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Copy of Section of Photograph Map captured from the enemy Showing country adjacent to Richmond and Lines of Defensive Works surrounding the City. Headquarters, Army of the Potomac, Engineer Department, August 18th, 1864, [and one part dated] Dec. 20th, 1864.

Plan of One Tower for the East River Bridge

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Bank Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Bank Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Bank Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Patent Drawing for J. O. Lose's One Wheeled Vehicle

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Three Small Frame Houses - One under Construction

"Louis Menard's Horses; Spot (Ted One) is Rehabilitation Horse B-C District; Horses Beside Straw Covered Shelter

Percy Cock's Horses, Three Mares and One Gelding; All Three Mares Bred

Sixteen to One

Kentucky River Lock and Dam Number One

Room For One Only

Not Supporting the Candidacy of Any One Else

One Thing That England Does Better

Just One Thing After Another

A Warning to the Tardy One

Wash Borings, Hole Number 2A, Opposite Side of Casing Shown in F540N4, 2 Inch Casing from El. 76, Below Bench Mark, Damaged at 9.15 A.M., August 15, 1916, Using Three One/Half Pound Sticks of Dynamite

Wash Borings, Hole Number 2A, 2 Inch Casing from El. 83, Damaged at 1.45 P.M., August 16, 1916, Using One One/Half Pound Stick of Dynamite

Wash Borings, Hole Number 2A, Opposite Side of Casing Shown in F540N3, 2 Inch Casing from El. 76, Below Bench Mark, Damaged at 9.15 A.M., August 15, 1916, Using Three One/Half Pound Sticks of Dynamite

Balloons - Miscellaneous - Small British Dirigible. This ship has a 70,000 cubic gas capacity. Ships like this one and larger will soon be used for passenger service both here and abroad

American Red Cross - Canteens - One good turn deserves another. These fine specimens of the American Army and Navy (including the Naval Police and the Military Police at the dishpan) have volunteered to help out in a rush at the American Red Cross canteen at the station at Bordeauz

American Red Cross - Uniforms - All white is the dress uniform of the Red Cross nurse in foreign service, where its wearing, for laundry purposes has to be a luxury. But sometimes a wounded man is decorated in the ward, or a General may visit; almost certainly then the nurse will wear dress uniform as a mark of honor, and one which is dramatic in its symbolism. Nurses of the Army and Navy Nurse Corps wear the same uniform, with their insignia the Caduceus of the Army or anchor of the Navy replacing the Red Cross pin. They retain the Red Cross on the cap, however, if they have entered military service from the Red Cross reserve

Ceremonies - Liberty Loans (War Finance Parade) - Liberty Day parade in Akron, Ohio. The Akron Home Guard marching in Liberty Day parade. The Akron Home Guard was organized in April, 1917, with one thousand members

Camouflage - Ships - Dazzle Painting or Flag for Ships. Models of two ships on same line of direction one plan and the other dazzled. This method of camouflage was used on battleships and transports to deceive U-Boat commanders and make correct aim difficult

Ceremonies and Parades - Ceremonies as clock is pushed ahead one hour. Marcus M. Marks, Chairman of National Daylight Saving Movement, pushing the hands around from two to three on the master clock that controls the big dials on the Metropolitan Tower, New York City, as the Daylight Saving Law went into effect

American Red Cross - Salvage - Red Cross Salvage Campaign. There is a use for everything no matter how old or how worn it is; this is the motto of the Red Cross Salvage Campaign which is now in progress over the entire country. Old clothes, clothes, tinfoil, books, and other discards are in the collection. Part of 10,000 pounds of tinfoil collected in one month, valued at $1,700

Balloons - Hangars and Beds - British Airship Station. These stations were all along the coast, and during the war, scout planes like the one shown landing, patrolled the coasts for submarines, and guarded transports

American Library Association - Miscellaneous - Official photograph taken on the British front battle of Menin Road. War's contrasts. The photographer had no sooner taken this picture of peace, than every one had to run to earth, as the Boche suddenly started sending over a shower of shells on this particular spot. Note the sofa, doubtless used by a German Commandant a short while ago

American Red Cross - Salvage - Red Cross Salvage Campaign. There's a use for everything no matter how old or how worn it is, this is the motto of the Red Cross Salvage Campaign which is now in progress over the entire country. Old clothes, shoes, tinfoil, books, and other discards are in the collection. Two thousand pairs of shoes collected in one week

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - Naval recruits arrive in New York for Big Meet. One thousand of the tars in trianing at the Pelham Bay Naval Training Station arrived in the city for the big Military and Naval Meet and Ball which will be held in Madison Square Garden. The men will be quartered in the 69th Regiment Armory. The photograph shows a general view of the men marching down Fifth Avenue with full equipment. This is the first time these boys have been shown to New Yorkers on parade

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Service Pin that will be presented to Rev. Windsor by the Red Cross Chapter of Rayville, LA. You will notice on the pin, from the bottom up, three stars on one bar means a set of triplets, the next two bars mean two sets of twins. Rev. Windsor has 19 sons and 1 daughter

Balloons - In the Theatre of Operations - Dirigibles. Stabling a Dirigible on a windy day is no easy task. When the French had the station one was destroyed by being blown against the steel framework of the great canvas hangar. The hangar is seven hundred feet long and ninety feet high. It will accomodate two large ships or three small ones. A second hangar is in couse of construction. When complete, this unit of the American Naval Aviation Service will fly four dirigibles and keep up constant patrols

Camouflage - Experiments - Experimental station for testing camouflage designs. Testing dazzle painting or camouflage for ships. The minature ship is placed in position with screen of water in background. The expert then looks through periscope and fires a small gun at ship, if he misses the camouflage is successful, if not a new one is tried

Ceremonies - Preparedness Day, Washington, D.C. - "A minute of prayer for victory." The Angelus Siren which calls the people of Washington to prayer at one minute of twelve each day. The siren has been placed on the roof of the Evans Building, Washington

Balloons - R - Activity in producing balloons for war service. Nurse type balloon, first one manufactured by Ohio Company, Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. plant, Akron, O

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Enroute - Slipping one more cake of Red Cross chocolate into comfort bag, where the soldier will find it when he gets aboard the homeward bound troop ship

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - American Red Cross Hospital at Arch-Angel. Formerly an old convent hospital. Some of the sisters remained to work with the Red Cross when it was taken over by Captain Wynn of Seattle, in charge of American Red Cross work, for American soldiers. Like many buildings in Archangel, it is only one story high, but it is much larger and roomier than it looks. Grounds are constantly patrolled by American sentries

Ceremonies - Liberations - Naturalization Ceremonies - Naturalization Day, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas. One alien who has been under observation being questioned prior to taking the oath of allegiance to the United States

American Red Cross - Recreation and Sports - Red Cross Baseball in England. Every hospital has several teams and also several good diamonds. One Red Cross shipment from America to England this summer included complete baseball equipment for 2000 men. This was mainly used in the Hospitals

Balloons - Manufacturing - General - Manufacturing balloons for government use. Vulcanizer used for the curing of balloon fabric. Four large drums of balloon fabric are rolled in at one time

Boy's Activities - War Work - Boy Scouts of Brooklyn, N.Y., starting out to help raise one hundred million dollars for the American Red Cross. June 1917

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Miscellaneous - American Red Cross painting being auctioned off in front of N.Y. Public Library. One hundred dollars was the price this painting brought

American Library Association - O through R - This load is typical of those taken to quarantine camps and to troop trains, except that "Side boards" are removed to permit the showing of magazines in the picture. During one month approximately 40,000 magazines were taken to the isolation camp and directly to men in temporary quarantine about the camp. All departing troop trains are supplied with magazines: one bundle of from 25 to 30 is placed in each coach before the men entrain. Camp Doniphan

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1917 - Peace Float taken through Nyack, N.Y. streets 4th of July, 1916, a contrast to the one used in 1917

Ceremonies - Triumphal Arch erected by the scores in Belgian villages to welcome the advancing Allied Armies. This one is in the village of Haisdonck, Belgium, and the trees were transplanted for the purpose

Ceremonies and Parades - Setting the country's clocks ahead one hour. Marcus M. Marks, Chairman of the National Daylight Saving Movement, giving the signal to set the hands of the great clock in the Metropolitan Tower, N. Y. City, ahead one hour. The signal was given at exactly 2 A.M. Sunday March 31, 1918 at Aldine Club, on a signal from Washington, D.C

Balloons - R - Activity in producing balloons for war service. Nurse type balloon, first one manufactured by this plant, Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. plant, Akron, O

Artists - American Artworks (Wartime Cartoons) - War Cartoons. "Putting all their Punch into one Glove" by R.O. Evans in the Baltimore American

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work (workrooms and classes) - War Activities, Spokane, Wash. One section of Red Cross Shop. A downtown store room 75x150 ft. in constant use by Red Cross workers since the war began

Camouflage - Soldiers Training - Learning the art of camouflage. One piece of the trunk of this tree is a man in a camouflage suit that blends with the coloring of the tree. This is part of the instruction given to the men in the 1st and 2nd platoons of the camouflage class conducted by the New York Board of Education. May 1, 1918

Ceremonies - Washington - Washington's Armistice Celebration. All afternoon and late into the night the throngs stood before the White House on the day the Armistice signing news was received. They had only one idea -- that of seeing the President. And just to satisfy them, Mr. Wilson stepped out and waved his hand to them, smiling

Ceremonies - England, Italy - Fourth of July celebration in Great Britian. The American and British Army and Navy "shake" on their one purpose, to crush the Hun

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - July 4th Parade on Fifth Avenue, New York City. Among the many floats representing a half-hundred nations was this one contributed by Armenians; British marines are in the foreground

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Public Gatherings - American Red Cross Campaign, June 18-25, New York. Photo shows a sign which was moved one block for every million dollars raised nationally for the Red Cros. The appeal is for one hundred million dollars. June 18-25, 1917

Artists - French Artworks - Famous painting by Lieut. Henri Farre. Night bombardment of the railroad station at Sablons, enar Metz in 1915. Below one can see the station continually illuminated by the bombardments

Balloons - Miscellaneous - Balloons. Looking under the pusher Type Dirigible. This type has only one engine

American Red Cross - In the Service of Interior - Christmas Boxes - Christmas packets for soldiers. One pile of Christmas packages for soldiers in camp and abroad by the women of Louisville, KY

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - American Red Cross in Norh Russia. The Garden House of the Governor's mansion in Archangel. The Governor's mansion is now the American Embassy, where one or two of the American Red Cross officers have their headquarters. The young Russian boy in the picture is an empoyee of the Red Cross

American Red Cross - Warehouses - Wherever one goes throughout England, one comes upon little American camps full of soldiers in training. Feature of each camp is Red Cross storehouse, with shelves and bins full of comforts and emergency supplies

American Red Cross - In the Zone of Advance - Activities - Red Cross outpost in St. Mihiel Salient. An American Red Cross canteen established in the ruins of a village evacuated by the Boches in their retreat from the St. Mihiel salient. The Red Cross outpost here was set up in the only house with a partial roof left in town. The women in the picture are Miss Scott and Mrs. Farwell of Chicago. They carry all of their equipment in one motor turck and follow the advance, pitching their outpose at whatever point in the battle zone they can best serve. The man in apron at left is an army cook, who during his off hours came in to help cook doughnuts. This Red Cross outpose served an average of 10,000 men a day with hot coffee, chocolate, doughnuts, biscuits and jam, and sandwiches

American Red Cross - N thru W - Dr. Henry W. Newman, American Red Cross, seated in railroad car in which he lived in the interior of Siberia throughout one winter

American Red Cross - Groups - Workers of Byhalia Colored Auxiliary of American Red Cross in Northern Mississippi, where Blacks outnumber five to one

Balloons - Miscellaneous - Balloons. Close up of smaller Type of Dirigible with one engine known as pusher type

American Red Cross - Groups - American Red Cross in Great Britian. One unit of the famous "Flying Squadron" organized like a fire department, the men sleeping on the premises, and priding themselves on being able to get under way, dispatch-riders supply-trucks and all, within three minutes of the time the call is received

An overview of 1200 head of horses and mules in one corral at Camp Kearny, California (CA). The teams furnished by the Pioneer Trucking Company. Note: In the future this area became the US Navy (USN) Naval Air Station Miramar

One More Chance Tomorrow

"Belcher has come over-and is listenin'. Glarin' Hostile at the Woman. 'It's Mrs. Burke, the one whose sons are in the army, whispers vee"

Baldwin Locomotives Unloaded as Shipped on the Wharf at Brest, 37 Complete with Rails in One Hold

Some One Had Found It First and Got the Money Out of It

One Year After

One Suit versus Fierce Weather Fund

District One (Workers and Gas Can)

Life Saving (Step One)

District One (Pine Ridge Stock and Recreation Dam)

District One (Grassland)

District One (Creosoted Windmill Tower)

One Story Building with Dormers, Possibly a School

Crowd Watching Men, One in Native Dress, Around Model House Set on Trailer

House of "Fannie One Bear nee Bull Bonnet now Charging Thunder"

One Hundred and Forty-Nine Years Old today and Spotless

Photograph of a Fire One Mile South of Marenisco, Michigan

Two Souls With But A Single Thought - Two Hearts That Beat As One!

Enumeration, One Day was Devoted to the Enumeration of Trailer Camps and Other Places Inhabited by Transients

The Presidency is Just One Problem After Another

Two Hearts That Beat As One!

One Way of Avoiding Entangling Interviews

Photograph of Block One Cleared and Planted

Photograph of Indian River One and a Half Miles Above Proposed Canal Site