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[Coutances Bridge, Normandy - Before & After]

[OEEC Delegates at "Visual Aids in Agriculture" Conference]

[Vernissage Dlugosz, France Amerique]

[NATO Ministerial Council Meets in Paris]

[Robertson Factory at Le Havre]


[Greek Railway Representatives Presentation to Ambassador Katz)]

[This is Europe - Series VIII, Program 4]

[Veterans of Foreign Wars Give Books]

[This is Europe]

[The Sorbonne]

[American Expert at Men's Clothing Factory (Vestra), Strasbourg]

[Helicopter - Report from Europe]

[The Camargue - (Magazine Unit)]


[Bort-les-Orgues Dam]

[US Historical Documents]

[Dunkirk] - [Barges]

[Corn Husking Demonstration (Elmer Carlson)]

[Raymond Loewy]


[Franco-U.S. Historical Documents]

[This is Europe]

[SAAR Story] - [Iron & Steel Industry Reaches Postwar High]

[Furniture Inventory, US Embassy]

[St. Lo's New Hospital, Inaugural Ceremonies]

[Bassin de Lorraine]

[Council of Europe - Opening Session Aug 9, 49]

[Gen. Ridgway's Press Farewell]

[SRE Buildings]

[Paris Scenes and Monuments]

[Lille. Quatrieme Festival Cuturel International Etudiant]

[William H. Joyce Meets French Press in Paris]

[Strasbourg Conference]

["Oklahoma" Premiere]

[This is Europe]

["The Sleepless Port" - (Magazine Unit)]

[British Embassy]

["The Sleepless Port" - (Magazine Unit)]

[NATO College]


[Norwegian Journalists Visit Paris]

[Way of Life - use of electricity]

[Housing and Reconstruction in France]

[Blood Bank, Hospital Foch, Suresnes]

[Franklin's 250th Anniversary Celebrations in Paris]


[Pictures of the Swiss Pavilion at the "Cite Universitaire", Paris]

["Oklahoma" Premiere]

[Ministerial Session of NATO Council]

[Mrs. Innes-Brown and Mr. Dowling]

[NATO Defense College, Ecole Militaire]

[French Train as NATO Paratroopers at Pau]

[Franco-American Relations]

["Oklahoma" Actors at the Tuileries Garden and Paris Café]

[New U.S. Representative to NATO Arrives in Paris]

[U. S. Giant Landing Craft "BARC"]

[Lord Ismay Receives Ambassador Draper at Luncheon in Paris]


[Minder's Homes]


[Chevilly - Power Station]


[SAAR Story] - [Coal Resources]

[Reproduction Rue Francois Ler]

[St. Malo Conference, July 1950]

["The Sleepless Port" - (Magazine Unit)]

[Sixth Annual Session of the Council of Europe]

[ECA Agricultural Exhibit - Malesherbes]


[Farm pix (Cows, Sheep)]

[Fulbright Students Arrive in Paris]

[Amb. Draper Receives 11 American Agric. Inf. Consultants]

[Launching of "E-9" Destroyer Escort]

[Exhibitor Arrives for Lille Show (Pix with Miss America) (Joseph Bancroft American Textile Outfit)]

[Paris Scenes (Rue de la Paix, Opera House)]

[Radio - This is Europe]

[French clinic for polio victims]


[Edvard Fendler, Director of the Mobile Symphony Orchestra]

[Stills from Cartoon film "A Story of Recovery"]

[La Chapelle Paper Plant]

[First International School for Women Labor Leaders (La Breviere Labor School)]

[Smith College Singers' Concert]

[Development of French Sudan Bamaku to Timbuctu]


[Donzere-Mondragon Project] - [under Rigaud Irrigation Project]

[Taxi Cab Drivers Story]

[Texture Shots At Thomson's Works]

["The Sleepless Port" - (Magazine Unit)]

[French Agriculture] - [Grassland Conference]

[Twining of Rennes-Rochester]

[Furniture Inventory, US Embassy]

[American Theatre Exhibit]

[Astrophysics Institute, Bill Curtis, Fulbright Student]

[International Club]

[NATO Council Meeting]

[Ambassador Draper's Reception, May 5th, 1952]

["The Sleepless Port" - (Magazine Unit)]

[Transfer of the "Fougueux" Net Tender to Spain]