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Second Platoon of "G" Company, U.S. Marines of 5th Regiment, Clean Snipers Out of Residential Section of Seoul, Capital of Korea. 1stMarDiv. Korea.

Marines of Co. M, 3rd Bn., 7th Marine Regt., Move Out to Catch a Chopper Moving Troops to a New Area to Search Out NVAs that Were Seen in that Region

Inspection of British Marines

British Marines with the British cruiser squadron in the Baltic

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines who stopped Hun drive at Chateau Thierry parade in Philadelphia. General view of the parade

Ceremonies - Demobilization - Marines who stopped German drive at Chateau Thierry Parade in Philadelphia. A blinding snow storm did not hinder patriotic Philadelphia from turning out in gala attire to greet 500 of her wounded Marines just back from War

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - The Return of the Victory Feelt to New York. With clocklike precision, which is so characteristic of the United States Navy, America's majestic fleet moved up the Hudson River through a heavy snowstorm. After the review of the fleet by Secretary Daniels, half of the sailorscame ashore to partake in a parade down Fifth Avenue where they were cheered by thousands of people. The photo shows a division passing the reviewing stand in front of the Public Library. Secretary Daniels in a silk hat can be seen near the center post

American Library Association - European - French - St. Nazaire. This is the rig for the Marines also an ALA Library

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines waiting for the Admiral coming on board

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Independence Day Parade, N.Y. City. In foreground, British float; marching behind is a group of British Marines

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - California College Men of Ambulance Service Depart for France. Scene attending the departure of 65 California College men, for the war ambulance service in France. The greateast patriotic outpouring in San Francisco since the beginning of the war marked the departure on April 24th of 65 college men from the University of California and Leland-Stanford. Before leaving, a monster ovation was given the men at the Auditorium. 15,000 bid them God-Speed. The Army and Navy joined with the 1500 U. of C. cadets and the 1000 cadets from Lelan Stanford in escorting the ambulance men to the Auditorium and to the train which bore them eastward

American Library Association - V&W (not in alphabetical order) - Arrival of seaplane (Captain Page, Pilot) at Quantico, May 6, 1919, carrying Marines Magazines to the boys stationed there

Ceremonies and Parades - "Heroes Day" celebrated in New York City. New York City observed its first "Heroes Day" to commorate the lives of the soldiers, sailors, and marines who died in France. Mothers, sisters, and sweethearts bringing flowers to the mound, Central park in memory of the departed heroes

Camouflage - Soldiers Training - Marine Barracks, Mare Island Naval Training Station, Cal. Group of Marines protecting the art of make-up. This form of camouflage is used by reconnoitering parties in trench raids

Artists - Noted artist paints original poster "Tell it to the Marines." James Montgomery Flagg, artist has given the public an opportunity to see him in action. He produced a life size picture of poster "Tell it to the Marines" in the N.Y. Public Library, to stimulate Marine recruiting. At right can be seen man who poased for him

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - Patriotic demonstrations. Marines from Iona Island parading at Peekskill, N.Y

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - U.S. Sailors marching in a New York Street Parade, 1917

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - First Naval Reserve Unit leaves New York for sea. First Battalionof the Naval Reserve of New York marching down Fifth Avenue, New York, passing down Fifth Avenue, New York, passing in front of the Public Library at 41st Street. April 7, 1917

Ceremonies and Parades - New York City pays first tribute to fallen sons. New York observed it's first "Heroes Day" to commemorate the lives of the soldiers, marines, and sailors who died in France. Mrs. Laura Prisk and Veterans of the Civil War, with the original battle flag of Farrgut, at the Soldiers and Sailors monument on Riverside Drive

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Wounded Marines receive coffee along line of parade from canteen workers

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Sailors parading down 5th Ave., N.Y. City after the review of their Battlecraft in the Hudson River recently

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines at attention when the Admiral arrives aboard ship

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - The return of the Victory Fleet in New York

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Victory Fleet Sailors parade in New York. Members of Victory Fleet passing under arch on Fifth Avenue

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Sailors parade in Chicago, Ill. Sailors from Great Lakes Naval Training Station parading ion Michigan Ave

Ceremonies - Demobilization - Gallant 2nd Marines March amid New York's applause. In mass formation, the men of the 2nd Division, including the 5th and 6th Marines, parading up 5th Avenue to the deafening cheers of the crowds

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Naval recruits arrive in New York for Big Meet. One thousand of the tars in trianing at the Pelham Bay Naval Training Station arrived in the city for the big Military and Naval Meet and Ball which will be held in Madison Square Garden. The men will be quartered in the 69th Regiment Armory. The photograph shows a general view of the men marching down Fifth Avenue with full equipment. This is the first time these boys have been shown to New Yorkers on parade

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines who Stopped Hun drive at Chateau Thiery parade in Philadelphia, PA. Citizens of Phila. Pa., turned out in a blinding snowstorm to greet the boys

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - French Marines. 4th July Parade. Independence Day Parade, 1918 New York City. French marines marching in the parade

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines who stopped Hun drive at Chateau Thierry parade in Phila. PA. Citizens of Philadelphia turned out in a blinding snow storm to gree the boys

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Returning U.S. Victory Fleet acclaimed in Hudson River Review. Following the arrival of the Victory Fleet, thousands of the sailors went ashore and took part in a parade in New York City. This photo shows one of the fine lines of blue jackets

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Parade of the Victory Fleet passing the reviewing stand at 42nd Street and 5th Ave., New York City

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Entertainments - Efforts of Red Cross workers helps to well Red Cross Fund. Red Cross workers who have helped to collect over a quarter of a million dollars for the new York County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Marines also aided the cause

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Returning U.S. Victory Fleet acclaimed in Hudson River review. Marines, soldiers of land and sea, marching in the great parade along Fifth Avenue. After the review of the fleet, thousands of men were released from the ships to participate in the parade

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - Massachusetts - Hero Marines parade in Boston. Marines passing the State House, Governor Coolidge and staff on the steps of the Capitol

Ceremonies and Parades - Patriotic Demonstrations. Marines and Sailors parading, Peekskill, N. Y

Ceremonies - Preparedness Day, Washington, D.C. - Marine veterans stage realistic battle in Philadelphia, PA. to stimulate recruiting. Two hundred United States Marines, veterans of the Nicaraguan, Haytian and Dominican campaigns, staged a sham battle in the very heart of Philadelphia, PA., to stimulate recruiting. Divided into defenders and attackers, the former using the ruins of the buildings which are being razed to make way for a park. The Marines Marines skirmishedfor two hours. The men were attired in field uniform loaded down with equipment, hauled field guns and light artillery as though the taking of the city depended upon their efforts. The battle was planned as part of the recruiting campaign of the Marine Corps. Photo shows Marines enroute to battle; Madeline McCadden bearing the standard. 1917

Chemical Warfare Service - Drills - United States - The U.S. Marines in training at Quantico, Virginia recently going through their drills for the benefit of Secretary Daniels and other members of the Government

American Library Association - V&W (not in alphabetical order) - An appreciation -- Marines at Quantico, VA. enjoying "the Marines Magazine" brought to them by seaplane and distributed by Miss Hitchler and Mrs. Hutchinson, May 6, 1919

American Library Association - V&W (not in alphabetical order) - Distribution of "The Marines Magainze" at Quantico, VA., taken there by seaplane. Capt. Page, Pilot, May 6, 1919

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines who stopped Hun drive at Chateau Thierry parade in Philadelphia. Citizens of Philadelphia turned out in blinding snow storm to greet 500 of her wounded Marines back from war. A 'load' of men too weak to march passing down line of march

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - New York International Exposition of Sciences, Arts and Industries. Sailors from the Pelham Bay Naval Reserve Training Station paraded on the grounds of the New York International Exposition of Sciences, Arts and Industries which opened June 29, 1918. The exposition is situated at East 177th St., New York City

Boy's Activities - Junior Naval Reserve - Other Camps - U.S. Land Battleship "Recruit" launched. The launching of the Land Battleship Recruit, N.Y. City, was a galaoccasion and one of the most important Memorial Day ceremonies. The Recruit was dedicated to serve as a monster recruiting center for the Navy and Marines. Members of the American Junior Naval and Marine Scouts on board the "Recruit."

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - 2nd Naval Battalion, Brooklyn, New York, leaving for service. The battalion is here shown marching through Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y., April 1917

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Patriotic demonstration in Boston, Mass. Sailors of transports and destroyers parade

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Marines from the overseas fleet parading on 5th Ave., N.Y. City

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - East Providence, R.I., war activities. "Blue Jackets" in "Wake Up America" parade

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Canteen service for soldiers. American Red Cross Service for soldiers, sailors and marines

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - July 4th Parade on Fifth Avenue, New York City. Among the many floats representing a half-hundred nations was this one contributed by Armenians; British marines are in the foreground

Decorations - Presentations - By Foreign Governments - Captain Garvey, U.S. Marines, at attention during reading of citation awarding him the Croix de Guerre. Cincinnati, Ohio

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Sailors from N.T. Camp, University of Washington Campus, Seattle, Wash

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - American Troops - General Pershing reviews Second Division in Germany

Decorations - Presentations - American - Brigadier General Eli K. Cole awarding medals to a group of Marines who excel in workmanship

American Library Association - Library Personnel - Miss Theresa Hitchler receiving "The Marines" from Captain Page, pilot of the seaplane which brought the magazines from Washington to Quantico, VA., for distribution to a thousand marines, May 6, 1919

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Boston honors Naval heroes. Sailors in parade pass reviewing stand before City Hall

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Naval parade at Chicago, Ill

American Library Association - V&W (not in alphabetical order) - U.S. Marines receiving singing lessons, Quantico, VA

Airplanes - Miscellaneous - Marines at practice with airplane guns; Miami, FLA. The gunner or observer aboard an airship must be on the alert for enemy planes. These marine aviators are practicing shooting at miniature planes

Ceremonies - Miscellaneous Reviews and Camp Scenes - U.S. Marines in review

Admiral von Schroeder, Commander of the Marines in Flanders, in front of the city hall in Bruges

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - East Providence, R.I., war activities. Detachment of "Blue Jackets" from Rumford Rifle Range located in East Providence

The War is Over for These Korean Captives of U.S. Marines who have Planted their Flag Atop Wolmi Island, at Inchon

Photograph of Burning of Gasoline Stowage on Makin Island after Marine Commando Raid

Photograph of Royal British Marines during Final Amphibious Maneuvers on the North African Coast

Troops of 3rd Wave ("A" Co 5th Marines) Consolidate Position on Beach, Guadalcanal, Vasicek

Marines on Beach, 1st. Div. 5th Marines Co. "A". Peleliu, Vasicek

Marines Pinned Down By Japanese Fire

[Hotel Continental, Dance of the Marines]

[Hotel Continental, Dance of the Marines]

[Hotel Continental, Dance of the Marines]

[Hotel Continental, Dance of the Marines]

[Hotel Continental, Dance of the Marines]

U.S. Marines Come Ashore at Inchon in an Amphibious Tractor, Prepared to Plant the American flag at Seoul. The flag was Given to Them by Col. Lewis B. Puller

Marines with a Bazooka and a Protecting Machine Gun set up a Security Post Against Possible Tank Counter-Attack

Leathernecks Use Scaling Ladders to Storm Ashore at Inchon in an Amphibious Invasion

Inchon Residents Return to the Streets and Normal Way of Living as U.S. Marines March Through to Engage Enemy at Seoul

Symbolically, There's a Warning Signal Against Them as Marines Move Down the Main Line to Seoul

Up Goes the American Flag, Raised by Victorious U.S. Marines Over the Capital of Korea to Signify the Defeat of Communist Forces in Seoul

Astonished Marines of the 5th and 7th Regiments, Who Hurled Back a Surprise Onslaught by Three Chinese Communist Divisions Hear That They Are to Withdraw

A starboard bow view of utility landing craft 1498 (LCU 1498) beached at Cua Viet. A US Navy lighter, amphibious, resupply cargo vehicle (LARC 5) comes ashore with a group of Marines after a run from Dong Ha

A group of Marines gather at the Dong Ha ramp on the Cam Lo (Cua Viet) River. The bridge in the background carriers Highway 1 over the river

A group of Marines walk to the shower unit in the bulk fuel area at Cua Viet. The shower consists of a 900-gallon bladder placed on top of walls made from stacked tank chests

Two Marines swim in the non-potable water supply pond dug by seabees at Cua Viet

Marines stand by a 350-gallon-per-minute fuel pump while waiting for a fuel boat to arrive on the Cua Viet River. In the background is harbor utility craft 62 (YFU 62) and the hopper dredge "Hyde." A mechanized landing craft 8 (LCM 8) is visible on the right

A port bow view of the tank landing ship USS CAROLINE COUNTY (LST-525) with its bow doors open while docked at Cua Viet. The ship brought ice cream to the Marines at Cua Viet to commemorate its visit, the first by an LST

Marines of Co. F, 2nd Bn., 5th Marines, Fire Upon Fleeing Viet Cong During Operation New Castle

Marines secure canvas covers on M40 106 mm recoiless rifles mounted on M274 utility platform trucks. The M274 is commonly referred to as a "mechanical mule."

Marines of Co. E, 2nd Bn., 7th Marines, Move Across Rice Paddies Under Heavy Machine Gun Fire During Operation Arizona, 25 Miles Southeast of Da Nang

A Marine Machine Gun Crew from Co. E, 2nd Bn., 5th Marines, is in Place on Hill 170 During Operation Essex

Pvt. R. Jones, of the 81mm Mortars Plt., 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, is Wet and Cold as He Takes a Break During Operation Pitt, Taking Place Approximately 12 miles north of Da Nang

U.S. Marines head into combat after being airlifted to Calu by the C-123 Provider aircraft of the 311th Air Commando Squadron. In all, the 13 aircraft delivered 475 troops and over six tons of equipment in 90 minutes

Marines of Co. M 3rd Bn., 7th Marines, Move Along a Secured Road During Operation Tampa

Corporal K. Philpot (Bayminette, Alabama), Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, Seventh Marines, is on the Alert in His Bunker for Possible North Vietnamese Army Movement

Marines of the 3rd Marine Division begin to clear trees and underbrush from a mountain-top during the construction of a fire support base

A member of the 3rd Marine Division uses a chain saw to cut up a tree trunk at a mountain-top fire support base construction site. Two other marines and their equipment are lowered into the site by helicopter

Marines of "D" Company, 1st Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, Assisted by a Young Vietnamese, Evacuate an Injured Civilian They Found During a Sweep of an Area Five Miles Northeast of An Hoa

Three female Marines, in dress blue uniforms, raise the morning colors. Number two of three

Three female Marines, in dress blue uniforms, raise the morning colors. Number three of three

Three female Marines, in dress blue uniforms, raise the morning colors. First view in a series of three

Marines wear M17 chemical-biological field masks during nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) training

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