School Building

Field Marshal General von Hidenburg on the Western front. Hidenburg and General of Infantry Otto von Below in a group of corps commanders at the army headquarters. June 1917

Training course behind the front. German shock troops at their training. Group of participating officers. At Sedan. May 1917

Ceremonies and Parades - War Knitting Bees on Central Park Mall, New York City. The comforts committee of the Army and navy League held an Army and Navy knitting bee in Central Park Mall July 31, 1918. Any man, woman or child who could knit was eligible to enter the contests which had been arranged, and prizes given to the most skillful. The finished garments became the committee's property. An interesting group

Colleges and Universities - Hampton Institute - Hampton Institute. Whittier School boys have d1 their bit. This group raised the m1y to buy the yarn with which the Whittier girls made afghans for the poor French people

American Red Cross - Prisoners of War - American Red Cross interviewing a group of Italian prisoners at Treviso, Italy

Airplanes - Manufacturing Plants - Group of officials and engineers of the Thomas--Morse Aircraft Corp., Ithaca, N.Y

Ceremonies and Parades - Camp Upton, Yaphank, Long Island. Group of clergymen at Camp Upton. Long Island. Mgr. Lavelle, Bishop Greer, Bishop Burch, and Rabbi Basckamn and Ref. R Manning

Colleges and Universities - University of Kansas - Technical school for drafted men, second detachment, August 15, October 15, 1918. Group of classes in Fowler Shops, instructors in center of group. University of Kansas

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Distributing mail to Red Cross workers in France. Group of American Red Cross chauggeurs in Paris receiving mail

Commission - From Foreign Nations - Belgium - Soldiers - Group of Belgian soldiers of the Belgian Russian contingent entertained at Niagara Falls, New York

Airplanes - Flight - Independence Day, New York City. Group of airplanes passing tower of Municipal building, N.Y. City. Inter. Film Ser

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - Opening day at new American Red Cross Canteen Club at Winchester. The Morn Hill Camp at Winchester is now Principal British Repatriation Camp and more than 15,000 Americans who have been serving in the British Army will pass through it during the next 8 months on their way home. In center of group the British Gen. Commanding the Camp is standing next to Miss Lillian Baldwin of Lakewood, N.J. who is in command of the Club Canteen

American Red Cross - Canteens - American Red Cross cares for American on leave in London, England. The enourmous influx of American soldiers on leave in London after the armistice flooded all hotel and hostel accomodations and many American soldiers found themselves at eleven or twelve o'clock without a place to sleep. The Red Cross threw open several of its large headquarters buildings and furnished the men with blankets and hot meals. Group of men arriving at Red Cross headquarters at midnight "canteened" in the big hallway

Colleges and Universities - University of Kansas - University of Kansas, Students Army Training Corps. Technical school for drafted men. Group of radio students