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STS093-324-006 - STS-093 - STS-93 crewmembers assemble for crew inflight portrait on the middeck

STS100-331-012 - STS-100 - MS Phillips works on the flight deck of Endeavour during STS-100

51A-19-004 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

STS088-342-034 - STS-088 - Newman and Sturckow on the middeck with beef jerky

STS068-75-013 - STS-068 - STS-68 crew activities on middeck

61A-128-027 - STS-61A - Spacelab D-1 crew activities

S43-09-004 - STS-043 - STS-43 MS Lucid conducts the APE-B experiment on OV-104's flight deck

51B-04-007 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

S43-39-006 - STS-043 - STS-43 Adamson works with the BIMDA-02 experiment on OV-104's middeck

51A-12-008 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

S88E5215 - STS-088 - STS-88 crew on middeck

51F-11-013 - STS-51F - MS Musgrave puts cylinder into a FWD MDDK locker

41G-04-035 - STS-41G - 41G crew activities

STS053-08-032 - STS-053 - Crewmember in the aft FD

51A-13-017 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

S47-204-025 - STS-047 - STS-47 MS Jemison uses microscope in aft end of SL-J

51D-06-003 - STS-51D - Toys In Space

51D-06-033 - STS-51D - 51D crew activities

S118E05520 - STS-118 - View of Kelly and Caldwell working in the MDDK during STS-118

41G-10-012 - STS-41G - 41G crew activities

STS053-06-020 - STS-053 - Crewmember in the MDDK with a 35 mm camera and operating instructions

41G-08-008 - STS-41G - 41G crew activities

S34-06-001 - STS-034 - STS-34 crew activities

STS053-243-012 - STS-053 - Crewmember eating in the MDDK

51A-09-027 - STS-51A - 51A activities

S34-04-021 - STS-034 - STS-34 crew activities

STS053-32-032 - STS-053 - Crewmember exercising on the rowing machine in the MDDK

51D-03-024 - STS-51D - 51D crew activities

S34-06-022 - STS-034 - STS-34 crew activities

STS057-13-004 - STS-057 - In orbit crew portrait taken in the aft flight deck.

STS053-241-002 - STS-053 - MDDK FARE experiment

S34-09-019 - STS-034 - STS-34 crew activities

S47-05-021 - STS-047 - STS-47 crew shift changeover in Spacelab-Japan (SL-J)

51B-16-007 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

S47-204-021 - STS-047 - STS-47 MS Jemison uses microscope in aft end of SL-J

51B-05-009 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

41G-06-012 - STS-41G - 41G crew activities

STS053-05-018 - STS-053 - Crewmember in the aft FD with laptop terminal

41D-03-027 - STS-41D - STS-41D crew activities

51A-18-031 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

41G-12-017 - STS-41G - 41G crew activities

STS100-342-001 - STS-100 - MS Lonchakov goes through a stowage bag on the middeck of Endeavour during STS-100

STS093-322-028 - STS-093 - STS-93 crewmembers assemble for crew inflight portrait on the middeck

51D-09-027 - STS-51D - 51D crew portraits and attempted portraits

51D-47-060 - STS-51D - STS-51D crew activities

STS053-240-022 - STS-053 - Clifford in the MDDK

51A-13-033 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

51A-09-007 - STS-51A - 51A activities

51F-03-025 - STS-51F - 51F crew activities

51B-22-035 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

51A-09-025 - STS-51A - 51A activities

51A-20-005 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

S43-38-026 - STS-043 - STS-43 Adamson aims a camera through a window on OV-104's flight deck

S43-35-030 - STS-043 - STS-43 Adamson reads a checklist on OV-104's flight deck

S43-06-002 - STS-043 - STS-43 Low works on OV-104's middeck

51A-04-004 - STS-51A - Crewmembers vacuum

61A-128-003 - STS-61A - Spacelab D-1 crew activities

STS053-05-024 - STS-053 - Crewmember in the MDDK with the FARE expeirment

S43-39-016 - STS-043 - STS-43 Adamson poses beside the BIMDA-02 experiment on OV-104's middeck

51A-104-008 - STS-51A - 51A MS Gardner and Westar VI

STS098-351-007 - STS-098 - MS Jones at work during EVA of STS-98

STS053-04-012 - STS-053 - Clifford and Bluford at lockers at the FWD MDDK

S35-15-030 - STS-035 - STS-35 crewmembers watch a sphere of water float on OV-102's middeck

51B-02-004 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

51D-07-018 - STS-51D - 51D crew activities

51F-06-012 - STS-51F - 51F crew activities

S43-39-011 - STS-043 - STS-43 Adamson poses beside the BIMDA-02 experiment on OV-104's middeck

51B-04-010 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

51D-03-022 - STS-51D - 51D crew activities

STS027-13-034 - STS-027 - STS-27 crew activities

51B-03-003 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

51F-06-017 - STS-51F - STS-51F crew activities

51B-03-008 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

S97E5123 - STS-097 - Noriega and Jett on middeck

51A-104-023 - STS-51A - 51A MS Gardner and Westar VI

51F-03-028 - STS-51F - 51F crew activities

51F-18-008 - STS-51F - 51F crew activities

S35-09-025 - STS-035 - STS-35 MS Parker and Pilot Gardner work on OV-102's flight deck

STS053-20-007 - STS-053 - Crewmember in the MDDK with personal hygiene kit

STS027-14-015 - STS-027 - STS-27 crew activities

51A-02-002 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

S07-05-279 - STS-007 - STS-7 crew on aft flight deck during proximity operations

STS057-13-005 - STS-057 - In orbit crew portrait taken in the aft flight deck.

S35-20-029 - STS-035 - View of a MS seat and a treadmill on OV-102's middeck during STS-35

STS053-10-025 - STS-053 - Crewmember in the MDDK

51A-17-012 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

STS093-322-003 - STS-093 - STS-93 crewmembers assemble for crew inflight portrait on the middeck

STS100-331-029 - STS-100 - Pilot Ashby and MS Parazynski pose after an EVA during STS-100

STS053-03-016 - STS-053 - Cabana and Voss in the FD

51B-07-034 - STS-51B - 51B crew activities

61A-128-020 - STS-61A - Spacelab D-1 crew activities

51F-16-030 - STS-51F - 51F crew activities

51D-04-013 - STS-51D - 51D crew activities

S97E5033 - STS-097 - Tanner during EVA

51F-04-017 - STS-51F - 51F crew activities

S43-20-019 - STS-043 - STS-43 Low and Baker work with DSO 478's equipment on OV-104's middeck

STS053-246-034 - STS-053 - Clifford works on the MDDK FARE experiment

41G-09-008 - STS-41G - 41G crew activities

51A-04-019 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

51A-18-024 - STS-51A - 51A crew activities

U.S. National Archives

The objects in this collection are from The U.S. National Archives. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was established in 1934 by President Franklin Roosevelt. NARA keeps those Federal records that are judged to have continuing value—about 2 to 5 percent of those generated in any given year. There are approximately 10 billion pages of textual records; 12 million maps, charts, and architectural and engineering drawings; 25 million still photographs and graphics; 24 million aerial photographs; 300,000 reels of motion picture film; 400,000 video and sound recordings; and 133 terabytes of electronic data. All of these materials are preserved because they are important to the workings of Government, have long-term research worth, or provide information of value to citizens.

Disclaimer: A work of the U.S. National Archives is "a work prepared by an officer or employee" of the federal government "as part of that person's official duties." In general, under section 105 of the Copyright Act, such works are not entitled to domestic copyright protection under U.S. law and are therefore in the public domain. This website is developed as a part of the world's largest public domain archive, PICRYL.com, and not developed or endorsed by the U.S. National Archives. https://www.picryl.com

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