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Map of New Orleans

Map of the Mississippi Country

A Sketch of the Military Topography of Baltimore and its Vicinity and of Patapsco Neck to North Point

Map and Text Describing the Location of Fort Armstrong on Rock Island, Illinois

Map of Salem Neck Showing Defenses

Map of the United States

Map of Lands Assigned to Indians, Western Territory

Map of the Seat of War in Florida

A map of Illinois

Map of Disputed Boundary Claims

Sketch Map (Diseno) of California Land Claim

Map of Nebraska and Kansas Territories, showing the location of the Indian Reserves according to the treaties of 1854

Map of Cumberland, Alleghany Co., Md

[Map of Mobile Bay showing defense works, soundings, and obstructions, with scattered notes about armament of defense works and navigability of the bay and the Tensas River.]

Topl. Map of Warrington and Vicinity. Compiled & drawn by C. Spangenberg, Asst. Engr

Map of the United States and their Territories

Map of the Province of Texas

Tracing Copy (Captured form Rebels). Portions of Penna. and Maryland [and West Virginia].

Map showing the location of the Batteries in Charleston Harbour and Vicinity. Traced by Henri Pechot [or Pichot], Co. G., 1st. N.Y. Vol. Engrs

[Map of the Shenandoah Valley from Strasburg, Va., to Harpers Ferry and vicinity, W. Va., "captured in General Lomax's Quarter wagons" by General Custer on October 9, 1864.]

Map of the Battles of Bull Run Near Manassas

Topographical copy of a Map of the Valley of the Shenandoah River From Strasburg, [Va.], to Harper's Ferry. [W.] Va., with the adjacent counties west of it and south of the Potomac River

[Map of part of Montgomery County showing] Topographical Approaches on the Left Bank of the Potomac to Washington City from the North West. Surveyed by Parties of U. S. Coast Survey detailed by A. D. Bache, Supt., to act under the orders of Lieut. Col. J. N. Macomb, Chf. Topl. Engr. of the Army of the Potomac. Parts of Sept. & Oct. 1861. Field work by F. W. Dorr & C. Rockwell, U.S.C.S. ...Drawn by E. Hergesheimer. Photographs by G. Mathiot and D. Hinkle.

Topographical Map of Memphis and Vicinity. Surveyed & drawn by order of Maj. Genl. W. T. Sherman under the Direction of the Chief Topl. Engr., Dept. of the Tennessee, by Pitzman & Frick, Asst. Topl. Engineers.

Map showing Approximate Position and Entrenchments of the Army of Miss. [along the Chattahoochee and in the vicinities of Marietta and Dallas and Kennesaw and Lost Mountains] Together with the respective positions occupied by Hardee's & Hood's Corps, Army Tenn., From May 25th to the 9th July 1864. Engineers Office, Army of Miss. Walter J. Morris, Captain, actg. Chief Eng'r. Fred. G. Gutherz, Del.

Map Illustrating The First Epoch of the Atlanta Campaign Embracing the region from the Tennessee River to the Oostanaula River, showing the positions held and lines of works erected by the enemy, also the lines of works erected by the United States forces, the lines of march traversed by them, and their relative location in line of battle when attacking the enemy

Map of Blakely and Vicinity. Showing the disposition of the 2nd Division, 13th Army Corps, during the siege & and in the Assault of April 9th, 1865. Copied in the Engineer Department, February 5th, 1866.

Map of that portion of the Battle Field of Antietam occupied by the troops under Maj. Gen. Burnside, made by order of Maj. Gen. McClellan from surveys made under the supervision of Capt. R. S. Williamson, Top'l. Eng'r., on Staff of Maj. Gen. Burnside, by H. C. Fillebrown [and] E. S. Waters, Civ. Eng'rs.

Lines of Entrenchment for defence of Camps at City Point, Va., as laid out and constructed October 1864 under direction of [signed] H. W. Benham, Lt. Col. of Engrs. & Brig. Genl. Comd'g. Defences of City Point. [Map and profiles.]

Map of the Channels, Shoals, &c. near Fort Jefferson, Tortugas. Reduced from Surveys made in 1845-46 by Major H. Bache, Topl. Engrs. Drawn under the direction of 1st Lieut. H. S. Putnam, Topl. Engrs., by H. G. Webber, C. E., May 1862.

[Map of area in the vicinity of Berkeley Springs.]

Central Virginia showing Maj. Gen'l. P. H. Sheridan's Campaigns and Marches of the Cavalry under his Command in 1864-65, drawn and lithographed under direction of Brvt. Maj. G. L. Gillespie, U.S.A., Chief Eng., Mil. Div. of the Gulf, Oct. 1865. Authorities--Engineer Bureau, War Dept.

Map of Arkansas

Williams' Tourists' Map of Colorado and the San Juan Mines

Map of Pass Cavallo, Texas, Showing the position of the Rebel fortifications and rifle pits. Surveyed December 1st, 1863, by Charles Hosmer, Sub-Assistant, [U.S. Coast Survey].

No. 2. Siege Operations at Spanish Fort, Mobile Bay, by the U.S. Forces under Maj. Gen. Canby. Captured by the Army of West Miss. on the Night of April 8 & 9th, 1865. Drawn by order of Maj. McAlester, Chief Engineer, Army & Division West Miss., under direction of Lt. S.E. McGregory, Commanding Topographical Party.

Topographical Map of the Battle Field of Nashville, Tenn., 15th & 16th Dec. 1864. Prepared under the direction of Col. Wm. E. Merrill, 1st U.S.V.V. Engineers, Chief Engineer, Dept. of the Cumberland, By Major James R. Willett, 1st U.S.V.V. Engineers, Chief Inspector R. R. Defences, Dept. of the Cumberland. Surveyed by Chs. Peseux & John H. Willett, 1864-[186]5. Drawn by Chs. Peseux.

Copy of Section of Photograph Map captured from the enemy Showing country adjacent to Richmond and Lines of Defensive Works surrounding the City. Headquarters, Army of the Potomac, Engineer Department, August 18th, 1864, [and one part dated] Dec. 20th, 1864.

Map of Tishomingo County, Mississippi. Compiled under the Direction of Col. George Thom, A.D.C. & Chief of Topl. Engineers, Dept. of the Mississippi.

Martenet's Map of Kent County, Maryland

Topographical Sketch of the Battle Field of Stones River near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, December 30th, 1862, to January 3d, 1863. Major General W. S. Rosecrans Commanding the Forces of the United States, General Braxton Bragg Commanding the Forces of the Enemy. Sheet No. II. Position of the U.S. Troops on the 31st of December 1862. Surveyed under the Direction of Capt. N. Michler, Corps of Topographical Engrs., U.S.A., by Major J. E. Weyss.

Map of Red River and the Country South [and east of Alexandria]. Surveyed under the direction of Capt. E. Gottheil, Chief Engineer, Dist. Wesn. La., Head Quarters, Engineer Department, Dist. Western Louisiana.

Map Showing the Topography of the Country and the Defences in front of Alexandria, Va.

Aransas Pass, Texas, Taken by the Union forces under Maj. Gen. Banks, Nov. 17th., 1863 . . . shows the position of the bar, also the Rebel batteries, each mounting 1-20 lb. Parrot gun. [By] Charles Hosmer, Sub-Asst., U.S. Coast Survey.

Map of a part of Beaufort and Colleton Districts between Broad River and South Edisto River

Map of East Tennessee from Knoxville to Rogersville. Compiled from authentic maps, from valuable information furnished by Wm. R. Palmer, Col., com'd'g. Anderson Cavalry, & from surveys & reconnoissances made in te winter of 1863 & 1864, under direction of Lt. Col. N. Bowen, Capt. of Eng's., U.S.A

Map of the Country Between Millikens Bend La., and Jackson, Miss., shewing the Routes followed by the Army of the Tennessee Under the Command of Maj. Genl. U. S. Grant, U. S. Vls., in Their March from Millikens Bd. to Rear of Vicksburg in April and May 1863, compiled, surveyed, and drawn under the direction of Lt. Col. Js. H. Wilson, A. I. Genl. & 1st Lt., Engrs.

Map of the Picket-Roads, Springfield, Mo., 1862. Surveyed & Platted, October 1862, Springfield, Mo. Copied April 1863. C. F. Eichacker, Lieut. & Eng. in charge of Fortifications.

Map of Galveston, Texas, Showing the Rebel Line of Works. Surveyed and Drawn by order of G. L. Gillespie, Brevet Major and Chief Engr., Mil. Div. of the Gulf, Under the Direction of Lt. S. E. McGregory, Comdg. Topl. Party, by Pl. St. Vignes, Asst.

Battlefield of Pleasant Hill. Surveyed and Drawn by Lt. S. E. McGregory By Order of Maj. D. C. Houston, Chief Engineers, D.O.G. [Department of the Gulf].

Sketch of the Site of the O[pe]rations of the 10th, 11th, & 12th, July 1861, at Rich Mountain near Beverly, Randolph Co., [West] Virginia, between the U. S. Forces under Major Gen. Geo. McClellan and the Confederate troops, by Lieut. O. M. poe, U. S. Topl. Engrs.

...The Fifth Epoch of the Atlanta Campaign Embracing the region from the Chattahoochie [sic] river south to include Jonesboro and Lovejoys [sic] Station. Exhibiting, in connection, the passage of the Chattahoochie [sic] river, the Siege of Atlanta, and the operations at Jonesboro and Lovejoys [sic] Station, also the lines of works erected by the contending forces, and the lines of marches...

Map of the Battle Fields of Manassas and the Surrounding Region Showing the Various Actions of the 21st July 1861, Between the Armies of the Confederate States and the United States. Surveyed and Drawn by W. G. Atkinson, Acting 1st Lieu't., Engineers...Headquarters, 1st Corps, Army of Potomac [Confederate], Manassas Junction, August 1861.

Map of Cumberland-Gap and Vicinity laid down from Surveys, made by Capt. Sidney S. Lyon, acting Topographical Engineer, under Order of Genl. G. W. Morgan, commd'g. 7th Div., Army of the Ohio. Showing the location of the works constructed by the enemy and those erected by the forces of the United States.

Map of Colorado Territory Embracing the Central Gold Region

Map of Morris Island

Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, Virginia

Map showing overland Pacific Telegraph from San Francisco to Moscow, submitted to the Committee on Commerce with a petition for a survey for a telegraphic line from the Amoor River to Russian America

Map of the State of Virginia [and Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and parts of adjoining States]. Compiled [by W. L. Nicholson] from the best authorities and printed at the Coast Survey Office. A. D. Bache, Supdt., 1862.

Topographical Map of the Country around Rolla. By H. A. Ulffers, Asst. Top. Eng.

Map Showing the Position of Williamsburg From Surveys made by command of Maj. Genl. Geo. B. McClellan, comd. the Army of the Potomac...Compiled and drawn By direction of Brig. Genl. Humphreys by Capt. J. Hope...May 30th, 1862.

[Sketch map of White Oak Swamp and vicinity southeast of Richmond.]

Map of Montgomery County, Maryland. Compiled in the Bureau of Topographical Engineers from the latest and best authorities, Sept. 1862.

Part of the map of the Battlefield of South Mountains [sic], Sept. 14th, 1862. Shewing the Positions of the Forces under the Command of Maj. Genl. A. E. Burnside. Surveyed and Compiled by Arthur de Witzleben [and] Theodor [sic] von Kamecke.

Sketch of the position of C. S. Forces Around Williamsport, Md., under Com. of Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, Sep. 19th, 62. By Wm. W. Blackford, Capt., Corps Engrs. [Confederate].

Map of the Battlefield of Bull Run, August 29th & 30th, 1862. Surveyed by order of Maj. Gen. Sigel and under direction of Maj. Kappner by G. Stengel and U. de Fonvielle...November 1862.

[Map of Cumberland Gap and surrounding area in Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky showing defenses, military installations, and roads.]

Map of Field of Occupation, Army of the Potomac, [from Dumfries south to Port Royal and west to Chancellorsville]. Prepared by order of Gen. Hooker from reconnoisances made under Capt. R. S. Williamson, Lt. N. Bowen, Gen. D. P. Woodbury, and others. Corrected April 10, 1863, [and signed] G. K. Warren, Brig. Genl., Vols.

Map of Virginia Showing the Distribution of its Slave Population from the Census of 1860

Military Map, Baltimore Co., Md., compiled from the best Authorities and corrected by actual survey under the direction of Col. W. F. Raynolds, A. D. C., Chief Eng., 8th Army Corps. Drawn and Lithographed in the Office of the Chief Eng., 8th Army Corps, by Geo. Kaiser, Pvt., 10th N. Y. Vols., 1863.

Map of Chambers County. Copied, for the use of the C. S. Army, in the Gl. Land Ofice of the State of Texas, January 2, 1863.

[Map and inset ground] Plan of the Fortification [Fort Hindman] at Post, Arkansas, Surrendered to the U.S. Forces Jan. 11th, 1863. Destroyed after the evacuation. Surveyed & drawn by Julius Pitzman, Capt., & A.D.C. to Maj. Genl. Sherman.

Map of the Battlefield of Champion's [sic] Hill, May 16th, 1863 ... Engineers' Office, Dept. of the Tenn., Capt. C. B. Comstock, Chief Engr. From Surveys by F. Tunica, Asst. Engr., and Sketches by Brig. Genl. A. P. Hovey & Capt. A. Hickenloper [sic]. Drawn by H. A. Ulffers, Asst. Engr.

Map of the Kentucky Central Rail Road and Valley of Licking River from Benton Sta. to Lexington, Ky., 80 miles, Showing all the important Bridges and their Defensive Works. Surveyed under the direction of Maj. J. H. Simpson, Chief Engr., Department of the Ohio, by G. A. Aschbach, Asst. U. S. Engr. Sketched and Platted Under the direction of Capt. T. B. Brooks, Vol. Engrs., By A. B. Miller, Asst. U. S. Engr.

[Sketch map of Smithland and vicinity] Drawn by U. G. Scheller [?] Engineer.

Map of the approaches to Little Rock made under instructions from Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, Comm'dg. Dist. Ark's., by Capt. T. J. Mackey, C. S. Eng'rs., August 1863. J. D. Hutton, C. E.

Map of the Siege of Vicksburg, Miss., By the U. S. Forces Under the Command of Maj. Genl. U. S. Grant, U. S. Vls., Maj. F. E. Prime, Chief Engr. Surveyed and constructed under direction of Capt. C. B. Comstock, U.S. Engrs., and Lt. Col. J. H. Wilson, A. I. Genl. 1st Lt., Engrs....Drawn by Chs. Spangenberg, Asst. Engr.

Map of Clarksburg and vicinity. Surveyed and drawn under the direction of 1st Lieut. John R. Meigs, U. S. Engrs., by Henry Topping, Asst. Engr., Septr. 1863.

Sheet No. 1. Map of the Battle Field of Chickamauga, September 19th, 1863, Between the United States Forces commanded by Maj. Gen. W. S. Rosecrans and the Confederate Army under Gen. Braxton Bragg. Compiled under the direction of Col. W. E. Merrill, Chief Engr., Dept. of the Cumberland, by Edward Ruger...Published by authority of the Hon. Secretary of War in the Office of the Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army.

Sheet No. 2. Map of te Battle Field of Chickamauga, September 20th, 1863...

Map to Show Lines of March of Second Army Corps and The Enemy, Oct. 14, 1863. [between Warrenton and Bristoe Station]...from reconnaissances after the movement...[signed] G. K. Warren, Maj. Genl., Vols.

Map of Country in Vicinity of Brown's Ferry. Made to accompany report of Brigadier General Wm. F. Smith, Chief Engr., Department of the Cumberland. Drawn at Topl. Engineer Office, Head Qs., Army of the Cumberland, Chattanooga, Nov. 5th, 1863, by C. S. Mergell

Map of Charleston, South Carolina Showing Defenses

Map of the Shenandoah & Upper Potomac Including Portions of Virginia, [West Virginia], and Maryland. Compiled from Surveys made under the Direction of 1st Lieut. John R. Meigs, U. S. Engrs., Chief Engineer Dept. West Virginia, and from other reliable authorities, 1864.

Map Showing the Route of the Army During the Red River Campaign in the Spring of 1864. Surveys & Reconnoissances by Osw. Dietz, Civil Engineers, [and] Lieuts. Miles & McGregory.

Topographical Map of the Approaches and Defenses of Knoxville, E. Tennessee, Shewing the Positions Occupied by the United States & Rebel Forces during the Siege. Surveyed by direction of Capt. O. M. Poe, Chf. Engr., Dept. of the Ohio, during Dec., Jan., and Feb., 1863-4, by [signed] Cleveland Rockwell, Sub. Asst., U.S. Coast Survey, [and] R. H. Talcott, Aid ... Drawn by C. Rockwell.

Map Showing the Army Movements around Chattanooga, made to accompany the Report of Maj. Genl. U. S. Grant, by direction of Brig. Genl. Wm. F. Smith, Chief Engr., Mil. Div. Miss. [Surveyed] and drawn by H. Riemann, 44th Ills. Vols. [and dated] Topogr. Engr. Office, Hd. Qrs., Army of the Cumbd., Chattanooga, Jan. 4th, 1864.

Map of Part of Hatteras Island. Made under the Direction of Capt. F. U. Farquhar, Chief Engineer, Dept. of Va. & N.C., by Solon M. Allis, Co. K., 27th Mass. Vols.

Map of Jacksonville and vicinity, Florida, [showing defenses]. Surveyed April 1864. [Signed] Wm. H. Dennis, U. S. Coast Survey.

No. 1. Map of Road from Pleasant Hill towards Mansfield. Surveyed by Lieut. E. C. Miles, Assistant Engr., April 7, 1864.

Map of the Battlefield of Chickamauga, A. Hager [or Huger] Draft.

Map of Route [from Little Rock to Camden via Arkadelphia, and return] pursued by Army commanded by Maj. Gen. Fredk. Steele From March 24th till May 2nd, 1864. Drawn, May 1864 by Lt. Fred. Sommer, Engineer Staff of Maj. Gen. Steele.

Map of 1st Distrt., Campbell Co., Georgia, South of the Cherokee Boundary Line. Compiled under direction of Capt. W. E. Merrill, Chief Topl. Engr., D. C., by Sergt. Finegan from the notes of a captured Rebel Engineer & State map (south of the Chattahoochee Riv.)...Autographed & printed in the field. Chattanooga, May 23d, 1864.

Information Map of Part of Georgia [in the vicinity of Pumpkin Vine Creek]. Printed at Engr. Office, Head-Q's. Dep't. of the Cumberland, in the field, May 30th, 1864.

Plan of Siege Operations Against Fort Morgan by the U.S. Forces, under Maj. Genl. Gordon Granger, Aug. 1864. Capt. John C. Palfrey, Corps of Engrs., Lt. A. H. Burnham, [and] Lt. Chs. J. Allen, Corps of Engrs., in charge of works. Surveyed and Drawn by Capt. W. H. Wheeler [and] Lt. S. E. McGregory, Co. A., 96 U.S.C.I. Engr. Troops. Litho. in the Office of the Chief Engineer, Dept. of the Gulf.

Limit of Territory Controlled by U.S. Forces, Novr. 1864

Map of the Battlefield of Wilson's Creek, Mo. Wm. Hoelcke, Captain & Addl. A. de. C., U.S.A., Chief Eng., Departt. of the Mo. [Dated] Hd. Qu., Departt. of the Mo., St. Louis, 1865.

Map of that portion of the Tennessee River [in northern Alabama and Tennessee] between Savannah and Chattanooga together with the country adjacent. Taken from Map of Middle Tennessee. Being compiled [in 1865] under direction of Col. W. E. Merrill.

No. 4. Map of the Defences of the City of Mobile. Drawn under the direction of Lieut. Col. V. Sheliha, Chief Engr., Dpt. of the Gulf [Confederate].

Map of the United States Showing the Military Divisions and Military Departments of.