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Officer, Jno H - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Officer, Alexander - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Officer on horse



Officer and soldier


Colonel W. C. Gorgas, Chief Sanitary Officer, and His Office Force

Looking for Action

Navy Officer

Senator John F. Kennedy Shakes Hands with an Officer at the Watertown Arsenal

Senator John F. Kennedy Talks with an Officer at the Watertown Arsenal

Senator John F. Kennedy Meets with an Officer at the Watertown Arsenal

Senator John F. Kennedy and an Officer Stand Outside on a Road, Both Pointing Up

Senator Leverett Saltonstall Meets with an Officer and Workers at the Watertown Arsenal

Indian soldiers carrying in wounded officer. Near Ginchy, France

Billeting Officer seeking quarters. Salonika Campaign

One British officer helps another out of the mud. Near Arras, France

Scotch soldiers listening to a New Year's speech by their commanding officer. During the Salonika Campaign

Scene aboard Italian Battleship. The officer of the day inspecting the guard

King of England decorates an American officer. Molliens, France

Turkish soldier giving information as to age and size to a British officer during the Mesopotamian campaign

British Naval officer attaching a message to a leg of a pigeon

British Officer giving candy to a native child during the Salonika Campaign

Sgts. MacIsaac and Cairola. American Pioneers who brought in a wounded officer through a barrage. Near Peronne, France. 12-5-1917

Ceremonies - Camp Funston thru Camp Lee - British and French officer instructors. Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas

Colleges and Universities -West Point - Cadet Officer of the Day inspecting sentinels at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York

Ceremonies and Parades - Tablet Unveiled for Brooklyn Soldier Dead. More than 20,000 persons attended the unveiling of a bronze tablet in Prospect Park, Brooklyn in honor of the 356 Brooklyn heroes who died on the battlefields of France. Seven year old Veronica Blanchfield, daughter of Captin Blanchfield the first American Officer killed in France who unveiled the tablet, posing for the camera

Camouflage - Smoke Screens - Smoke Screen device. French officer demonstrates Fumigene, a cloud forming gas. The gas is contained in a tube and when released forms a heavy smoke screen completely hiding from view objects for several yards around. Those tubes are now used to hide artillery and troop movements from enemy observers

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Non-commissi1d Officer's room, Synod Hall Barracks

Decorations - Presentations - American - A French Officer decorating Piatte Andrew, Chief of the American Ambulance Corps with the Legion of Honor. This picture was taken in the Marne district

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - American Troops - U.S. troops visit Toronto, Canada

Ceremonies - Liberations - Military Weddings - Marriage licenses for returning soldiers and prospective brides censored in New York City. Numbers of returning soldiers applying for marriage licenses upon arrival in New York, causes Provost marshal to detail officer to question all soldiers and their brides-to-be, who appear at License Bureau for necessary papers. Corp. Verne U. Ireland and his sweetheart, Margaret Colligan, convinced Capt. Don Monteith, provost officer and Chief Clerk P.J. Scully, that theirs is a pre-war romance

American Red Cross - I thru M - Major Moore (right) Commanding Officer of the A.R.C. Hospital No. 110, Coincy, France, talking with a lieutenant colonel who is making a a visit of inspection

Balloons - Flights - Army Officer about to start remarkable balloon flight. Lt. Watson of Brookline, Mass., about to start on his balloon flight from Rockville, Conn

Colleges and Universities - Princeton - Officer Material School for Pay Corps, Princeton, New Jersey. Daily inspection parades

The battle of Armentieres. Captured Portugese soldier being questioned byan examining officer. April 1918

Colleges and Universities - Texas Agricultural and Mechanic College - Military training for students of Agricultural and Mechanical College, College Station, Texas

American Red Cross - Groups - American Red Cross Commission to Archangel sailed Aug. 25, 1918, under direction of Major C.T. Williams; Deputy C. commissioner Major W.D. Kirkpatrick; Chief Medical Officer on S.S. Ascutney, which was loaned by U.S. Government to Red Cross

Camouflage - Artillery - A camouflage gun in a camouflage town. A large part of the camouflage corps of the U.S. Army were made up of experienced moving picture men. A company of full strength was recruited from willing volunteers in Los Angeles, Cal., among the moving picture specialists. A demonstration held in one of the great Los Angeles studios was a revelation of what camouflage means when it is done by expert movie men. Photo shows instructing officer giving orders to camouflage the huge gun. The background, including houses, etc., are all camouflage

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - American Troops - General Pershing and Major General J. A. LeJeune, Head of Second Division, said to be the first Marine Corps Officer to command regular Army troops

American Red Cross - Canteens - Interior of the American Red Cross "Doughnut Factory at Le Mans, France," where 30,000 doughnuts are turned out daily to add to the flavor of the soldier's mess. Twenty-one cooks busy themselves twelve hours a day in the "Foundry". The boxes filled with doughnuts in the background are readyto be transported by the Red Cross to units scattered over a thirty mile area. The officer is Lt. P. M. Kelly who is in charge of the Red Cross Pastry factory

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Canteen service for soldiers. Coffee and sandwiches being given to officer in transit

American Red Cross - Vehicles - American Red Cross rolling canteen. Serving refreshments to an American Officer from a canteen posted near the dosck. England

Colleges and Universities - Annapolis Naval Academy - Buildings, Classes, Graduation, and Drills - Reserve Officer Corps drilling, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

Ceremonies - Camp Funston thru Camp Lee - Officer in Charge giving instructions to the men at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas

With a topographic section on the Western front. Officer with periscopic camera in a hill position before Douaumont

Chemical Warfare Service - Plants - Edgewood Arsenal - Edgewood Arsenal, Edgewood, Maryland. General view of officer's quarters, men's barracks, 2nd Battalion, from Southeast, on Edgewood Road

American Red Cross - E thru H - Col. L.S. Hughes of Frankfort, Ky., commanding officer of Red Cros Military Hospital at Sarisbury Court near Southhampton, England, talking to a group of Red Cross officers at entrance of the hospital on "opening day" when his first patients were received. The hospital was built for the American Army Red Cross and will have accomdations for 3,000 patients

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - Rear Admiral Robert Browning and Lieutenant Ayer, Commanding Officer of the Radio School

Decorations - Presentations - By Foreign Governments - French General decorates an American Officer

American Red Cross - I thru M - Dr. F.N. Kay Menzies, of British Delegation, F.R.P., D.P.H., etc., Principal Assistant Medical Officer, Public Health Department, London Co. Council

Decorations - Presentations - By Foreign Governments - King George honors American Officer. King George V. of Great Britain decorating an American officer who distinguished himself during the fighting on the Western Front where the American troops were brigaded with the British

Chemical Warfare Service - Plants - Edgewood Arsenal - Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. General view of officer's quarters of the 2nd Battalion, from the Southwest

American Red Cross - N thru W - Sir Arthur Newsholme, of British Delegation; chairman of the Section on Child Welfare, K.C. B. M.D. Fellow and Milroy Lecturere of the Royal College of Physicians. Late Principal Medical Officer of the Local Government Board, Member of the Council of the Council of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund

Colleges and Universities - Texas Agricultural and Mechanic College - Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, campus. Office of the signal officer

Western front. German officer sketches a map of the abandonned English positions

American Red Cross - Groups - Two of the staunchest Red Cross workers in Switzerland are Remson Whitehouse of New York (right) and Joseph Cooke Smith of Providence, R.I. Both men have lived in Switzerland for many years, being enthusiastic winter sportsmen and mountain climbers. Long before America entered the war, they were engaged in relief work in Switzerland and France, and as soon as the United States declared war they devoted their entire time to Red Cross relief work. For sometime Mr. Smith sent packages of food and clothing to american prisoners in Germany at his own expense, particularly to the crew of the Yarrowdale. He is now in charge of relief work for repatriated Italian soldiers. Mr. Whitehouse is at present acting as a liason officer between the Red Cross and American Embassy

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - U.S. Naval Radio School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Commanding Officer and his staff

American Red Cross - N thru W - U.S. Army has a new officer, Miss Eva Soreson of Virginia, Minn., is Commander-in-Chief of "Crutch Squad." Christmas Day at Contrexeville, France, 1918. Miss Soreson is Directrice of the A.R.C. Recreation Hut

Ceremonies - Lafayette Day, 1918 - Lafayette Day Celebration, New York City. Ambassador Jules jusserand of France arriving at City Hall, N.Y. for the ceremonies. He is standing in the foreground on the left of the naval officer

American Red Cross - Groups - In the sitting room of the A.R.C. Casual Officer's Rest at Is-sur-Tille, France, showing Mrs. Edith G. Sannis, the directrice, Miss Madeline Dougherty and Mrs. Kathleen Hills, assistants, and an Ameican officer enroute. This hotel can supply beds to nearly 100 oficers and is supplied with a shower bath house

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - The American Red Cross in Italy. American Red Cross officer in a front line trench in Italy consulting with Italian military authority as to the establishment of a rolling canteen to supply hot and cold drinks and food to Italian soldiers in action

American Library Association - K thru N - Opening day base hospital branch, Camp Greene Library. Official visit of Maj. Renn, Commanding Officer of the hospital

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - American Miscellaneous - Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia. Officer teaching newly arrived colored soldiers how to salute

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - Camp Cody, New Mexico. Interior Headquarters, American Red Cross. L. to R.: Henry H. Beall, Associate Field Director, Denver, Colo.; Carl Moller, Chauffuer, Alladdin, Wyo.; Carl Norgren, Garage man, Bertrand, Neb.; Albert G. Simms, Field Director, Albuquerque, N.M.; John H. Culley, Field Director, East Las Vegas, N.M.; Geo. A. Shannon, Asst. Field Director, Cleveland, O; Robt. E. Dietz, Associate Field Director, Albuquerque, N.M.; W. Norman Lathrop, Supply Officer, Hartford, Conn.; Louis Schanderl, Cashier, Denver, Colo

Ceremonies - France - Mother's Day celebrated at American Officers' Club in Paris. French, English and even a Russian officer maintains his allegiance to the aim of the Allies, visited the club. In the right foreground may be seen the Russian officer talking to American Ambassador Sharp

College and Universities - University of Montana - S.A.T.C. [Student Army Training Corps] at Montana University, Missoula, Montana - Home of commanding officer

American Red Cross - Rehabilitation - Lesson in cattle judging by French officer in charge under direction of the A.R.C. on a farm Le Courbat established by the A.R.C. for the re-education of mutiles

Colleges and Universities - Tulane University - Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, Vocational Section, Fairgrounds. Captain E. H. Morter, Commanding Officer

Colleges and Universities - William L. Dickinson High School - Jersey City, New Jersey - W. L. Dickinson High School, Jersey City, New Jersey. Trade Training Detachment, USA. Captain Ralph R. Adams, Commanding Officer

Ceremonies - Liberations - Military Weddings - First war bridge to be brought to the United States. Chief Petty Officer has the honor of being the first American boy to bring home a war bride to America. His wife who was Marie Louise Goasumpis is living her husband's parents while he is in the service

Ceremonies and Parades - Patriotic Ddemonstrations at Griffin, GA. Canadian officer delivering patriotic address at Confederate Monument

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - Rear Admiral Wood and Lieut. Commander Ayer, Commanding Officer, Naval Radio School

Ceremonies and Parades - American troops march thru London, May 11, 1918. English Guards Officer leads the American troops on their march thru London

Colleges and Universities - Princeton - Officer Material School for the Pay Corps, Princeton, New Jersey. Explaining the fundamentals of military law

Colleges and Universities - University of Maine - Student Army Training Corps, University of Maine, Orono, Maine. Members of SATC standing at retreat. Commanding Officer Major H.M. Halls

Ceremonies - Texas - Reception to New Commanding Officer, Camp Dick, Tex

Ceremonies - War Activities - Italian notables gathered in Coliseum, Rome to celebrate the entrance of the U.S. in the war. The Coliseum was the scene of tremendous meeting, at which the Italians celebrated the United States entry into the war, and noted especially their gratitude toward the American Red Cross in the service. In the speakers stand. Sir Rennel Rodd, British Ambassador, wearing silk hat, H.R.H. Duke of Connaught with the British Ambassador at the left. Back of him, Henry P. Davidson, Chairman of the War Council, in silk hat and Col. Perkins, American Red Cross Commissioner. Mr. Marconi can be seen in Naval Officers uniform. (Italian) At the extreme right in uniform is Colonel County Appolloni, Liason officer of the Italian Gov. with the American Red Cross

American Red Cross - I thru M - Prof. Henry Kenwood, of British Delegation, C.M.G. D.P.H., F.R.S.E. Health with University of London. President of Soc. Med. Officers of Health of Great Britain, Medical officer of Health for County of Bedforsire, Eng

Colleges and Universities - Harvard University - Chief Petty Officer Callahan and guard company in front of Austin Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ceremonies - Bastille Day, 1918 - Ceremonies at Statue of Jean D'Arc on Bastille Day, N.Y. City. A large and enthusiastic crowd gathered about the statue of Jean d'Arc, New York City on Bastille Day to do homage to that heroine and the cause of her people. Speakers paid tribute to the courage and ideals of the French people, the Marseillaise and Star Spangled Banner were sung. The Reverand Ganon Gilles B. Cabanel, Chaplain Chief of the Famous Blue Devils made a short address. Paul Bartlett, officer of the Legion of Honor, is speaking

Demobilization - Mustering Out Scene - Soldiers about to be mustered out of the Service turning in their equipment to supply officer at Camp Dix, New Jersey

Ceremonies - Camp Funston thru Camp Lee - Foreign officer instructors at Funston

Boy's Activities - Drills - Boy Scout Activities. "Officer of the Day" at the Lett's Boy Scouts of America Camp selling sugar to one of the weekend trip Boys

Boy's Activities - Junior Naval Reserve - Other Camps - U.S. Junior Naval Reserve. Quiz in the Bluejacket's manual. Officer with class at Camp Howe, Junior naval Reserve Camp at Rye, N.Y

American Red Cross - E thru H - Auto Ambulances presented to Serbia by the American Red Cross Committee through the French Authorities. Officer of the American Ambulance Corps in Paris accompanying Mr. Harges who paid for the 40 ambulances

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Restroom in the American Red Cross Officer's recreation hut at Base Hospital No. 6, near Bordeaux

American Red Cross - N thru W - Mrs. A.L. Queneau, American Red Cross Chairman at Newcastle, England. Mrs. Queneau has been an active and energetic worker for the Aemrican soldiers in hospital and camp since the United States entered the war. She has livedin England for many years. Her husband is an officer in the French army

American Library Association Instruction Books - A study in French. These lessons are given by a French Officer enroute to France aboard a U.S.A. Transport. In the Submarine Zone and everyone has a life preserver

Ceremonies - Liberations - Military Weddings - First American to bring a war bride to the United States. Petty Officer John Walters has the honor of brining the first war bridge to America who is now living with her husband's people at Hammond, Indiana

Winning the Distinguished Service Medal French was left there alone, sitting on the ground, holding his dying officer's head in his lap

#6408 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6407 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6406 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6399 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6401 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6394 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6402 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

#6405 Student Officer 9.5 Shop

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