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Early morning scene on the battlefield at Thiepval, France

View of the great trench near Nieuport Bains, Ypres Salient and Area. 9-8-1917

Train load of British troops enroute to Ypres Salient and Area. Boesinghe, Belgium. 8-22-1917

Field ambulance station, Italian Campaign

Scene at a British bakery in Dieppe, France; 2/10/1918

French children present flowers to the King of England. Near le Quesnoy, France

Scene in the square at Cambrai

Turkish prisoners removing a dead Turkish prisoner killed by an aviator who flew over the camp and dropped hand grenades. Dardanelles Campaign

British Post-Woman

Scene on the Cambrai front

Presentation of medals to the 56th Brigade

Inflating propaganda balloons near Bethune, Belgium

Indian lancers leading the advance during the Mesopotamian Campaign

Removing a bed ridden man Robecq, France. 4-12-1918

Gun captured by British troops near ST. Leger, France. 9-6-1918

Women at work in British munition factory

American troops passing through Winchester, England

Ruins at Ypres, Belgium

Zeppelin brought down on the marches near mouth of the Varder River during the Salonika Campaign

Women working in a British gas mask factory

British Engineers on the march

Street scene in Villers Carbonnel, France

General Pershing Landing at Boulogne, France. Gen. Harbord following Gen. Pershing down gangplank; 6/13/1917

Scene near Bellicourt, France. 10-4-1918

A stationary hospital

American congressman visit ordnance works. Calais, France

King George decorating U.S. soldiers

King of Montenegro inspecting Guard of Honor. Beauquesne, France.]

Australians returning from the trenches with their mascot. Contay, France. August 1916

Scene in Kirkuk after capture of the town by the British during the Mesopotamian campaign

British outpost on bank of canal near St. Floris. Ypres Salient and Area. 5-9-1918

General Brulard, Commanding French Forces during the Dardanelles Campaign

American and British Officers near Watten, France; 5/19/1918

Ruins of a church at Beaumont, France

Land girls give a word of cheer to an American soldier enroute to the front lines

Ruins of railway station, Nieuport Bains. Belgium

General birdwood unveiling memorial to the 1st Anzac division. Pozieres, France

British troops resting. Bois de Foureaux, France

Fete day during the Salonika Campaign

Turkish prisoners in the court-yard of the fortress of Seddul-Bahr. Dardanelles Campaign

British Gen. John Biddle, U.S.A., and staff who are in charge of railroad construction on the Britain front. Boisleux-au-Mont, France. Colonel Lewis Rand, C. of E. U.S.A., facing General Biddle

Grave of unknown British soldier. Near Ginchy, France. September 1916

Persian transport during the Mesopotamian campaign

General Plumer (British Army) presenting medals

British encampment during the Salonika Campaign

Street scene in Bailleul, France. 4-15-1918

General Birdwood meeting Australian soldiers near Contay, France

American soldiers attend services in Winchester Cathedral

American soldiers marching past General Plummer of the British Army. 1918

Group of officials examining designs in colored stones. During Salonika Campaign

American soldiers boxing with British instructor. Near Moule France; 5/22/1918

Examining two machine guns that were in Baron von Richthofen's plane. 4-22-1918

Ladder leading to an observation station in a tree top. Near Cambrai, France. 3-13-1918

Fete day celebration during the Selonika Campaign

British airplane being tuned up for flight to Germany. Near Dunkerque, Belgium

Scene near Peronne, France

Anti-Aircraft gun in snow. Combles, France

American troops marching through London, England

British Howitzer and Ammunition, Arras and Cambrai Area. 4-11-1917

King and Queen of Belgium, accompanied by Price Albert, entering Bruges, France

Duke of Connaught and Prince Arthur in France

Ruins of the Hotel De Ville, Arras, France

King George meets Matrons of a hospital at Reninghelst. 8-13-16

The King of Montenegro and Lieut. Gen. Allenby, Bryas

Street scene in Amiens. 4-25-1918

American troops at Winchester Station, England

Maj. Gen. John F. O'Ryan and the King of England inspecting troops. Near Cassel, France. 8-11-1918

Motor launch patrol at Cologne, Germany

British and American soldiers on the beach at Boulogne, France. 5-16-1918

Ruins of Miraumont-le-Grand, France. March 1917

Reinforcements passing through Ypres. Belgium

Artillery officers at Mess. Scene in front of Kemmel, Belgium. 6-10-1917

Artillery observation post (British) during the Mesopotamian Campaign

Ammunition carrier. Guillemont, France. 1916

American sailors building targets for target practice

Ruins at Ypres, Belgium

Scene during historical celebration in Lille

Scene in the Grande Place - Ypres, Belgium

Submarine gun mounted on rocking platform. Zeebrugge Mole

Scene at the American submarine chaser headquaters in the Mediterranean

Private of the South African Scottish in full marching orders

American engineers who fought with the British on the Cambrai front. Near Peronne, France

Types in the American Navy

Scene during the Cambrai Advance. Near Moeuvres, France. 9-27-1918

American Engineers unloading coal as their depot on the British front

The road near Birkandi, Mesopotamian campaign

British dugouts at Feuilleres, France

Ruins of Bethune. 7-16-1918

Ruins of Arras, France. 4-30-1917

"Black Watch" holding a field day during Arras & Cambrai Campaign

Q.M.A.A.C. Carpenters at work, Callais, France. 6-26-1918

American congressmen visit Ordnance Works. Calais, France. 11-9-1917

British horses stabled near ruins of church. Ypres, Belgium; 1/18/1918

A few of the American nurses at Rouen, France. 6-1-1917

View of Anzac looking towards Sulvla. Dardanelles campaign

Scene aboard submarine chaser at Eqrs. Submarine Chaser Depot in the Mediterranean

Ruins of church at Bethune, France

Two American newspaper correspondents. Rollencourt, France

British Artillery passing through Ytres, France; 1/2/1918

British Cavalry entering Spa, Belgium