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Soldier Creek Women Sewing

Women Quilting at Hedog

Portrait of Bess Wallace

Cecelia Rolls Off Shows White River Women How to Make Bread

Women Working in Field

Grass Mt. Women's Club Holding Meeting

Women's Meeting at Butte Creek District

Photograph of Women Gazing at Masked Men

Women Demonstrating against Child Labor, New York City

Foresters At Work: Women

The Grass Mountain Women's Club Meeting

Women Working on a Project at a Table

Women at He Dog Making Beadwork

Women Take Part in WPA Clothing and Woodwork Project

Men and Women Planting

Portrait of Maud Louise Gates Drake

Photograph of Bess Wallace with Other Ladies

Fresh water is delivered via mule drawn barrel wagon to the refugees at a camp in the Presidio. Military personnel stand by as women and children bring buckets to fill. On April 18, 1906 at 5:15 AM a quake of 8.25 on the Richter scale hit San Francisco. Greater destruction came from the fires afterwards. The city burned for three days. The combination destroyed 490 city blocks and 25,000 buildings, leaving 250,000 homeless and killing between 450 and 700. Estimated damages, over $350 million

Photograph of Bess Wallace with Two Unidentified Ladies

Portrait of Helen Wallace

Merry Women at the Ball Park

News Note: A Bill Has Been Introduced in the Illinois Legislature Limiting Women's Hats to a Diameter of Eighteen Inches

Portrait of Elizabeth Emery Gates and an Unidentified Woman

Women Picket during Ladies Tailors Strike

Portrait of Bess Wallace in a Flamboyant Hat

Photograph of Bess Wallace and Others Sitting on a Farm Fence

St George Women

Women With Child And St Paul Church In Background

Women at work in British munition factory

Women working in a British gas mask factory

Women at work in a British gas mask factory,

Women ambulance drivers lined up to receive decorations. Blendecques

A.S.C. Women at work

American delegates visit John Brown's shipyard in Scotland. Mr. Wilson addressing women employees

Esthonian women clearing off the docks

Two British women attending wounded British soldiers at Ramscappelle

Women at work in British munition factory

Women at work in a British gas mask factory,

French women washing shirts for British troops. Popringhe, Belgium. 9-30-1917

Group of women carpenters. British army in France. 6-30-1917

Women at work in British munition factory

Women employed in a British gas mask factory

Women employees in a British carpenter shop at ---- France

Women ambulance drivers who received the Croix de Guerre Brussels, Belgium. 11-26-1918

Women employed in British munition factory

British women employed in a gas mask factory

British women workers at a factory, Bradford, England

Women cooks at Rouen, France. 6-3-1917

Women workers in a boot factory. Leicestershire, Eng

Two French women being questioned by French and British soldiers

Concert party organized by women of the British Carpenter Corps to entertain wounded soldiers. Calais, France

English women employed in a paint factory

Women ambulance drivers, Calais, France

women unloading a motor truck

American Red Cross - Canteens - American Sailors at Red Cross Canteen in Royal Law Courts, London, England. The "Great Hall" of the Law Courts served as dormitory for about a thousand men, for ten days after the signing of the armistice, and in one of the alcoves, the Red Cross canteen women set up their counter and furnished all comers with sanwiches, coffee, and various good things. Photograph taken at midnight

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - Women of the Carborundum Co. decorating soldiers' monument during great patriotic processings, Memorial Day, 1917. Carborundum cadets presenting arms

Ceremonies and Parades - Victory Chest Fund Parade, Cleveland, Ohio, May 18, 1918. Photo shows women who have given their relatives to Uncle Sam, on the march

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Courtyard of the building provided by the military authorities at Montbrison, France, where women make straw mats

Colleges and Universities - Barnard College - Barnard College. Women's Agricultural Camp, Bedford, New York

American Red Cross - Switzerland, & Misc. - "Les Lauriers" at Geneva, making surgical dressing, clothing for evauces and refugees passing through Switzerland. Red Cross Swiss Commission now supports this work which keeps about sixty needy women busy on useful work

Colleges and Universities - University of Kansas - Nine hundred women students of the University of Kansas assembled in a regular weekly class to receive instruction in food conservation. University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

American Red Cross - Groups - San Francisco Chapter of American Red Cross Motor Service Unit. Seven young San Francisco society women who are the members of the San Francisco Chapter A.R.C. Motor Service Unit, taking the oath, which is being administered by John A. Button, Chairman of the Chapter. The women enlisted for service in France

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Women chauffeurs of the American Fund for French Wounded repairing a broken down car, Paris, France

Ceremonies and Parades - Service Flag Day exercises, Weymouth, Massachusetts. Women carrying large American flag

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Red Cross "Home Service", Grand Central Palace, New York City. Relatives of men in service overseas receive all sorts of advice here. Women are shown waiting their turn. The Red Cross has information booths all over the country

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Public Gatherings - Red Cross Drive. Members of the Women's League for National Service stood garbed in white along Fifth Ave., N.Y., to receive contributions for Red Cross

Ceremonies - Liberty Loans (War Finance Parade) - Washingtonville, N.Y. Red Cross Chapter. In the rear a dozen colored R.C. women parading for 4th Libery Loan

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - American Red Cross women lose no time. Syracuse Chapter of the American Red Cross at New York state fair, making hospital supplies

American Red Cross - Headquarters & Buildings - American Red Cross Women's Club. 2009 N St., N.W., Washington, D.C

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work (workrooms and classes) - Seattle, Wash. In the war. U.S. Grand Jury Knitting sox for soldiers with women

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - War activities of War Camp Community Service. Red Cross work room. The women in every department of Red Cross work exceeded every requirement and achieved a notable record in total work accomplished. At Battlecreek, Mich

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - Red Cross workers. Chapter workrooms. New York society women are rolling bandages and doing other work of a similar nature for the Red Cross in a room donated for the purpose by Best and Company

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - Lay people at work in the work room of the American Women's Hospitals at Headquarters, 637 Madison Ave. International Film Service

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work (workrooms and classes) - Cincinnati women work for soldiers and war refugees. After hours, the rooms of Cincinnati School houses are gathering places of women who devote a great deal of their time to sewing and knitting for soldiers, sailors and war refugees. They make pajamas, convalescent shirts, knitted garments, etc. This group is especially interesting as the school where the women are working is in the "Over the Rhine" district, the German section of the city, which is no longer German

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - France - American Red Cross Dispensary France. American Red Cross practical course in dressing simple wounds taught to the young women in Levallois, who are employed in the factories

American Red Cross - Canteens - American soldiers on leave in London, England, get first meal in Red Cross Canteen at Headquarters. In good weather, the canteen is set up in outer courtyard of building, and doughnuts fried over a little portable stove. Women in the picture are: Anna Lansing of Albany, at stove, Lillian Baldwin of Lakewood, N.J., Mrs. Alan Campbell, and Helen Peterson of Chicago; Behind Miss Lansin is Major Marshall Hale, A.R.C. of San Francisco. Not soldier wearing captured German Helmet

Italian women sorting over garments of Italian soldiers left behind at their flight. At Udine. November 1917

Eastern front. Lithuania under German domination. In the operating room of a women's hospital. Wilna. September 1917

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Women's war activities in New Orleans. Ladies of the canteen service serving refreshments to soldiers en route

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Personal Appeal - American Red Cross Campaign Nashville, Tenn. Young women selling papers to raise funds

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Women's war activities in New Orleans. Ladies of the Canteen Service, serving refreshments to soldiers en route

Colleges and Universities - Johns Hopkins - Nurses sail for France to care for American wounded

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Public Gatherings - Scene before B. Altman's display during the American Women's Hospital Campaign for $250,000. March 28th - april 6th

American Red Cross - Groups - Officers Canteen opened at 5th Ave. and 42nd St., N.Y. Mrs. William R. Hearst and a group of canteen workers of the Mayor's Committee of Women on National Defense, in front of the new officers Canteen that opened at 42nd and 5th Ave

Ceremonies - New York - American Red Cross parades. The thousands of marching women who paraded down Fifth Avenue, New York City, in the great parade that opened the Red Cross Drive

American Red Cross - N thru W - Miss Thompson of the A.R.C. examining garments made by refugee women from goods supplied to them from the A.R.C. workrooms

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - A.R.C. camouflaged "Creche." The American Army has a camp where all materials destined for the front are camouflaged. French women were wanted for the work, but most of them being mothers, they could not leave their children so the A.R.C. opened this home for them which is under the care of Miss Mary E. Mather, as Directrice

Missouri Women March for Domestic Food Conservation

Ceremonies - Review in Theatre of Operations - American Troops - Women of the country watch American troops marching through streets of Brest, France

Ceremonies - Liberations - Memorial Day, 1918 - Memorial wreaths being launched on Potomac for victims of Lusitania and Tuscania. By daughters of American Revolution and Legion of Loyal Women. Wreaths contributed by Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Alfred Vanderbilt. May 30, 1918

Ceremonies - Michigan thru New Jersey - American Red Cross parade. Among the stirring features of the Second Red Cross War Fund Parade, was Service Flag Arm Bands worn by so many of the women marchers. St. Paul, Minn

Ceremonies - Preparedness Day, May 1916 - "Preparedness Parade" New York, 1916. Marchers in the Women's Section

Ceremonies - Ohio thru Wisconsin - War activities, Spokane, Wash. Red Cross parade on Riverside Avenue. Entire parade planned and executed by women, not a single man having anything whatever to do with the event. 10,000 women were in line

Ceremonies - New York - American Red Cross parade. The Women's Division of the 15th Regt. (colored) New York City, marching down Fifth Avenue in the great Parade that opened up the Red Cross Drive

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - France - The American Red Cross has a system by which nothing is wasted. A "re-conditioning" department has been in operation for some time at Rue St. Didier, Paris. It is here that great number of women are employed going over and renovating articles which have been damaged in transit. Soemtimes cases of supplies enroute from America become waterlogged and absolutely unfit for use. It is here that these women go over the material and clean, resew, and make over such articles as needed

American Red Cross - Classes in Red Cross Work - France - The American Red Cross has organized a "re-conditioning" department at Rue St. Didier, Paris, where women are employed remaking various merchandise which has been damaged in transit

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Red Cross canteen service. These women meet the trains and given cigarettes and candy to the boys. Mobile, Alabama

American Red Cross - Prisoners of War - Prinsoners' relief. A.R.C. canteen work at St. Ludwig, Alsace. In foreground two Red Cross girls, canteen workers, Cheta Geary, of Denver and Leititia Curtis of San Francisco who fed the Italian and allied released prisoners and went over into Baden, Germany. They were the first American women to enter Germany after signing of armistice

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