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Cape Elizabeth -- Maine

Deer Island Thorofare -- Maine

Deer Island Thorofare -- Maine

Burnt Island -- Maine

Hendricks Head -- Maine

Egg Rock -- Maine

Bear Island -- Maine

Little River -- Maine

Manana Island -- Maine

Cape Elizabeth -- Maine

Eagle Island -- Maine

Eggemoggin -- Maine

Fort Point -- Maine

Cushing Island Point -- Maine

Little Diamond Island -- Maine

Burnt Island -- Maine

Fort Point -- Maine

Little River -- Maine

Map of the United States and their Territories

Map of Arkansas

Walsh, John Carroll - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Photograph of Casco Bank Block in Maine

Photograph of Cumberland Street East in Maine

Little Big Mouth, a Medicine Man, Seated in front of his Lodge near Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with Medicine Bag Visible from behind the Tent

House at Port Clyde, Maine

"Mr. Chandler says he would be alright if he could get at the opposition?"

"The attempted comeback!"

Visit Vermont for a Real Summer Outing. She's never failed you

"Mr. Baker - why didn't I go west?"

"Uncle Sam - He wants me to bring him in"

"The Senior Senator from Massachusetts has a Rival"

When Fresh from Albany

Posing for the Gallery

Taking the Measure of the Czar


Attempting to crush him with a look

"I go into the barricades with the bourgeoisie and the man in blossom." Matthew Stanley Quay

Uncle Sam: "I ate Turkey nearly a week ago."

Warrior Quay - "On to Harrisburg"


"The Two Johns"

A Long-Deferred Tribute

Is This a Circus? -- G.F. Hoar


Uncle Sam's Greeting: "May the future of Your Majesty be as full of prosperity as mine promises to be."

And the two J's come up smiling

The Original McKinley Man in Vermont - All Others Are Imposters


Where am I at? In the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray

"No Beaten Path"

The Performance Begins Today

"Can't 'Oo Talk?"

Fortune Teller's Song

Important Announcement! - D.B.H

Uncle Sam : "You are steering her right, William; and, remember , I am behind you."

Pesky, but Harmless

This is the team that will win every time

This Is the Team That Will Win Every Time

Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee

"And, Boys, Remember the Maine!"

Miss Columbia-"I could be happy with either were t'other dear charmer away."

Yankee Fitz Lee

A New York Political Reconcentrado; A Pathetic Victim (title from the Detroit Journal)

Hon. William Jennings Bryan

Upon Demand of the British Consul

We'll Give 'Em Fitz!

"Spain Needs Assistance"-Madrid Dispatch

Long May She Wave

It's hard to carry eggs in a paper bag during a cyclone

I'm sorry I discovered it

Will John Bull Call Him Down?


Ready for a keystone bottling up

Miss Colombia - "This English Gentleman is very attentive, very attractive, but these foreign alliances are lotteries."

He Remains At His Post

Uncle Sam's Temptation

"But it was a hot action"

Shafter's Ultimatum

Uncle Sam - Guess there's enough here to secure Hobson's release

The Press is Mentioning Him

Time to Surrender

Where the Cuban Troops Fought Gloriously


Hoisting the flag of freedom

The Philippine Situation

An Enthusiastic Kinsman. John Bull – I find it difficult to restrain my joyful emotions

Our export business with Spain

Man up the tree - Let's quit

At the national peace counter. Spain may secure one of these birds by paying the price

The end of the war begins for humanity's sake

The first blow

An advantage in reach and pull

Uncle Sam - "Me-thinks they'll have a hard time catching him."

Is Uncle John Sherman Weary of His Outing?

The Bottling Up of David Bennett Hill

Only a Full-fledged Admiral Could Handle Them as Dewey Does

What to do with him is the problem

Uncle Samuel - "William, 'pears to me you're having a powerful hard time finding nine fellow-citizens who think it necessary to investigate your War Department."

New York Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

"Col. Bryan continues to cast significant glances in the direction of the exit."