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American Red Cross - Refreshments - Wounded heroes on board U.S.S. Leviathan

Ceremonies and Parades - Porto Rico training men National Army. Father P. Barrios addressing soldiers at Camp Las Oasas. Porto Rico was the first of the U.S. extra-continental possessions to put men in the service

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - France - American Red Cross Workers helping refugees in France. American Red Cross workers requisitioning blankets and furniture for refugees at an American Red Cross stationi n France

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Camp Dix, Wrightstown, N.J. Christmas at camp

Airplanes - Types - Interior of aerobus that made record breaking trip from Paris to London and back. Military observers Farnam Aerobus

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - Voting in Camps - Election day at Camp Upton, Long Island, New York. Soldiers casting their ballots at the election at Camp Upton

Ceremonies and Parades - Chapel dedicated by Mormons in Brooklyn. Dedication services of the Brooklyn Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saint were held at the recently completed building at Gates & Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Senator Reed Smoot, of Utah delivered the dedication prayer. The building is of hollow tile & crushed granite is forty-two feet wide on Gates Avenue, and extends back eighty feet along Franklin. It has a seating capacity of about 300, offices, reading rooms and a Sunday School. The church has a membership of 275

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - Decoration Day in England. American soldiers and nurses now undergoing training some where in England for service on the battlefields of France duly honored Decoration Day. Graves of some of the U.S. soldiers who died were decorated while bands played and the American partook in the ceremonies

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines who stopped Hun drive at Chateau Thierry parade in Philadelphia. General view of the parade

Ceremonies - American troops marching along the wharf to meet the troopship

Colleges and Universities - Johns Hopkins - John Hopkins Unit

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - American Troops - American Airmen reviewed in England. Some of the American airmen completing their training in England being inspected by General B.H.H. Cooke, C.M.G

Ceremonies and Parades - American troops on parade through the streets of Vladivostok during a celebration held in their honor Vladivostok, Siberia

Ceremonies - Navy & Marines - The Return of the Victory Feelt to New York. With clocklike precision, which is so characteristic of the United States Navy, America's majestic fleet moved up the Hudson River through a heavy snowstorm. After the review of the fleet by Secretary Daniels, half of the sailorscame ashore to partake in a parade down Fifth Avenue where they were cheered by thousands of people. The photo shows a division passing the reviewing stand in front of the Public Library. Secretary Daniels in a silk hat can be seen near the center post

Colleges and Universities - Rutgers College - Rutgers College at New Brunswick, New York, is 1 of the good semi-military institutions of the East

Balloons - Hangars and Beds - Scene at Omaha Balloon School, Omaha, Nebraska

Airplanes - Types - 1,000 H.P. plane, at Helgoland light, used as patrol against Huns

Camouflage - Soldiers Training - Learning the art of camouflage. This student who is going to play the part of a rock for the men for the 1st and 2nd platoons of the camouflage class conducted by the New York Board of Education is getting into his costume. May 1, 1918

Armistice - Armistice - The Cessation of Hositlities on actual fighting front. Showing the cessation of hostilities on the fighting front near the Verdun route at Metz. A German captain and his staff at the right, is receiving orders from the French Commander of that sector, that hostilities are at an end. The Captain and his staff were given two minutes in which to return to their lines. The phot was taken on the morning of the signing of the armistice at exactly eleven thirty-five

Ceremonies - Puerto Rico - Puerto Rican girls in Tableau of Allied Nations. In honor of the Allied victory, Puerto Ricans held a monster festival, in which all of the nations that had helped in the Allied cause, were represented

Ceremonies - New York City - When news was received of singing of the armistice all ships in New York Harbor dressed up in varied colored bunting and flags of the Allies for the first time since beginning of the war

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - New York's "Finest" march in annual Police Parade. The motorcycle squad and the machine gun in New York City's annual Police Parade, May 11, 1918

American Red Cross - Groups - American Red Cross workers in Italy. In Padua, Italy, outside the American Red Cross workroom is shown Capt. F.C. Thwaites and some of his Italian collaborators, including the Countess Papafaba and Marchesa d'Arcias. Recently the American Red Cross donated $100,000 to the Italian Army

Boy's Activities - Junior Naval Reserve - Camp Dewey, Conn. - Junior Naval Reserve Training at New London, Conn. Boys of the Junior Naval Reserve passing in review at their camp, New London, Conn

Ceremonies - England, Italy - Sir John Hendrie, Lieut. Governor of Ontario, (in center with straw hat) Mayor Church of Toronto to the left, and Colonel Bickford to the right at the 4th of July celebration in Toronto, Canada; the first time in history that Canada celebrated the 4th of July

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - "Fighting Sixty-Ninth" on parade in New York City

Ceremonies - Liberation of Alsace (Strassbourg) - In Colmar, Alsace, President Poincare received a big reception from the grateful peasants. Three children of Colmar, a girl with the republican cap of France, a boy in the traditional dress of Uncle Sam, and an Alsatian girl deliver an address of welcome to the president

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - New 69th Regiment Infantry New York National Guard makes first appearance

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Independence Day Parade, New York City, July 4, 1918. Italian float

Army of Occupation - French barges watching the Rhine. French patrol barges sailing in Rhine river maintaining order and seeing to it that navigation rules are strictly carried out in compliance with orders

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Camouflage School at Columbia University, New York City. 1 of the camouflage effects made by the students of the school. The men are taught how to camouflage anything and everything

Colleges and Universities - Hunter College - Land Army unit, Hunter College, New York City

Ceremonies and Parades - The impressive scene at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital during the celebration of the annual field Mass

Ceremonies - New York City - Peace Demonstrations, New York, N.Y. Demonstrations on lower Broadway after news had been received that Germany had signed the Armistice. The streets were blocked by the crowds and cars were at a standstill. Streamers and scraps of paper were thrown into the streets from the top of the buildings

Army of Occupation - U.S. Troops drill in famous German fortress on Rhine. U.S. troops drilling in Ehrenbreitstein fort on historic Rhine, the first German fort to fly Old Glory

Ceremonies - Independence Day, 1918 - Independence Day Parade, New York City, July 4, 1918. The shipyards were represented by this float

Airplanes - Flight - How American aviators celebrated the Armistice Signing. Part of the large formation of 202 airplanes from Rockwell Field, Cal., that went out to celebrate the Armistice signing

Ceremonies - Miscellaneous Reviews and Camp Scenes - 12th regiment returns to New York. City from Mexican border. 12th Regiment In fine marching order swinging east on 23rd Street at Eighth Avenue, upon their return from Mexican border

American Red Cross - In the Service of Interior - Christmas Boxes - Red Cross Fills Christmas stockings for wounded heroes. Left to right: Mrs. Bernardo Fisher; Miss Sarah Van Sielen; Miss Jean Anthony; Miss Z.P. Wilbur; and Mrs. C.M. Nisbeth at work at the Red Cross Headquarters at Madison Ave. and 38th Street, New York City

Airplanes - Flight - On guard against U-boats from air and sea. Now that there is no need of hushing any longer, we are able to produce vivid proof for the surrender of the German fleet rather than "come out" and face the Allied navies. This remarkable photograph shows a British aeroplane leaving its rendezvous aboard battleship in search of undersea craft

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Mayor Hylan welcomes heroic Commander of the 27th Major General O'Ryan

Chemical Warfare Service - Drills - Instruction - National Army Gas Mask School

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day Celectration held in Central Park, N.Y. Naval Reserves drilling on wireless while Boy Scouts stand guard, at the Flag Day celebration in Central Park. Mayor Hylan can be seen standing on the left of the photo

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Student Army Training Corps - Columbia University now a War Institution

Chemical Warfare Service - Drills - Miscellaneous - Repulse of a German gas attack Southeast of Arras

Ceremonies - Washington - A million signatures for universal military training. Porters carrying petition of National Security petition of National Security League in 1917 up Capitol Steps

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Reviewing stand of 27th Division Parade. Governor Smith, Brigadier General C. I. Debevoise and Ex-Governor Whitman, reviewing the preliminary procession of 27th Division

Ceremonies - New York City - An American Scout Patrol decorated upon receipt of news that Armistice was signed

Ceremonies - Preparedness Day, May 1916 - Nation's greatest preparedness parade passing up Fifth Ave., N.Y. City

Balloons - Equipment - Omaha Balloon School, Omaha, Nebraska. Trucks for carrying cable for Observation balloons

Ceremonies - American band waiting to greet the New Zealnders

Ceremonies - Liberty Loans (War Finance Parade) - Crowd greets Pershing's veterans when they sell bonds in Wall Street. This crowd packed Wall Street, New York, in front of of the Sub-Treasury building to get a glimpse of the 50 veterans of Pershing's army. The fifty veterans form France can be seen standing at the feet of the George Washington statue while they urge the crowd to back up their comrades "over there" by buying more Liberty Bonds. May 1, 1918

Balloons - Flights with Ships in View - U.S. Battleship and Observation Balloon in New York Harbor, N.Y

Ceremonies - Liberations - Military Weddings - Military wedding at Pelham Bay Naval Training Station, Pelham, New York. The Pelham Bay Naval Training Camp had its first wedding when Grace Franklin, daughter of Commander and Mrs. William S. Frranklin, became the bride of Lieut. Wm. Murray Black, Jr., U.S.A., son of Major Gen. and Mrs. William Murray Black, Chief of engineers. Miss Franklin's father is commandant of the Pelham station. The Rev. Lea Luquer, D.C., of St. Mathew's Church, asisted by the Rev. McVicker Haight, camp chaplain, officiated. Lieut. William Murray Black, Jr. and his bride

Armistice - Armistice - Drawing of Recption of German Peace Delegates. Inside the French lines in the railroad car of Marshal Foch. The reception of the delgates in the car. They are (1) Marshal Foch: (2) Admiral Weymiss: (3) An American delegate, probably General Rhodes: (4) General Weygand: (5) M. Erzberger: (6) Gernal von Gundoll: (7) Gernal von Winterfield: (8) Count Oberndorff

American Red Cross - Ambulances - American Red Cross Ambulances on the Italian Front. A few of the American Red Cross ambulances shortly after their arrival on the Italian front

American Red Cross - Vehicles - French girl driver of American Red Cross car. American Red Cross has found it most difficult to find drivers for its vehicles because of man shortage. Here is one of the French girls who have entered the breach standing by one of the Red Cross cards

American Library Association - Campaigns - Drive for books for fighters. Photo shows a number of girls each with a pile of books wending her way into the Public Library Building, New York, where they left books to be sent to camps. This campaign for books was started by the American Library Association. March 18, 1918

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Student Army Training Corps - Students of Columbia University on parade

Ceremonies - Italy (Rome) - Peace demonstrations in Rome. The news of the signing of the armistice was received in very much the same manner as in other capitals of the Allied countries. The photo shows a vast crowd in the streets of Rome celebrating the peace news

Ceremonies - Liberations - Lorrain-Metz - Frederick III "down and out" in Metz. The former German emperor never was very popular in Metz and the fact that Germany had consented to the allies terms gave the loyal French inhabitants an opportunity to show just what they thought of him. The picture shows what the citizens of Metz did to the statue of Frederick III

Artists - Noted artist paints original poster "Tell it to the Marines." James Montgomery Flagg, artist has given the public an opportunity to see him in action. He produced a life size picture of poster "Tell it to the Marines" in the N.Y. Public Library, to stimulate Marine recruiting. At right can be seen man who poased for him

Ceremonies and Parades - Religious ceremonies. Bishop Hayes sitting before the altar during the impressive military Mass at Camp Dix. The other prelates are Father Dinnen and Father Murphy

Balloons - Hangars and Beds - Atlantic Airship, largest in world, makes debut in England. The Atlantic airship, or R-33, makes its debut recently at Shelby, England. Flight proved successful for she remained three hours in air reaching an altitude of 2,000 feet

Boy's Activities - Junior Naval Reserve - Camp Dewey, Conn. - Junior Naval Reserve Training at New London, Conn. Members of the Junior Naval Reserve charging in a sham battle on the camp grounds, New London, Conn

Ceremonies - New York - American Red Cross parade. The Women's Division of the 15th Regt. (colored) New York City, marching down Fifth Avenue in the great Parade that opened up the Red Cross Drive

Ceremonies - Bastille Day, 1918 - American troops at the Inauguration of the Wilson Bridge at Lyons, France. On the 14th of July in the presence of the American Ambassador to France, Mr. William Sharp, the populace of Lyons named the bridge across the Rhone River in honor of President Wilson. Enormous crowds turned out to see the celebration. American soldiers about to cross the bridge

Ceremonies and Parades - Ceremonies as clock is pushed ahead one hour. Marcus M. Marks, Chairman of National Daylight Saving Movement, pushing the hands around from two to three on the master clock that controls the big dials on the Metropolitan Tower, New York City, as the Daylight Saving Law went into effect

Airplanes - Flight - Demonstration airplane flight at Oyster Bay, N.Y. Five aeroplanes in battle formation at Oyster Bay, L.I

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - West Point Cadets act as Honor Guard to nations heroes on parade. The Twenty Seventh Division in part who paraded along 5th Avenue are passing a section of giant grandstand and Guard of Honor, composed of West Point Cadets

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - Italian Army and Miscellaneous Reviews - German troops reviewing in front of Royal Theater at Weimar

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Camouflage School at Columbia University , New York City. 1 of the camouflage effects made by the students of the school. The men are taught how to camouflage anything and everything

Camouflage - Soldiers Training - Van Courtyard Park, New York City. Lessons in camouflage

Ceremonies and Parades - Great Parade of the Heroic 27th. The famous 102nd Engineers marching up avenue. This outfit formerly commanded by Col. Corneilus Vanderbilt, was first unit of 27th Div. to reach home

Ceremonies and Parades - Field Mass for Soldiers at Camp Dix, Wrightstown, N.J. Father Mullroy is shown preaching the sermon during the impressive field Mass held at amp Dix, Wrightstown, N.J. for the Natioal Army men

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Student Army Training Corps - Students at study in dormitory Columbia University, New York, New York

Alien Property Custodian - Sale of Property - Property taken over by Alien Property Custodian sold at auction. The plant of A.W. Faber Pencil Co., Newark, N.J. was sold by Public Auction by order of A. Mitchel Palmer, Alien Property Custodian. View of the acution. The plant valued at $225,000 sold for $145,000

American Red Cross - Groups - Members of Castle Hot Springs, branch Yavapai County, Arizona, chapter American Red Cross, Prescott, Arizona

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Personal Appeal - Society girls enrol Red Cross members in New York. Miss Carolyn Peterson, Miss Hannette Gutmann and Miss Singer enrolling members

American Red Cross - Canteens - American Officers Club in Paris, France. American Officers stated at or visiting in Orly, France, enjoy a leisure hour at the club operated for them by American Red Cross

Ceremonies - Camp Lewis thru Camp Wheeler - Camp Meade, Admiral, Maryland. Troops drilling

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Public Gatherings - A unique Red Cross Shop. A novel tea room, representing the interior of a bird cage, is the feature of trhe Red Cross Shop which recently opened in the old Haggin residence on Fifth Avenue, New York City

Boy's Activities - Agriculture - Boy Scouts of Brooklyn, N.Y., take up farming to serve the country

Ceremonies - France - First photos of the peace celebration in Paris

Ceremonies - Bastille Day, 1918 - Bastille Day Celebration, Paris, France. French band playing on stand which is situated on President Wilson Avenue. The Avenue was renamed on American Independence Day

Camouflage - Artillery - New York Guardsmen have camouflaged tank in camp. This camouflaged tank in one of the many instruments of war that are being used to help New York's Guardsmen at Camp Wadsworth train for the fighting "Over there."

Camouflage - Soldiers Training - Learning the art of camouflage. Which is stump and which is man is hard to tell. This bit of camouflage is one of the necessary points of concealment taught the 1st and 2nd platoons of the camouflage class conducted by the New York Board of Education. May 1, 1918

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - Italian Army and Miscellaneous Reviews - How Japan celebrated the signing of the Armistice

Ceremonies and Parades - "Heroes Day" celebrated in New York City. New York City observed its first "Heroes Day" to commorate the lives of the soldiers, sailors, and marines who died in France. Mothers, sisters, and sweethearts bringing flowers to the mound, Central park in memory of the departed heroes

Ceremonies - New York - American Red Cross parades. The thousands of marching women who paraded down Fifth Avenue, New York City, in the great parade that opened the Red Cross Drive

Ceremonies - France - Crowd invading the Palais Bourbou Chamber of Deputies, in Paris to acclaim Clemenceau on the morning of November 1st

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New Jersey - U.S. Soldiers fill Newark streets. This photo shows a mass of soldiers who marched in Newark's (New Jersey) send-off parade, April 27, 1918. The 312th Infantry is here seen on the march

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - American Troops - U.S. troops visit Toronto, Canada

Ceremonies - Flag Day, 1918 - Flag Day celebration held in Central Park, N.Y. City 1918

Chemical Warfare Service - Equipment - Miscellaneous - Getting the gas out of the trenches

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - New York - Inflating balloons to be hung on Heroes Arch in Manhattan. Balloons being inflated which are to be hung from Heroes Arch in Madison Square Garden

Colleges and Universities - Johns Hopkins - John Hopkins Hospital nurses stop in New York on way to France

Ceremonies - New York City - Ships in the Hudson Riverdressed in various colors of the Allied Forces upon receipt of news that the Armistice was signed

Ceremonies - England - Eight hundred British school children voice thanks to America for help in war. Children of Gibbons Road School Harleside, London, held a special celebration in honor of America's participation in the war. Each schoolboy and schoolgirl produced a message of thanks to the United States for the aid she has rendered her ally

Colleges and Universities - Columbia University - Student Army Training Corps - Students at Columbia University sweeping their dormitories