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Inner City, August 1973

Hugh Stewart, Massachusetts

Christian Nichols, Pennsylvania

John Jenkins, Massachusetts

Alexander Dorchester, Connecticut

Stephen Nottingham, New York

Thomas Pinkham, New Hampshire

David Rogers, New Jersey

John Peter Miller, Pennsylvania

Isaac Tounsend, New York

Israel Stevens, Connecticut

Joseph Wood, New Jersey

John Stouseberger

Hezekiah Rowland, Connecticut

Ezekiel Hyatt, New York

Colin McLachlan, Connecticut

Theophilis Swain, North Carolina

Abraham Spoor, Massachusetts

Henry Sinsabaugh, New York

John Gassaway, Maryland

Christian Roth, Massachusetts

Henry Van Der Cook, New York

Daniel Skinner, Connecticut

Samuel Senter, New Hampshire

Nathaniel Noyes, Rhode Island

John Thompson, New York

Enoch Crosby, New York

William Foster, New York

William Degroot, New Jersey

John Smithe, New Jersey

Conrad Fry

Nicholas Lott, Pennsylvania

David Lockwood, Connecticut

David Johnson, Connecticut

Soloman Tomkins, Connecticut

Jonathan Norris, New Hampshire

Ebenezer Spencer, New Hampshire

Thomas Parkinson, Maryland

William Welchons, Pennsylvania

Isaiah Rowe, Connecticut

George Mitchell, Connecticut

Ezekiel Root, Connecticut

Ebenezer Prior, Connecticut

James Shepard, New York

Philip Schwartz, Pennsylvania

John Devoe, New Jersey

Jacob Shaffer, Pennsylvania

Tobias Starry, Pennsylvania

John Neal, Maryland

Henry Erwin, Pennsylvania

Frederick Miller, Massachusetts

Charles Warner, Connecticut

Fraktur of the Family of Isaac Dickisson

Frederick Sprague, Connecticut

William Smith, Massachusetts

John Goldy, New Jersey

Jacob Shoemaker, Pennsylvania

Jasper Viet, New Jersey

Benjamin Waterous, Connecticut

Edward Mead, Connecticut

Abner Lilly, Connecticut

Charles Reynolds, Connecticut

John Moyer, Maryland

James Wiggin, New Hampshire

William Potter, Massachusetts

John Timett, New York

John Tomlin, Virginia

Francis Drew, New Hampshire

John Peter Miller, Pennsylvania

Alfred Hurlbutt, Connecticut

Fraktur of the Family of Jacob Esser

John McChesney, New York

John Hoagland, New Jersey

Abel Parker, Connecticut

James Runnals, New Hampshire

John Forbes, New York

Samuel Shade, Pennsylvania

Thaddeus Stockwell, Massachusetts

Juber Newland, Massachusetts

Ithamer Weed, Connecticut

Ebenezer Sumner

John Southard, New York

Ebenezer Forbes, Massachusetts

John Myers, New York

George Nolf, Pennsylvania

Henry Mooskenug, Pennsylvania

George Kessler, Pennsylvania

Edward Mead, Connecticut

Philip Sell, North Carolina

Thomas Ford, New Jersey

Philip Lettig, Pennsylvania

Reuben Phelps, Connecticut

Levi Cole, Naval Service, Rhode Island

David Watson, New Hamsphire

Fraktur of the Family of Joseph Smead

Abraham Requa, New York

Nathaniel Banks, Massachusetts

William Stoughton, Connecticut

Henry Yebel, Pennsylvania

Abijah Stow, New York