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Your draft board OK's Off-Season Work on Logging, Cap Saw Mills, and Pulp Cutting. See Your Draft Board TODAY. War manpower commission, United States employment service [Herold Van]


Where are men are Fighting. Our Food Is Fighting. Buy Wisely - Cook carefully - Store carefully - use leftovers

[American soldiers fighting off an attack] [X. Gonzalez]

U.S. Defense Bonds Stamps (Information on the borders: War Time. 3rd Journal Monday) [Halladay]


[Japanese soldier] [Rodevald]

Give 'em the old 1-2. 1-Load, 2-Unload All Cars Promptly. Your Government says "Every hour saved in freight-car turnaround time means more cars available for the Victory parade to Tokyo and Berlin." [Media appears to be pencil.] [Fred Cooper]

6th War Loan United States Savings Bond.

See It Through. Buy More Bonds


Don't Talk Yourself Into It! (On Reverse: Not Used)

[Medic wrapping wounded soldier with cloth bandage] - [Information on mat: "Fabrics Fight, Too." Note: There is evidence that a piece is missing] [Robert Moore]

[Bayonets scaring civilians.] [Lewis Daniel]

[People in three different occupations walking (marching) on the flags of Germany and Japan. The first three people are a grocer, a housewife carrying an American flag, and service station attendant carrying a tire. To inspire folks on the homefront.] [Luther Horney]

[Shoulders charging with the American, British, Chinese, Russian, and French flags in the background. Media: charcoal]

[Norseman with shield fending off arrows] Norway

UNITED NATIONS Together for VICTORY. [H.R. Sheehan]

[Smokey Bear in professor gown...lecturing a small bear cub.]

United We Win! [J.C]

[Woman walking away from a junk wagon with money] [Holcomb.]

[Woman carrying wheat beside an ox] Philippines

[American soldier running (Not used)] [RO Rivera]

[Soldiers moving cannons up to fight invaders] (Information on back: X. Gonzalez)

For Japan Next ([Information on side: All Quiet On The Western Front) [Hayes]

Don't Talk Yourself to Death

The Record of The ENEMY [Ben Nason]

Help Prevent Forest Fires! PUT OUT Match, Cigarette, Pipe, Camp Fire

[Two Children Sleeping on the Sidewalk in Front of a Burned Out Store. Near Them are Three Graves.] [Hermansky]

[Inspector talking to farmer beside the dead hogs hanging from meat hooks. June 11, 1945] [Kolada]


Don't be Hitler's Stooge-Shut Up!!! [Authur Crouch]

There's no Ersatz for Freedom! [Seymour Fogel]

Believe It or Not! by Ripley. BUY MORE BONDS - GIVE MORE BLOOD - WORK TO WIN THE WAR! (Information on back: War Loan Poster 6th War Loan This Space Contributed To The U.S. Treasury Department By The Transportation Advertising Industry) [Robert Ripley]

[German military band playing music in front of a statue of Chopin that has had its head taken off. Other German soldiers are lying in the grass in the foreground.] [Hermansky]


Save Fats Help KILL These Rats [Alfredo Plastino]

In Congress, July 4, 1776. The Unanimous Dedication of thirteen united States Of America...VERBOTEN! You Can't Let This Happen. BUY MORE BONDS.

KEEP COOL. Remember Pearl Harbor. CD [Civil Defense]. (Information on the back: Submitted by the Graphics Section. United States Public Health service. Photograph: Courtesy of Photographic unit, Office of Emergency management.)

X 48 Stockings - 4 dozen pairs of all-silk stockings contained enough silk to make ONE POWDER BAG for a sixteen-inch gun

Defense/Program (Information on other side: "The Danger In Not Pulling Together" Thursday Editorial) [Parks]

America's answer! PRODUCTION [Jean Carlu]

So Glad You Think War Over. Beat Japan Campaign


[Woman carrying groceries as soldiers marching with rifles on their shoulders in the background.] [Sarra]

[Four soldiers shaking hands with the American, British, Chinese, and Russian flags in the background.]

[Factory worker testing a rifle] Battle Begins With Your Job. Do It Right.

Americans Never Quit. Be Part of the Seventh

32 Nations. One Purpose. One Victory. United Nations Day - June 14 [Jan Clausing, Bill Schneider]

Shipbuilders: YOU are freedom of the seas

[Family man, woman, two children, and a baby wrapped up to keep warm.] [Hermansky]

[Nurse having a nurse's cap place on her head] [Victor Keppler]

[Two men carrying a coffin with a barefoot little girl following behind them.][Not Used in "Tale of a City"]

Defienda Su Libertad - Libertad De Cultos [Xavier Gonzalez]

[Two German soldiers walking the streets of a city with a dead man in the foreground]

United We Are Strong. [Media: charcoal]

It Can Happen Here. Buy at least 10% [Earl C. Martin]

[Eagle holding serpent (coat of arms)] Mexico

For Victory! June 14 - United Nations Day [Jan Clausing]

No peace without power. BUY WAR BONDS

[Ships off a coast] (Information on back: Guadalcanal Mural, X. Gonzalez) [X. Gonzalez]

Loose Talk Does Reach Tokyo. Let's Stop It!

Americanos Todas Luchemos Por La Victorica. Americans All. Let's Fight For Victory! Theme No. 3 (Americans All)

It's later than you think... [Wray Manning]

[Man plowing a field with a tractor with military planes and tanks following him.] [See Item 208-AOP-122-121] [Fred Chance]

Bowl Them Over. MORE PRODUCTION. (Information on cover sheet: War Production Board, Washington, D.C. A-16. There is a revision piece.)

Train For A Career. U.S. Maritime Service

Uncle Sam (Information on the back: Pd for. Not used. Rejected.) [Robert S. Sloan]

[Men standing behind barbed wire.] [Gropper]

"Christ Has Kicked the Bucket, -But Hitler Youth is Marching ON!"- Hitler Youth Slogan. What Do You Say America?

Be Wise... Be Warm Next Winter. Order COAL Now. [Michael H. Arens]


[Coat of Arms] New Zealand

[Soldier holding out a hand ]

[Soldiers fighting in a wooded area] (Information on back: Guadalcanal Mural, X. Gonzalez) [X. Gonzalez]

HE'S WATCHING YOU [Glenn Ernest Grohe]

More Women Must Work (Information on cover sheet: America at war needs 18 million women in full-time jobs.)

UNITED We Are Strong. United We Will Win. OWI Poster No. 64. [Koerner]

[Flag] El Salvador

[Two soldiers loading bombs into the belly of an airplane.] [Melbourne Brindle]

America Calling. CD [Civil Defense] - (Not used.) [Herbert Matter]

Defienda Su Libertad Religiosa ... Defend the Right of Religious Freedom (Theme No. 4 (Total War)) [Leon Helguera]

[Statue] Panama

Now We're UP!

People Listening to a Loudspeaker. [Herb Williams]

[Portrait of a Japanese worker wearing a welding mask, work uniform and identification factory button.]

She has a war job! HAVE YOU?

[Cadet Nurse with high school girl] [Victor Keppler]

Somebody Talked Too Much!

[Soldiers fighting their way up a beach] Sketched for the Guadalcanal mural [X. Gonzalez]

Together we WIN

Help Save Wildlife. Help Prevent Forest Fires

[American machine gun crew fighting off an attack.] (Information on the back: Gonzalez)

[Infantry, tanks, ships, airplanes attacking] [R.G.]

"DON'T TALK yourself to death."

THE UNITED NATIONS FIGHT AS ONE! [Allied soldiers marching]

[German soldier looking on as man is hanged and two small children comfort each other]

[Charge by Japanese light infantry toward a group of unidentifiable soldiers.]

[Two different images put together. One image shows factory worker and other is artillery men putting missile into the cannon.] [Bernard Perlin]

1943. Take your Books to your Local Library.